Reveal Failures Through Smoke Testing
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Reveal Failures Through Smoke Testing - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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To make smoke testing as effective as possible, hire the experts in the field.

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Reveal Failures Through Smoke Testing

Smoke testing also called as confidence testing or sanity testing is a preliminary testing to detect simple

failures that may affect your product or software.

Named after the hardware testing (if the product is not smoking or catching fire), in QA it is a

preliminary test to software. It compromises the non-exhaustive sets of tests and ensures all the

functions work well. The result of this testing is used to know that it is the software is built stable to

handle further testing. Smoke testing help QA engineers to decide whether the software should undergo

further testing. Usually, if the software passes the smoke test that's the only time they risk to go ahead

with the next step. If it fails, QA engineers ask for a new build with the right fixes needed.

Smoke testing is normally used during system testing, integration testing and acceptance testing.

Certain testing can go together to ensure the full capabilities and efficiency of the software. It is best to

have smoke testing at the beginning of the testing cycle to have early detection of bugs and errors.

Usual Scenarios To Use Smoke Testing

a.before the build is passed to the testing team, developers conduct smoke testing

b.before the detailed testing

c.ensuring that the functionalities of the application are all working

Advantages Of Using Smoke Testing

a.early detection of bugs and errors in software

b.detection of issues introduced by the integration of components.

c.verifying the issues fixed in the past build.

d.there are only limited test cases that require smoke testing requires a small span of time to be carried out

f.reduces the risk of low-quality software

There are few disadvantages but the smoke test still depends on the test cases and needs of the

software. There are tools and techniques that QA Engineers used to help them conduct the testing a lot

easier. There are testing tools available on the web. But experts are needed to conduct the proper

process and to deliver a reliable and full report to recommend the fixes needed. They will address it and

fix the bugs immediately.

Smoke testing will help you detect issues at the early stage. It will save your money and time. It will

protect your software for further fixes. One simple code can affect the rest of the functionality of the

application. It is important to have the smoke testing to avoid such problems. It exposes integration and

major problems early in the cycle. It can be used both on created and enhanced the software.

Smoke testing is best when conducted and applied by the true experts to maximize the testing's

capability. To make smoke testing as effective as possible, you may hire the experts in the field.