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Key Facts of American Schooling

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Key Facts of American Schooling - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The concept of good schools differs from community to community. The common factor between all good schools is to execute a series of processes enabling the students to explore, adapt and learn gradually. Here we gathered some Key Facts of American Schooling System

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according to a research by the international

According to a research by the International School Consultancy, there are 1,787 schools worldwide offering American curriculum. This makes it the third most widely used curriculum in the world after English and IB.

many regions around the world

Many regions around the world opt for the US curriculum, including Japan, China, UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Central and South America.

  • The US curriculum is taught in many American schools with highest standards. Here are some key facts about the US curriculum:
there are 193 schools across 134 countries that

There are 193 schools across 134 countries that are sponsored by the US States Department. They are collectively educating 137,000 students. Almost half of the students in these schools are from a third world country, with a quarter of American citizens, and a quarter from the host country.

the us curriculum is not standardized

The US curriculum is not standardized at the national level as each state is free to devise its own scheme. The basics of the curriculum are the same, which start from kindergarten to the 12th grade called K-12 system.

  • According to KHDA, there are 36 American primary schools in Dubaialone. Most of them also offer secondary and high school diploma.
the subjects studied in the us curriculum

The subjects studied in the US curriculum are different for each school and region as it is decided by the state or regional authorities. The basic subjects are the same though, including English, mathematics, science, social sciences, and physical education.

regular testing is considered important

Regular testing is considered important in the American curriculum. Students are required to prepare regularly from what they studied over the week and a month.

  • Grades are divided from A to F. Teachers assess the children regularly and the final assessment is at the end of the year where grades are assigned.
there is also advanced placement or ap classes

There is also Advanced Placement or AP classes for high school students that intend to secure admission to specific American universities.

  • Most of the American universities also need an SAT test for admission. Some US curriculum schools prepare children for SAT from grade 11.
the american curriculum is a well established

The American curriculum is a well-established standard of education and parents shouldn’t hesitate to enroll their children in it. Almost every country around the world hosts American curriculum schools. Sports have a lot of importance in the US curriculum as students are encouraged to participate in several American and international sports.

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