Beta Testing And Its Contribution To Service Production
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Beta Testing And Its Contribution To Service Production - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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For more details on beta testing and other essential testings for your business, visit:\n

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Beta testing and its contribution to service production

Beta Testing And Its Contribution To Service Production

Beta Testing is more likely to be related to the video game platforms. It offers a glimpse of what is going on

inside the game whilst on the process of development. This way the development team or the QA team will

know how the software reacts to a massive amount of players at the same time.

It can be considered that Beta is a marketing and promotions strategy but it greatly contributes to the early

detection of the issues that may occur before the software will be released to production or before it will be

available to the public.

Beta Testing Process

Beta Testing is also known as User Acceptance Testing. During the development phase, applications will be

under a practical test or observation. It will be subjected to the real users who are the target audience of the

product. When the users were able to try the software they will detect the bugs that will occur and send in

some feedback to the QA testers or developers. In a more realistic way, software testing is more efficient

because real users can tell the real interruptions and problems that have occurred. Before the release of the

software, rest assured that it has a higher bug-free percentage.

Importance Of Beta Testing In Application

Developers released the newly created app in a wider range of users to observe the behavior of the software

under a real scenario. Beta Testing is a standard practice in application and an important tool in program

development. It applies a critical command that enables the implementation of logic commands in an online

community. The usability and functionality of an application is handed to the real users. QA Testers will test

the functionality and will detect the bugs and problems from the real user’s perspective. It helps the

developers to make the final changes and guarantee high quality software.

Beta Testing should take place when the basic software integrations have been established but before the

application will be officially launch. Some developers or companies will allow users to have a free trial of the

app then collect feedbacks before it undergone the final changes and fixes. When everything has been

settled it will be released to the market.

Software and applications are created by the human beings; it is evitable for the apps to fail or to have an

error. That's the main reason why certain testings and quality assurance is present. it ensures the

functionality, efficiency and usability of any product that should be released in the market. Beta Testing is

just one of the amazing QA Testing recommended for app developers company. The only difference is hiring

the best QA Testers and developers to perform the job. For more details on Beta Testing and other essential

testings for your business, visit: