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Characters. Caroline Schiller. Lucy B. Parker.

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Caroline Schiller

lucy b parker
Lucy B. Parker

Lucy B. Parker is the main character in this book. She has a crazy life. After she got friend dumped by Rachel and Missy, she is left with Marissa the most annoying girl in the whole sixth grade. When her parents get devoiced her mom starts dating THE Laurel Moses Dad. That is a complete disaster because the Lucy feels like her mom only cares about Laurel and her dad. Lucy is shy and insecure.

lucy s mom
Lucy's Mom

Lucy's Mom is crazy Lucy thinks all she cares about is Laurel and her dad, but that’s not true Lucy's mom is just love struck. Ever since Lucy's dad and mom got divorced she has been a lot happier.


Laurel is a teen actress. She has a perfect life (according to Lucy). She gets everything she wants, she doesn’t have one pimple, and just doesn’t care about others (according to Lucy). Laurel is actually shy, she always spends time with adults so she doesn’t know how to act around kids. Lucy’s dad thinks she's insecure. “But how can you be shy when you perform in front of millions of people. (says Lucy)

what religion does lucy s mom practice
What religion does Lucy's mom practice?

A: Catholic



what was one of lucy s accident in the book
What was one of Lucy's accident in the book?

A: The hat accident

B: The shirt accident

C: the hair accident