welcome to managing your budget n.
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Welcome to Managing Your Budget!!!! PowerPoint Presentation
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Welcome to Managing Your Budget!!!!

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Welcome to Managing Your Budget!!!! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Welcome to Managing Your Budget!!!!
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  1. Welcome to Managing Your Budget!!!! Moderated by Tonya Jenkins & Ayanna Campbell Williams

  2. Sample Budget Summary

  3. Personnel Includes employees, volunteer time and over-time Gross Pay, FICA & Fringe benefits (e.g. Retirement) Amount claimed this period Gross pay x % of time = amount claimed ($1000 x 80% = 800.00) Volunteer time valued at $12 per hour Volunteer dollars recorded in “Volunteer” column carried over from Volunteer Monthly Time Record

  4. A. (1) Personnel/Salaries Position Title/Name of EmployeeCalculationBudget Victim Advocate $30,285 x 100% VOCA $30,285 (Annual Salary $30,285) Part-time Victim Advocate $13.00/hr x 29 hrs x 31 wk $11,687 (13.00 per/hour) VWAP Coordinator $50,000 x 20% VOCA $10,000 ($50,000 Annual Salary) Volunteer Hours (In-Kind MATCH) 320 hrs x $12/hour $3,840 TOTAL: $55,812

  5. A. (2)Personnel/Fringe Benefits Position Title/Name of EmployeeBenefit TitleCalculationBudget Victim Advocate Retirement $30,285 x 14.64% $4,434 FICA $30,285 x 7.65% $2,317 Health Ins. 90% of 7,051 $6,346 Worker’s Comp 2.52 x $30,285 $763 SUTA .0623 x $8,000 $529 VWAP Coordinator Retirement $10,000 x 14.64% $1,464 FICA $10,000 x 7.65% $765 TOTAL $ 16,618

  6. Equipment Expenses Item must cost $5,000 or more to be considered as equipment Copy of invoice for equipment must be attached to the reimbursement Equipment inventory list maintained Equipment purchases must be approved before purchasing Cost of equipment not exclusively used for VOCA activities must be prorated

  7. C. Equipment ItemPurposeCalculationBudget Tracking Data Collection $6,000 x 1 unit $6,000 Software TOTAL $ 6,000

  8. Supplies Description of expense “Office supplies” – listed in budget detail Postage All “equipment” under $5,000 Receipts for expenses must be maintained at your agency

  9. D. Supplies ItemCalculationBudget General Office Supplies 12 months x $200 $2,400 (pens, paper, printer cartridge, etc.) Postage 12 months x $100 $1,200 TOTAL $ 3,600

  10. Travel Expenses – Employee Travel Expense Statement Must abide by State of Georgia Travel Regulations/Local/Federal Travel Regulations Prior approval for out-of-state travel Lodging, airfare, transportation/cab fare and meals Mileage – show number of miles x approved rate Expenses must be supported with receipts Record Mileage log Training related expenses – all trainings for which you would like to be reimbursed submitted 30 days prior to paying registration

  11. B. Travel PurposeLocationCalculationBudget GA Family Violence Conference Macon, GA Hotel: $110.00 x 3 days $330 One Person Meals: $40/day x 3 days $120 NOVA Conference Austin, TX Airfare: $401 $2,776 Two People Hotel: $147.30 x 5 days Meals: $50/day x 5 days Mileage Victim Advocate Brunswick 1000 miles x $0.51 per mile $255 Part-time Victim Advocate Judicial Circuit TOTAL $ 3,481

  12. Printing/Media Acknowledge funding source Wording located in subgrantee manual – may depend on whether entire publication or only portions are funded --“This project is supported by Award No. _____ awarded by the Office for Victims of Crime, office of Justice Programs and administered by the Criminal Justice Coordinating Council” Provide example 30 days before purchase for budget approval Submit copy of final brochures, etc with request for reimbursement

  13. E. Printing ItemCalculationBudget Brochures 100 @ 5.01 $501 TOTAL $ 501

  14. Other Rent, Local/Long distance, Cell phone, Utility bill (time periods should be noted in description) Copy of contractual/consultant agreement should be submitted to CJCC and kept on file

  15. F. (1)Other/Miscellaneous ItemCalculationBudget Rent for project staff $300/mth x 7 months $2,100 Rent for project staff $250/mth x 5 months $1,250 Utilities for project staff $100/mth x 12 months $1,200 Cell phone $80/mth x 12 months $960 TOTAL $ 5,510

  16. Contractual/Consultant Policies Fees cannot exceed $450/day or $56.25/hour Written contract Services to be performed Rate of compensation – should be reasonable according to past billing history or market rate (submit samples to CJCC) Length of time services will be provided Payment for services rendered Services during contract period

  17. F. (2) Other/Consultants a. Consultant Fees NameService ProvidedCalculationBudget D&K Therapeutic, Inc. Counseling/Therapy $50 per session $1,000 (20 sessions) TOTAL $ 1,000

  18. Matching Funds - VOCA Same use as federal funds Expended/obtained during contract period Records of match maintained Source Amount Period used Contracts should be current

  19. Matching Funds – VOCA ONLY 20 % of Total Project Cost Cash – any allowable item or service paidfor by the agency. In-Kind – a donation of tangible expendable goods, services or work space including allowable volunteer time.

  20. Unallowable Expenses Non-budgeted items Bonuses Entertainment (including food) Alcohol Fundraising Non-grant related Accounting/Bookkeeping expense Renovations/construction – unless making services ADA compliant (e.g. wheelchair ramp)

  21. Subgrant Adjustment Requests [SAR] :When should an sar be submitted? Submit a formal request when requesting revisions for the following: Project Officials/Addresses Project Personnel Goals and Objectives Change in Program Activities Change in Signature Authorization for grant Change in E-Mail addresses for agency point of contact

  22. Subgrant Adjustment Requests [SAR] :When should an sar be submitted? (cont.) All requests should be submitted 14 calendar days after the effective date of the change No budget adjustments may be submitted during the last 60 days of the subgrant period (per your special conditions) Submit SAR #1 with your Award Package Attach a corrected Detailed Budget (form on website)

  23. Subgrant Adjustment Requests:Supporting Documents • Supporting Documents Should be Included with your Adjustment: • Personnel Action Forms/Salary Authorization Forms • Revised Detailed Budget (if requested) • Effective Date of the Change • Updated Designation of Grant Officials Form • Updated Signature Authorization Form Provide as much detail as possible!!

  24. Let’s Practice….

  25. Questions?!

  26. Thank you for your time!! • Please feel free to contact us with any questions: • Tonya Jenkins, Grant Specialist • 404.657.1998 • Tonya.Jenkins@cjcc.ga.gov • Ayanna Campbell Williams, Grant Specialist • 404.657.2078 • Ayanna.Campbell@cjcc.ga.gov