Out of the dust bowl
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robyn gloyd , rebecca jones dan olsen , amber pool, mike sycz - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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OUT OF THE DUST BOWL. robyn gloyd , rebecca jones dan olsen , amber pool, mike sycz.

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Out of the dust bowl


robyngloyd, rebeccajonesdanolsen, amber pool, mike sycz


This unit, Out of the Dust: Overcoming hardships, will focus on the multiple ways communities work through hardships, using the experiences of the Oklahoma dust bowl survivors as a reference point and example. Created for fifth grade students, this unit will allow students to explore the ways communities face hardships, how they can overcome them, and the examples they find in their own communities.

By integrating Math, Social Studies, Science, Language Arts, and Art, the students will learn about ways people experience and overcome hardships by exploring reading accounts of dust bowl survivors (fiction and nonfiction), exploring the ways humans impact their environments and vice versa, exploring the ways hardships impact creative ability and vice versa, and exploring the ways in which the people in a community help one another in the midst of hardships.

Our unit will begin by exploring the theme of overcoming hardships by learning about the Oklahoma dust bowl and its survivors, but this will only be the starting place for the exploration of ways people survive difficulties in their own communities.


Major concepts
Major concepts




Social Studies

Language Arts