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Col Francis S. Gabreski Squadron Cadet Member & Parent Briefing PowerPoint Presentation
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Col Francis S. Gabreski Squadron Cadet Member & Parent Briefing

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Col Francis S. Gabreski Squadron Cadet Member & Parent Briefing - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Col Francis S. Gabreski Squadron Cadet Member & Parent Briefing. Welcome. Thanks for your interest in the Civil Air Patrol and welcome to the Col Francis S. Gabreski Squadron .

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Presentation Transcript
Col Francis S. Gabreski Squadron

Cadet Member


Parent Briefing


Thanks for your interest in the Civil Air Patrol and welcome to the Col Francis S. Gabreski Squadron.

On Long Island there are a total of 6 squadrons that have both cadets and adults as members and 1 that has only adults.

All 7 squadrons are members of the Long Island Group, which is a member of the New York Wing, and Northeast Region of the CAP.

cap policies
CAP Policies

Civil Air Patrol has a strong Policy of Nondiscrimination

  • It is Civil Air Patrol policy that no member shall be excluded

from participation in, denied the benefits of, or subjected to

discrimination in any CAP program or activity on the basis

of race, sex, age, color, religion, national origin, or disability

(formerly handicap). 

  • It is Civil Air Patrol policy that no applicant meeting CAP’s

minimum age requirement will be denied membership in

CAP on the basis of race, sex, age, color, religion, national

origin, or disability (formerly handicap).

squadron activities
Squadron Activities
  • Public Speaking
  • Astronomy
  • Cadet Flying-Cessna 172's & 182's
  • Encampments 
  • Bivouacs
  • Field Trips
  • Drill Team
  • Color Guard
  • Parades
  • Flight Training
  • Leadership Training
  • Survival Training
  • Search & Rescue
  • Disaster Relief
  • Radio Communication
  • Direction Finding
  • First Aid & CPR Training
  • Model Rocketry
  • Physical Fitness
drug demand reduction
Drug Demand Reduction

The Civil Air Patrol Drug Demand Reduction program helps to instill an aggressive, positive, drug-free attitude in Civil Air Patrol members through a comprehensive program that:

  • Promotes CAP as a positive community service lifestyle.
  • Encourages youth to remain in school.
  • Focuses on drug abuse education, prevention and awareness.
  • Provides positive activities as an alternative to drugs and gang violence.
col francis s gabreski squadron accomplishments
Col Francis S. Gabreski Squadron Accomplishments
  • 2 Unit Citations
  • Long Island Group Squadron of the Year2002, 2003, 2005, 2007, 2008
  • New York Wing Color Guard Champion2004 & 2005
  • Long Island Group Color Guard Champion2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2009
col francis s gabreski squadron organization
Col Francis S. Gabreski Squadron Organization

Civil Air Patrol Squadrons generally have

3 types of members:

  • Officers – also know as Senior or Adult Members(If over 18-must join as Officer)
  • Cadets – ages 12-21(must be a member by 18th birthday)
  • Parent Members – Must have an active cadet in the program

All members must be citizens of the USA or registered aliens lawfully admitted for permanent residency

col francis s gabreski squadron staff members
Col Francis S. Gabreski Squadron Staff Members:

Maj. Louis Fenech Commander

Maj. Cheryl Dorfman Deputy Commander of Seniors

Maj. Robert Poggioli Testing Officer/Historian

Capt. James Ridley Deputy Commander of Cadets

Capt. Diane Collazo Recruiting Officer

Capt. Paul Ryan Character Development Officer

Capt. Nate Hillard Emergency Services Officer

1Lt. Amy Darwell Safety Officer

2Lt. Dennis Woytowitz Aerospace Officer/Supply Off.

2Lt. Debbie Woytowitz Asst. Aerospace Officer/Testing

2Lt. William Schecher Asst. Character Dev. Officer

TFO Joshua Medina Drug Demand Reduction Officer

FO Ike Nelson Asst. Emergency Services Off.

FO Kerry Netusil Asst IT Officer

FO Vincent Kudelcyz Asst. DDR Officer

FO Stephen Scammaca IT Officer

cadet oath
Cadet Oath

"I pledge to serve faithfully in the Civil Air Patrol Cadet Program and that I will attend meetings regularly, participate actively in unit activities, obey my officers, wear my uniform properly and advance my education and training rapidly to prepare myself to be of service to my community, state and nation."

responsibilities of cadets
Responsibilities of Cadets
  • To attend meetings regularly
  • To participate actively in unit activities
  • To obey just commands of officers
  • To wear the uniform properly
  • To advance education and training
  • To prepare to be of service to the community, state and nation
  • To inform Parents/Guardians of events that are scheduled.
responsibilities of parents
Responsibilities of Parents
  • Driving their cadets to meetings/events
  • Being prompt to pick-up and drop-off
  • Financial
  • Assisting Cadets as THEY prepare THEIR own uniforms
  • Supporting the squadron when asked – helping with events, fundraising, etc.

The Squadron meets every WEDNESDAY from 7:00 PM to 9:30 PM at the 

Patchogue Armory100 Barton Avenue Patchogue, NY  11772

A new Cadet must attend 3 meetings before making an application for membership


Why do cadets wear uniforms?CAP uses uniforms to promote teamwork and develop self-discipline. The uniform motivates cadets to set high standards for themselves and to live their core values of integrity, volunteer service, excellence, and respect. Additionally, cadets practice military customs and courtesies as part of their leadership training. Uniforms are the direct responsibility of the Member.


  • Week 1 Blues
  • Week 2 BDU’S
  • Week 3 PT Uniform
  • Week 4 Blues
  • Week 5 Commander’s Choice

Members who do not have a complete uniform should wear Black pants and a White shirt with dress shoes.

No promotions will be made for members out of uniform.

costs to join
Costs to Join
  • Cadets:$35.00 Squadron Dues

(Includes Squadron hat, Squadron T-Shirt, Squadron Coin)

$32.00 National Dues

(Includes Cadet’s Books and ID Card)

  • Officers:

$35.00 Squadron Dues

$63.00 National Dues

other expenses
Other Expenses
  • Uniforms
    • Short-sleeve (Air Force style) blue uniform
      • Pants, Shirt, Tie, Hat, Dress Shoes, Accessories
    • BDU (camouflage) uniform
      • Woodland Camoflage Pants/Shirt
      • Combat Boots
      • Squadron Hat (free) Squadron T-Shirt (Free)
    • PT uniform
      • Dark Shorts, Sneakers, Squadron T-Shirt (Free)
other expenses17
Other Expenses
  • Emergency Services/Bivouac gear
    • Tent/Sleeping bag
    • 1st Aid Kit
    • 24 & 72 hour packs

(These items can be acquired over time)

  • LI Group Dues $15 per year
  • National Renewal Dues $32 per year
cap core values

Integrity, Volunteer Service,

Excellence, & Respect


The core values outlined above serve as the foundation for how CAP members treat one another; how they treat the recipients of CAP’s humanitarian service; and how they care for the corporate assets under their control. These basic commandments form CAP’s ethical centerline – a moral compass for the organization.

core value integrity
Core Value: Integrity

This is the very fiber of all core values; without it all other core values cannot prevail. It is the cornerstone for all that is moral and just in our society. It is more than simple honesty. It embraces other attributes such as courage, responsibility, accountability, justice, openness, self-respect, and humility. Lastly, this core value means CAP members must practice the highest standards of self-discipline.

core value volunteer service
Core Value: Volunteer Service

CAP adopted this core value because it reflects the very essence of the organization—service to humanity. All CAP volunteers willingly give of their time, energy, and personal resources. Moreover, many have made the ultimate sacrifice by losing their lives while serving the organization. As a minimum, this core value implies a commitment on the part of all CAP members to place the organization’s purposes first and foremost. This process starts with the member’s agreement to obey the rules and regulations of CAP and the Air Force. In this regard, self-discipline is an absolute must.

core value excellence
Core Value: Excellence

This core value reflects CAP’s continuous effort to be the very best and to consistently improve its humanitarian service to America. From personal appearance to resource management, excellence must be the goal of all CAP members.

core value respect
Core Value: Respect

CAP members come from all walks of life. Therefore, it is extremely important that members treat each other with fairness and dignity, and work together as a team. To do otherwise would seriously impair CAP’s capability to accomplish the mission.

mandatory squadron activities
Mandatory Squadron Activities
  • All Parades
  • Memorial Day Weekend at Calverton
  • Breast Cancer Walk at Jones Beach
  • Any activity requiring maximum participation
  • Any Meetings with Dignitaries in attendance
  • Changes of Command
  • Any Event required by LI Group or NY Wing
intra unit communication
Intra-Unit Communication
  • Email Cadets & Parents Lists
  • Handouts Printed Orders
  • Direct Order Oral Orders (announcements)
  • Phone Chain Under Development

Maj Fenech 631-398-8511

Maj Dorfman 516-456-4046

Capt Ridley 631-730-0552

Capt Collazo 631-252-4338

frequently asked questions
Frequently Asked Questions
  • Q:  Are cadets obligated to join the military?

A:  No, but some do. Cadets who earn the Billy Mitchell Award may enter the Air Force at an advanced grade (E-3) if they choose to enlist. The service academies and ROTC also look favorably on CAP experience. Approximately 10% of the USAF Academy cadet corps got their start in CAP.

  • Q:  What level of commitment is expected from cadets?

A:   CAP expects cadets to participate actively, but of course CAP recognizes that cadets have school, family, and other obligations that take priority. We meet weekly for about 2 1/2 hours and offer special activities on the weekends and during the summer. If a cadet is unable to attend a CAP activity, they should let their element leader know in advance. Like any extra-curricular activity, cadets will get out of CAP only what they put into it.

  • Q:  Who leads and supervises the cadets?

A:  CAP takes its responsibility to safeguard youth very seriously. The adult volunteers who interact with cadets (known as CAP Officers) have been fingerprinted and screened by the FBI. Also, as part of their leadership training, advanced cadets lead and mentor new cadets under the guidance of senior members. For more information, see our cadet protection policy.

  • Q:  Do cadets need to maintain a certain grade point average to participate in CAP?

A:  Of course, school comes first. CAP expects cadets to maintain "satisfactory performance" at school, as defined by the cadet's parents. Because CAP emphasizes self-discipline, it's not uncommon for cadets to see their grades increase as a result of their participation in the Cadet Program.