Protect your code with the most trusted name in web security
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Know what is Code Signing Certificate, it\'s importance and why a developer should opt for it. Know what advantage it can offer to you as well as to users. \n\n\nBy this you will also get the idea what make Symantec different from other brands. \n

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Protect your code with the most trusted name in web security

Protect your code with the most trusted name in web security

Symantec Code Signing Certificate

  • In today's date Internet is becoming one of the daily part of our life. Due to this, sharing of data is becoming easier. Old methods like sharing data through CD-ROM are non-existent, as Internet offers the same facility by just few clicks.

  • Websites are filled with data and codes which can be accessed within few minutes.

  • Though sharing over Internet is easy now-a-days, but responsibility of keeping it safe from cyber attacks, malware or any virus is also important.

  • In today's date cyber-attacks is not a new thing. Anyone can imagine, what could happen due to one bad download or you say user fail to establish integrity of code that is published on the Internet.

  • It's very important to know whether a malicious person has not created a backdoor, installed Trojan software, added additional user accounts, or performed any other number of possible malicious activities without their knowledge.

  • In order to protect users from attacks happens due to bad codes many techniques are used and one of the widely used is code signing.

  • Code signing lets users verify the origin of the code, and stops malicious person from distributing “bad code”. Apart from verifying the identity of the publisher, code signing also protects the code from tampering as the digital signature is invalidated if the code is changed. Thus, code signing provides two security protections.

    • Authentication of the author, publisher or distributor of the code.

    • Integrity of the code itself.

What are code signing certificates
What are Code Signing Certificates? codes many techniques are used and one of the widely used is code signing

  • Code Signing Certificate, is a digital signing technology used for securing the code or script of a software or any application. With the help of this certificate, the author of an application or software, can distribute the content of software securely over internet. This certificate creates a digital identity of software which shows that the software is legit and the author is trustworthy.

  • It protects users from downloading any compromised files or applications. If any file or application signed by a developer is modified or compromised after publication, a warning will be shown to users through popup that origin of the file or application cannot be verified.

Benefits of code signing certificate
Benefits of Code Signing Certificate: codes many techniques are used and one of the widely used is code signing

  • Boost Customer Confidence: It's like an assurance to clients that you are trustworthy and they can do business with you.

  • Authenticity: End users downloading your code, can be sure enough that they obtained it from the reliable source and it has not been tampered with any harmful things. With the help of Digital ID's , customers can identify who is the author of the digitally signed code & they can contact them if any issue or questions arise.

Supported platforms
Supported Platforms: codes many techniques are used and one of the widely used is code signing

  • Requirements differ from one platform to another for digitally signing code. Symantec Code Signing Certificates support:

  • Microsoft Authenticode®

  • VBA

  • JavaSoft™

  • Office

  • Adobe® AIR™

  • Apple®

  • Symantec is also one of just a few trusted providers of code signing for:

  • Windows Phone

  • Java Verified

  • AT&T Developer Program

  • Symbian Signed applications

  • SHA-2 support is also available for Symantec Code Signing certificates.

This video will give you the idea about how important is code signing certificate.

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