Top 5 Common Reasons Why Software Bugs Happen
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Reasons Why Software Bugs Happen | QAUBER Software Testing - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

  • Uploaded on Since errors cannot be avoided as it is a natural part of the software development, you have to keep the software testing as efficient and as reliable as possible.

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Reasons why software bugs happen qauber software testing

Top 5 Common Reasons Why Software Bugs Happen

No matter how intricate and detailed you work on the software of your organisation, bugs are just

around the corner. Errors and bugs may occur not because of your carelessness, it may be something

more serious and by now you should be thinking of what else you could be the possible reason for these

unwanted cases.

First, analyse the situation. Though there are bugs occurring on other software imagine if there were

none. Software testing will not be necessary and nobody will need it. Software demands developments

most especially in the field of business. It is inevitable for software not have bugs/errors. It is important

to know the main factors that cause defects in the system. Here are the top 5 (not in any particular

order) of them:

1. Human Itself. There is no human being in this world that is perfect. Human beings develop software,

it is expected that it could be flawless and defects may occur in it. Software development still relies on

the human intelligence. Allow chances of errors in it.

2.Development Timeframe: Most businesses rely on schedules and timeframes. They compromise the

quality over the time the work should be done. The programmers are not given enough time to think

over the design, recheck and test their codes before passing it on to the software testing professionals.

Aiming for a speedy job may result in errors due to the last minute code changes.

3.Third-Party Tools. During software development, it is required to use third-party tools. Some third-

party tools contain bugs in them and it leads you to the have errors in it. You should detect the buggy

third-party tool you have used to take action on how you can prevent it from affecting the software

being developed.

4.Bad Coding Practices. Codes are the complex part of the software system yet the most important.

Most errors of the software development occur due to bad coding. Errors result in inefficient coding

errors, lack of proper validations and wrong coding combinations. Sometimes programmers use poor

tools, debuggers, validators, untrusted compilers etc. The tools and poor coding can invite errors and it

is indeed too difficult to debug them.

5.Last Minute-Changes. It is necessary to have some last minute changes due to requirement, platforms

and tools. Taking risks to make last minute changes can be very dangerous. One of the hardest changes

to do is to make a database migration, which you have to make your software compatible with different

browsers or OS. It is too complex to do in a hurry. Last minute changes could affect the whole process

and system. These changes that you need to do just to meet the requirement and the unrealistic time

schedule, it most likely to introduce errors.

There are actually numerous reasons why bugs occur. The above reasons are just part of the countless

reasons. You can add up during your testing process and work experience. Since errors cannot be

avoided as it is a natural part of the software development, you have to keep the software testing as

efficient and as reliable as possible.