try cannabis t shirts from the cannabis life apparel be s tylish n.
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Try Cannabis Tshirts from the Cannabis Life Apparel & Be stylish PowerPoint Presentation
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Try Cannabis Tshirts from the Cannabis Life Apparel & Be stylish

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Try Cannabis Tshirts from the Cannabis Life Apparel & Be stylish - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Cannabis Life Apparel has the big and unique collection of cannabis clothes and accessories. It provides a number of t-shirts with CL logo, different colors and different cannabis quotes. All t-shirts are unisex comfortable for both him/her. These t-shirts are soft handed, fabric laundered and made from 100% combed ring-spun cotton. \n

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Presentation Transcript
medicate army green t shirt
Medicate Army Green T-shirt
  • The t-shirt with the "Medicate" word is a way to promote medicinal usage of cannabis.
  • The medicate t-shirt has an olive green base.
  • It is unisex t-shirt comfortable for both men and women. 
  • The medical cannabis t-shirt is soft-handed, Fabric laundered made from 100% combed ring spun cotton.
red heather t shirt with terps symbol
Red Heather T-shirt with TerpsSymbol
  • Terpenes are known for their smell, flavor and taste. It has positive effects on our body.
  • The cannabis t-shirt with red color and "Terps" symbol is fabric laundered and soft handed.
  • It comes in different sizes comfortable for him and her. Terps red heather t-shirt is stitched with "CL" logo at right bottom side of the t-shirt.
tax stamp marijuana t shirts
Tax Stamp Marijuana T-shirts
  • Front red "Marijuana tax act of 1973" tax printed t-shirt feels as good as it looks. Ribbed with the "CL" logo at the bottom right.
  • Anyone can wear this weed t-shirt comfortable for men and women that can give you the stylish look.
  • Soft-handed and fabric laundered tax stamp t-shirt made up of 100% combed ring spun cotton. 
white cannabis life stamp t shirt
White Cannabis Life Stamp T-shirt
  • The cannabis life t-shirt is a simple way of introducing a logo of cannabis life. 
  • The main aim of cannabis clothes is to make people aware of cannabis industry and look stylish.
  • The cannabis t-shirt comes in white color with the green cannabis life co. stamp.
  • it is soft-handed, comfortable and unisex so can be worn by men and women.
constitution black t shirt
Constitution black t-shirt
  • Differentiate ourselves from different 420 apparel clothing brand by providing unique quality products.
  • This constitution black colored t-shirt fits for men/women that can give you the stylish look.
  • The CL logo on left side of the chest and back constitution gives the beautiful look to a t-shirt.
  • It is soft-handed, fabric laundered and unisex which made from 100% combed cotton.
marijuana poster black t shirts
Marijuana poster black t-shirts
  • The weed t-shirt is quoted with the text "Weed with roots in hell" and "Not recommended for children". 
  • The marijuana poster t-shirt is created with the aim of spread information about the growth of cannabis industry.
  • The unisex t-shirt comes in black color, fabric laundered, soft-handed and made from 100% combed ringspun cotton.