creating and working within synergistic partnerships n.
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Creating and working within synergistic partnerships

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Creating and working within synergistic partnerships - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Creating and working within synergistic partnerships. Anna Gail L. Caunca Gregory Hamluk. WHO ARE WE?. Objectives.

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  • Examine some of the soft skills for working in synergistic partnerships with youth volunteers, field unit departments/staff/volunteers, regional groupings, and NHQ/National Youth Council
  • Share best practices of youth volunteer-youth advisor partnerships


  • Gain skills to better manage your roles and time resources
  • Develop ideas to create a self-development plan


  • Self-Awareness & Self-Management
  • Youth Volunteer Management
  • Partnership Management
  • Closing

Personal Skill Development

  • What are the top 3 areas where you need to develop your skills?
  • What resources do you have available to you to help you in these areas?


Leaning In



  • Is your current relationship with your Youth volunteers 100% / 100%?
  • As a Youth Advisor, what does it take to really “lean in” to your partners:
    • Youth volunteers?
    • Other Field Unit Departments?
    • Other Chapters, Blood Regions, and Stations?

Levels of Attention

  • Level 1 – Self
  • Level 2 – Other
  • Level 3 – Global


  • Partner up with someone in the room who you do not know.
  • Spread out so that you have a bit of room between you and the next pair.
  • Decide who will be Person A and who will be Person B


  • What did you notice as you were doing the activity?
  • How easy was it to stay focused on the “other” across from you and not on Self?
  • How does this relate to partnering with
    • Youth Volunteers
    • Other Departments
    • Other Chapters, Blood Regions, and Stations
youth volunteer management

Youth Volunteer Management

  • Group Activity – 15 minutes
    • In small groups, identify what your youth volunteer needs are:
    • What do they need to feel ownership of their programs?
    • What needs do they have to feel empowered?
    • Can you identify categories or groups for these needs?
youth empowerment model j ungerleider a dibenedetto 1997

Youth Empowerment ModelJ. Ungerleider, A. DiBenedetto (1997)

  • Emotional Nurturance
  • Intellectual Challenge
  • Shared Power
directing vs partnering

Directing vs. Partnering

What’s the difference?

How do we work within youth partnerships?

How can we foster an environment for shared leadership?

youth executive board

Youth Executive Board

  • Pre-term and post-term analysis
  • Self-reflection letters
  • Being a “senior” youth leader
collaborative strategies

Collaborative Strategies

  • Develop meeting agendas, objectives, strategic goals
  • Hold a retreat
  • Hold each other accountable
  • Share information
  • Understand your needs and their needs
  • Learn to let go!
  • Your PDP goals or youth volunteer goals?
partnership management
Partnership Management

Understanding the goals and needs

Organizational level

Regional Level

Field Unit / Department level

partnership management1
Partnership Management

Organizational Level -- Gail's Priorities

Bring Biomedical Services operations into compliance with the FDA

Achieve financial stability

Increase donations

Revitalize our brand

Overhaul IT

Improve teamwork


Case Discussions

1. Increase donations

2. Revitalize our brand

3. Improve teamwork

increase donations
Increase donations

Strategies in partnering

Marketing – Facebook, Twitter – Dance-a-thon, Bowling; using media/technology to stay in touch to promote fundraiser

Department-to-Department – working with H&S – revenue generation for the program

Garage Sale – Donations and proceeds; Youth collected and staffed; allocated dollars to Youth programs

Specific Programs where Youth can fundraise for (e.g., Operation Warm the Homeless, etc.)

Incorporate event oriented fundraisers with other forms of fundraising.

revitalize the brand increase visibility
Revitalize the Brand - Increase visibility

Youth volunteers as brand champions:

Using Social Media outlets

Getting the story out of what we are doing and what Youth are doing


Make them “cool”

Flip-flops, t-shirts, items with “youth appeal”

Youth as internal champions with other audiences (groups they belong to already)

improve team work
Improve Team Work

Improving Team Work


 Retreat with Youth

Email lists and ways to communicate so that the message gets to youth members

Courses and Teambuilding – opportunities to work together

Open communication, have an identify for the program, role clarification, lines of communications open; knowing what other departments needs are

Working closely with other departments

Youth newsletter (with donation envelope)

Crossmarketing with newsletters and with other departments

improve team work1
Improve Team Work

Diversifying volunteer pool

 Knowledge of local community

Representative of larger community

Leverage their web and pockets of the communities that Youth are connected to

regional field unit level
Regional / Field Unit Level

Understanding the needs of the region / other departments within your field unit

Field unit

- Organizational plan

- Field unit strategic plan


- Resources (volunteer), infrastructure (policies)


- Funding, marketing, space/location



    • Contact Information
  • Anna Gail L. Caunca –
  • Gregory Hamluk –