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Engineering Design. by : Dr.farshidianfar. References:. 1 - The Science of Engineering Design by : Percy H. Hill pub : Holt , Rinehart & Winston , Inc . New York , 1970 2 - Engineering Design Graphics by : James H. Earle

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Engineering design

Engineering Design

by : Dr.farshidianfar


1 - The Science of Engineering Design

by : Percy H. Hill

pub : Holt , Rinehart & Winston , Inc. New York ,1970

2 -Engineering Design Graphics

by : James H. Earle

pub : Addison_Welsy publishing co , 1992

Chapter 1 new products
Chapter 1 New Products

New products are basic to company growth and survival today more than ever before.

Statistics show that between 55 & 60 good ideas found to obtain one successful new product valuable enough to have a significant effect on sales profit.

The ideas can be found from internal sources as well as external sources.


What’s wrong with it ?

How can it be improved?

Other uses




Engineering design

  • Reverse

  • New look & old look

  • Rearrange

  • Substitute

  • Combine

  • Convenience

  • safety

The design process
The design process

Identification of need :

The beginning of the design process is an idea . Often the idea is motivated by an company’s urgent desire to lunch a new product . (or solved a social problem).

Definition of goal :

An expression in general terms of one’s commitment to a system , device or process to satisfy the nee.

Research :

Collection of all available information related to the goal.

Task specification :

Listing of pertinent data & parameters that will tend to control the design toward the desired .

Engineering design

Ideation :

The process of originating new idea .

Conceptualization :

Ingenious , innovative , creative activity in the form of the generation of alternative possible solutions to required goal . This usually takes the form of free-hand sketches.

Decision matrix :

An excellent technique to guide the designer in making the best decision regarding alternative is a scoring matrix.

Analysis :

Testing selective concepts against physical laws.

Experiment :

Construction of prototype , & laboratory testing to determine performance , workability , reliability & durability.

Engineering design

Solution description :

Specific information that defines the system , process or device. It consist of a report containing a description of the device , drawings, specifications, part list, cost estimation.

Manufacture :

Consideration of volume of production , shop requirements ,fabrication techniques, stock acquisition , automation ,scheduling , quality control , inspection .

Distribution :

Competitive pricing , advertising , marketing , profit margin .

Consumption :

Consumer feed back , repairing , servicing.

The creative process
The creative process

موفقیت در زمینه علمی و صنعتی مستلزم داشتن :

1- توانایی تحقیق

2- توانایی طراحی

3- توانایی تولید


از عوامل موثر بر توانائی طراحی را میتوان استعداد و خلاقیت نام برد

Engineering design
تعریف خلاقیت

توانائی عملی برای دادن ایده های جدید جهت اهداف مهندسی که دارای شرایط زیر باشند:

ایدههای نو

مفید یا هنری وبا ارزش

ایجاد تسهیل در کاری که با عث پیچدگی است

گشودن راه ارتباطات جدید.

عوامل موثر بر خلاقیت:



3-تعلیم و تربیت گذشته

Engineering design
روشهای پرورش خلاقیت

Brainstorming : انتقاد و ترس از انتقاد همیشه مانع بروز ایدههای ابتکاری می شود لذا در این روش انتقاد ممنوع است

inversion : با تغییر دیدگاه یا نقطه نظر ایده های جدید رشد میکند

Analogy : مشابه سازی از منابع و طبیعت

Empathy :تلقین و انتقال فکر خود را بجای دیگران قرار دادن

Fantasy : خیالبافی (آرزو دارم چنین با شد )

An example of the design process
An example of the design process

Identification of need :

Assume that an engineer in private practice (consultant) is bothered by the time & trouble of removing fallen leaves from his lawn-that he would rather play golf. finally provoked by a recent newspaper headline “autumn rite of leaf-burning adds to air pollution.” he decides that there is an urgent need for a device to re move leaves.

Definition of goal :

Design a device or system for removing autumn leaves from suburban lawns that is simple to use & will not add to air pollution.

Research :

The collection of all available information . Information sources may include the following technical &trade journals, abstracts , research reports, technical libraries, the competition catalogues of component suppliers , the patent office. this information may reveal an already available design solution ,the state-of-the-art ,& availability of hardware to accomplish the goal.

Task specification
Task specification

Since this stage requires imaginative thinking involving the overall design plan , the designer often questions the goal , may wish to revise it & may abandon the project if it is proven risky.

Device must be safe to operate, specially when used near small children.

Controls must be such that the average house wife will have little to no difficulty in learning to operate .

Device may collect and remove leaves in following ways :

Shredded and bagged

Shredded and deposited as mulch calready available

Compressed into blocks to be burned in fire place during winter

Shredded and compressed into a type of peat for planting and covering



4. Type of power to be considered

Storage battery


Engineering design

c. i. c engine (2 cycle or 4 cycle )

d. Manual power through gearing

e. …………


Device should be easily stored in garage or basement

Possibility of combining lawn tasks such as :

Collecting leaves & mowing lawn

Collecting leaves & fertilizing

Collecting leaves & spreading lime

Collecting leaves, moving lawn, &spreading lime

7. Device should use presently available hardware and require only sheet metal and tube forming work or possibly fabricated plastic or vacuum forming .

8. material should be selected on the basis of workability , strength . Cast , appearance and ability to with stand varying weather conditions.

Device must be reliable , require little to no maintenance , and sell at a price below the average power lawn mower


Engineering design

New look


Old look

«کاه گل»

Peykan peugeot 405 r d

Engineering design

expensive brands

Microsoft US$ 62 Billions

GE US$ 55,83 Billions

Coca-cola US$41,41 bilions

China Mobile US$ 39,168 billions

Google US$ 37,445 Bilions

7th place

8th place

IBM US$ 36,084 billions