make your enterprise lightning ready the next n.
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Make your enterprise lightning ready

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For enterprises, CRM holds a critical aspect towards achieving organizational goals and objectives. Today, it has gone critical for every organization to keep moving to meet current market dynamics.

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make your enterprise lightning ready the next

Make your Enterprise Lightning Ready - The Next Generation

User-Interface within Salesforce

For enterprises, CRM holds a critical aspect towards achieving

organizational goals and objectives. Today, it has gone critical for

every organization to keep moving to meet current market dynamics.

Within this paradigm to retain your existing customers and grow your

customer base, this is necessary for every organization to maintain a

strong CRM system to understand the latest market trends. The

expected customer experiences and seamless communication always

helps an organization in getting recognizable growth.

Why Salesforce Lightning?

The out-of-the-box Lighting development undertaken by the

Salesforce has given a new set of opportunities to the CRM users.

Some of the highlights of the Lightning platform includes – more

satisfied customers, modern user-experiences, and also bridging the

gap between customers and organizations.

Bridging gap among

customers and organizations

More satisfied customers

Modern user-experiences

Lighting (LEX) helps a business to deliver smarter and faster user-

experiences to maximize the lead conversion and the business

profits. The LEX apps are always more interactive and ready to

market whenever needed by the Company.

The next generation user-interface within Salesforce

Salesforce LEX development targets the future with next-generation

solutions aimed at better productivity and increased profits. Today,

this is mandatory for every organization to adopt changes to deliver

modern experiences to the users. If customers are not satisfied then

business returns also not satisfied.

The LEX platform offers a completely new set of opportunities where

constructing user-interfaces are easier across the platforms. Once

you understood the complete benefits of the platform, any


organization can enjoy maximum benefits from

organization can enjoy maximum benefits from it with the right

implementation strategy.

Best practices for implementing LEX

Promote business-

centric engagement

approach to achieve


Encouarge user-

adoption and the

process integration

Focus on awareness

and the


Define the UX vision

and the goals

Phase 1: Define Goals and visions clearly

In order to start with LEX development, you should be sure on goals

and objectives of User-interface. First of all, decide on the success

metrics and assess the Lighting readiness checklist tools. You should

plan the UX objectives, how it will impact your business, and evaluate

the readiness check report status etc.

Phase 2: Awareness and Understanding

The objective of this stage is to garner excitement among users for

upcoming changes and ensure that lightning development team is

ready with all necessary requirements they actually needed. Here,

you have to define the use-cases and modify them as per the client









At this stage, this is necessary to make user confident for the modern

interface. Also, you have to roll out new techniques to migrate the

new system environment. However, this is always easy to encourage

user adoption with interactive learning sessions, hands-on exercises,

detailed manuals etc.


phase 4 promote business centric engagement

Phase 4: Promote business-centric engagement approach

to achieve excellence

Here, comes the most important stage that explains how to achieve

the enterprise excellence with the business-centric approach. At the

final stage, you can always deliver the most robust user-experiences

that were never achieved earlier. Don’t forget to track the status for

earlier three stages to evaluate the actual usage of the system.

Once you will follow all these stages carefully, then customers can

always be served in more intuitive and unified way.

Are you Lightning Ready?

Make your enterprise lightning ready by adopting best practices for

Lightning development. These best practices are –








Enhanced Security– Every time a new technology is released

into the market, it cannot go higher if it is not secure.

Salesforce Lightning helps you with secure apps and gives

maximum protection against cyber-attacks and the third-party




designing helps a Company to make customizations and makes

your business solutions the future-ready. Also, custom

components can be freely used for other applications whenever


Improved user-experiences– The ultimate objective of the

lightning framework is to deliver interactive user-experiences

with responsive web designs, interactive dashboards, and the

excellent navigation features.




The Way Ahead:

That’s all for the day. Now your enterprise is Salesforce Lightning

ready and you have the right path to reap maximum benefits from

LEX platform. You can better maintain your existing cloud programs


and make necessary advancements whenever

and make necessary advancements whenever necessary. Ultimately,

LEX platform delivers a transformational program to innovate and

enhance the overall benefits of cloud technology.