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Wellness in the workplace

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Wellness in the workplace. Ideas for Implementing the Seven Dimensions of Wellness Presented by Donna Martz & Annika Collins. Seven Dimensions of Wellness. The Seven Dimensions as defined at the Fisher Institute for Wellness and Gerontology Intellectual Emotional Social Environmental

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wellness in the workplace

Wellness in the workplace

Ideas for Implementing the

Seven Dimensions of Wellness

Presented by Donna Martz & Annika Collins

seven dimensions of wellness
Seven Dimensions of Wellness
  • The Seven Dimensions as defined at the Fisher Institute for Wellness and Gerontology
      • Intellectual
      • Emotional
      • Social
      • Environmental
      • Spiritual
      • Vocational
      • Physical
link between wellness and the workplace
Link between Wellness and the Workplace
  • Studies have shown that for every dollar invested by employers in workplace health promotion/wellness programs, there were savings ranging from $1.49 to $4.91 with a median savings of $3.14
  • That's more than a 3:1 minimum return on investment
important statistics
Important Statistics
  • A thorough review of studies from the Health Promotion Practitioner Journal have found over a 25% reduction in sick leave, medical costs, and direct medical and worker’s compensation claims
  • Some companies have experienced as much as a 5:1 return on investment
intellectual vocational
Intellectual & Vocational
  • These dimensions involve continuing education, training and other methods of intellectual pursuits and stimulation
  • Intellectual or vocational wellness might include ongoing training workshops with options in areas other than the employee’s designated job responsibility
intellectual vocational wellness roi
Intellectual & VocationalWellness ROI
  • Builds loyalty towards the company
  • Increases employee’s problem solving skills
  • Enhances employee camaraderie
  • Maintains certifications
intellectual vocational wellness ideas
Intellectual & Vocational wellness Ideas
  • Free
    • Book clubs
    • Alternative language classes
    • Speakers
    • Promote messages from national health observances during the month
    • Post healthy tips on a bulletin board
    • Publish a wellness newsletter
intellectual vocational wellness ideas1
Intellectual & Vocationalwellness ideas
  • Cost
    • Personality test
    • Conferences/workshops for new skills
    • Continuing education
    • Encourage degree completion
    • Reimburse tuition
    • Technology training
    • Establish a wellness resource center or library books & DVDs
    • Plan monthly educational sessions on the national health observance that month
  • Defined as awareness and acceptance of a wide range of feelings within yourself and others
  • An emotionally well person understands their own personal limitations and knows how to seek support and assistance
  • An emotionally well person also knows how to effectively deal with stress
emotional wellness roi
Emotional Wellness ROI
  • In a recent national poll, 78% of Americans described their jobs as stressful, and the majority felt that stress levels have become worse over the last 10 years
  • High levels of organizational stress can negatively affect a business by increasing injuries, absenteeism, and medical costs while decreasing productivity 
        • -North Carolina Health and Wellness, 2008
emotional wellness ideas
Emotional Wellness Ideas
  • Free
    • Allowed stress breaks
    • Secret friends/santas
    • Employee appreciation box/days
    • Require micro-breaks
    • Allow for flex time
emotional wellness ideas1
Emotional Wellness ideas
  • Cost
    • Employee Assistance Programs
    • Self-help book library
    • Paid birthday off
    • Offer wellness days, instead of sick days
    • Conflict resolution program
  • Spirituality is highly individual and can be experienced in many ways
  • Spiritual wellness encompasses exploring the meanings found in life and uncovering truths
  • Spiritual maturity enables us to find a peaceful co-existence with others who may not share the same belief system
spiritual wellness roi
Spiritual Wellness ROI
  • Employees display more energy which transfers to being more productive on the job
  • Employee’s caring spirit shines through to clients and customers
  • Employees often display more kindness to others
  • Employees may display the golden rule
spiritual ideas
Spiritual Ideas
  • Free
    • Allowing for a quiet space to retreat for personal reflection
    • Employee “gratitude” box – submitting acknowledgements of thankfulness and gratitude
    • Have a daily “reflection minute”; where employees stop and reflect on an issue of their choosing
    • Arrange a monthly or quarterly employee “pitch-in thanksgiving feast”, to share a meal and allow people to share what they are thankful for
spiritual ideas1
Spiritual Ideas
  • Cost
    • Create an indoor peaceful quiet reflection room or aquarium
      • Depending on size, $350 and up for lighted aquariums
    • Build an outside garden with benches
      • Benches range from $130 on up
    • Build a labyrinth, (these can be rented for indoor use)
      • The Labyrinth Company maintains a small number of rental units available by the week. Units rent for $200+
    • Provide employee journals for journaling
      • Cost of journal $2 to $25 each
    • Arrange a “mindfulness class” or “renewing retreat”
  • Social wellness involves being able to create and sustain relationships with family, friends, peers and acquaintances over time
  • This dimension involves having the ability to communicate well and the ability to positively address issues that invariably arise in relationships
social wellness roi
Social wellness ROI
  • Improved mental and physical health; an improved level of social engagement, and greater access to networking and economic security
  • Building social capital is an important part of well-being
  • People who belong to organized social groups live longer than those who don’t
social wellness ideas
Social wellness Ideas
  • Free
    • Local attractions – art museums, farmer’s market, Cardinal Greenway
    • Family picnics - potluck held on company property, or a gazebo at a local park
social wellness ideas1
Social wellness Ideas
  • Cost
    • Bowling/Softball league
    • Employee appreciation days where wellness items are raffled off
      • Ex. bike helmets, certificate for a massage, certificate to a shoe store
        • $50/certificate x 3 employees = $150
        • $150 x 4-6 days/year = $600-$900
    • Monthly staff socials where healthy snacks are provided
      • Ex. veggies & dip, assorted fruit bar, salad bar
        • $3 per employee x 50 employees = $150
        • $150 x 12 months = $1800 per year
  • Keeping your body functioning at its maximum capacity over the entire lifespan
  • Delaying the onset of disease or dysfunction is the ultimate goal
  • Physical wellness enables us to remain independent and stay fully engaged in the tasks of our daily lives
physical wellness roi
Physical Wellness ROI
  • The scientific evidence is clear -- regular physical activity reduces the risk of developing:
    • Type -2 diabetes
    • High blood pressure
    • Some forms of cancer
  • Physical activity also promotes psychological wellbeing while it:
    • Lowers blood pressure
    • Helps build and maintain healthy bones
    • Strengthens muscles and joints
physical wellness roi1
Physical Wellness ROI
  • Potential costs due to physical inactivity
    • An employer may spend up to $2,408 per year per employee in combined medical care, worker’s compensation and lost productivity
      • A company with 50 employees, all under the age of 65
      • Employees with median income of Delaware County, IN
    • If as little as 5% of the inactive population in the business became physically active they could save the company $6,019 a year
physical wellness ideas
Physical wellness Ideas
  • Free
    • Weight loss support groups
    • Daily stretching
    • Bike sharing program
    • Walking at work program
    • 1-800 QUIT NOW
physical wellness ideas1
Physical wellness Ideas
  • Cost
    • Gym memberships: Corporate Wellness Membership prices at the YMCA:
        • $60 joining fee
        • Monthly fees range from $25 to $50 per month
          • If a company with 50 employees pays the joining fee for all/interested employees = $3000 upfront with $1500 to be potentially reimbursed
    • Pedometers for a walking program:
      • 50 pedometers at $8 each with the Walk of Life
      • 10 week program = $400 upfront with $200 to potentially be reimbursed
  • Maintaining and replenishing natural and personal resources
  • Cultivating an appreciation for the beauty found in nature
  • Designing work and play spaces that enable full healthful function
  • Surrounding yourself with affirming, rejuvenating, and comforting people and places
environmental wellness roi
Environmental Wellness ROI
  • Several studies have shown that simply looking at environments dominated by greenery, flowers, or water is significantly more effective in promoting recovery and restoration from stress when compared to built scenes lacking nature
environmental wellness ideas
Environmental wellness Ideas
  • Free
    • Decrease noise pollution
    • TV with pictures & sounds of nature
    • Ride sharing to work
    • Smoke detector checks
    • Have a “take your pet to work” day
    • Allow for natural light
    • Encourage recycling and conservation
environmental wellness ideas1
Environmental Wellness Ideas
  • Cost
    • Walking path:
      • Map out an indoor path if possible
      • Construct an outdoor walking
    • Create and install a garden
    • Provide bike racks
    • Make bike locks available
      • Example: 50 employees x $20 bike locks = $1000
  • Possessing the knowledge and ability to effectively manage your money
  • Living comfortably within your means
  • Effectively managing your resources and saving for the future
financial wellness roi
Financial Wellness ROI
  • 90% of the nearly 128 million workers in the US havedifficulty managing their money and are not consistently saving for retirement
    • Up to 50% admit to wasting 21 hours per month whileon the job dealing with personal money matters
    • Two–thirds say “They have trouble paying theirbills on time and worry about money”
    • Employees regard financial stress as theirnumber one concern, 5 times greaterthan personal health
  • Department of Labor places the fiduciary obligation on employers to provide unbiased financial education for their employees
        • Statistics from the National Institute of Personal FinanceEmployee Education
financial wellness ideas
Financial wellness Ideas
  • Free
    • Have the companies accounting team give a brief 30 minute program giving tips about balancing a budget
    • Offer financial books in the company library
  • Cost
    • Magazine subscriptions
    • Web training regarding financial balancing
  • For further information contact:
    • Working Well Resources Fisher Institute for Wellness & GerontologyBall State UniversityMuncie, IN 47306(765) 285-8259
    • http://www.bsu.edu/wellness/wwrt/
sources of information
Sources of information
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