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Aldelo Restaurant Suite With POS People Solution PowerPoint Presentation
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Aldelo Restaurant Suite With POS People Solution

Aldelo Restaurant Suite With POS People Solution

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Aldelo Restaurant Suite With POS People Solution

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  1. Aldelo Restaurant Suite Call:1300 79 82 69

  2. Aldelo Restaurant Suite AldeloLite Aldelo Pro Aldelo Touch Aldelo POS Cloud Call:1300 79 82 69

  3. Aldelo POS Lite - Perfect for Cafes, Take-Aways & Fast Food AldeloLite • Aldelo POS Lite is a perfect solution for Cafe, Take-Away, Pizza, deli or Fast Food businesses. • Aldelo Lite is an easy-to-use, feature rich and powerful point of sale software. • Specifically designed for hospitality, it gives you quick and easy ways for taking orders, settling customers and tracking customer order history. • If you offer delivery, Aldelo Lite has you covered with easy delivery management. • You can track your delivery times, bring your customer history and details by simply entering their phone number. • You have to enter your customer details only once and next time you don't have to waste time taking down their addresses. Surprise your customers by recalling their previous orders and replicate them if required. Call:1300 79 82 69

  4. POS Restaurants & Take-Aways AldeloPro • Aldelo for Restaurants is your complete restaurant point of sale and store management software solution. • It is 100% Windows, 100% Touch operated. A definite plus with Aldelo is that it includes all of the necessary restaurant features and capabilities such as Inventory Tracking, Frequent Diner Program, In House Accounts, Delivery Tracking System, Bar Tabs, and much more for the same low price. • In an industry that is characterised by high staff turnover and part-time staff members, it is important that any point of sale (POS) solution is easy-to-learn and use. Most of the waiting staff can be trained in using Aldelo for restaurants point of sale (POS) software in less than fifteen minutes and yet it’s guaranteed to include features any small, medium or large restaurant may desire. Call:1300 79 82 69

  5. Powerful POS APP forTable Service & Quick Service Restaurants Aldelo Touch • Aldelo Touch is an advanced, powerful restaurant point of sale solution, especially developed to work on iPad and iPad Mini. Unlike other point of sale apps available for iPads that are totally limited in functionality, Aldelo Touch is a true solution and includes all the features that are expected of modern day point of sale products. • AldeloTouch provides the best of cloud and mobility to help restaurants achieve greater operational efficiency and improve customer experience. • Starting from USD$30 a month subscription for up to 3 iPads, Aldelo touch is a free to download App. There are no initial software costs and no long term contracts and no annual fees. You get 24/7 live phone support from Aldelo. • You can run Aldelo Touch as a standalone POS solution or integrate it with other Aldelo Products. After all, Aldelo Touch is flexible, simple and efficient. Call:1300 79 82 69

  6. Aldelo POS Cloud - Your Business Anywhere, Anytime Aldelo Touch • Aldelo POS Cloud is a complete web-based back office and reporting solution, providing restaurateurs with full freedom to manage their store from anywhere in the world. • All your back office and reporting functions now reside on a Cloud server hosted offsite and backed up throughout the day. This provides you with greater flexibility in controlling and monitoring restaurant operations and greater redundancy with multiple servers backing up the restaurant data. • The attractiveness of Aldelo POS Cloud is that you still have your point of sale database on your local machine, but this is synced with cloud continuously. • Having the database reside at the store provides for fast point of sale access and the ability to work offline in case of internet outage. As soon as the internet connection is restored, the data is again synced with the cloud database. Call:1300 79 82 69

  7. Contact Us Website : Address : 1.03, 29-31 Lexington Drive, Bella Vista NSW 2153 Phone : 1300 79 82 69 Fax : 1300 79 44 02 Email :