Preparing for categorical program monitoring cpm susie morikawa consultant nora reed analyst
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PREPARING FOR CATEGORICAL PROGRAM MONITORING (CPM) Susie Morikawa, Consultant Nora Reed, Analyst - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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PREPARING FOR CATEGORICAL PROGRAM MONITORING (CPM) Susie Morikawa, Consultant Nora Reed, Analyst. What we will cover today:. What is a CPM? What to expect? Before and After School Programs (BASP) CPM Instrument California Accountability and Improvement System (CAIS) Resources.

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Preparing for categorical program monitoring cpm susie morikawa consultant nora reed analyst


What we will cover today
What we will cover today:

  • What is a CPM? What to expect?

  • Before and After School Programs (BASP) CPM Instrument

  • California Accountability and Improvement System (CAIS)

  • Resources

What is a cpm
What is a CPM?

  • Purpose and expectations

  • CPM Schedules:

    • Cycle A On-site

      1/31/11 through 6/10/11

    • Cycle C Online

      4/18/11 through 8/26/11

What is the basp cpm instrument
What is the BASP CPM Instrument?


    Each item will have a conclusion of:

    • Meets requirements

    • Does not meet requirements

    • Not reviewed

  • The instrument will be filed at the California Department of Education (CDE)

  • I involvement
    I. Involvement

    Parents, staff, students, and community members participate in developing, implementing, and evaluating core and categorical programs

    Evidence for dimension i can include
    Evidence for Dimension I can include:

    • Review of Documents:

      - Grant Applications

      - Planning Documents/Private School Consultation

      - Records of Meeting

      • Operational Processes and Procedure

    • Interviews with:

      - Grant Coordinator

      • After School Program (ASP) and Regular Day Staff

      • Community Representatives

      • Parents and Students

      • School Site Council

    Ii governance and administration
    II. Governance and Administration

    Policies, plans, and administration of categorical programs meet statutory requirements

    Evidence for dimension ii can include
    Evidence for Dimension II can include:

    • Review of Documents:

      • Local Educational Agency (LEA) Plan

      • Single Plan for Student Achievement

      • Program Plan in the Grant Application

      • Schedules, Menus, Policies, Inventories

        (Project Lean Snack Calculator

        Interviews with:

      • After SP and Regular Day Staff

      • Parents and Students

      • Community Representatives and Other Stakeholders

    Iii funding
    III. Funding

    Allocation and use of funds meet statutory requirements for allowable expenditures

    Evidence for dimension iii can include
    Evidence for Dimension III can include:

    • Review of Documents:

      • Line item budget and expenditure reports

      • Audit reports

      • Personnel documents (timesheets and duty statements)

      • Contracts and Memorandums of Understanding

    • Interviews with:

      • Grant and site coordinators

      • ASP and LEA staff with fiscal responsibilities

    Guidance on match evidence
    Guidance on Match Evidence

    Match Requirement

    III-BASP 13. (ASES) The LEA/grantee agency operating an ASES program

    has obtained a local contribution of cash or in-kind local funds equal to not

    less than one-third of the total grant amount. Facilities or space usage may

    fulfill not more than 25 percent of the required local match. (California Education

    Code (EC) sections 8483.7[a][5] and 8483.75[a][4]).

    • Show where your grant match comes from by providing a list of match contributors, what the contribution was and its value (calculate amount for in-kind). Show total match value as a percent of total grant amount and clearly show the calculation of the percentage of the match that is provided by donated space and facilities (which can be no greater than 25 percent of the entire match).

    • You may find Making the Match: Finding Funding for After School Education and Safety Programs useful as a reference for the categories of contributions. It is available at and also providesuseful information for calculating the value of in-kind contributions.

    • Attach evidence (i.e., Memorandums of Understanding, volunteer documentation) supporting the entries on the list of match contributors.

    Iv standards assessment and accountability
    IV. Standards, Assessment, and Accountability

    Categorical programs meet state standards, are based on the assessed needs of program participants, and achieve the intended outcomes of the categorical program

    Evidence for dimension iv can include
    Evidence for Dimension IV can include:

    • Confirmation of data submitted.

    • Principles of Effectiveness:

      • Conduct a needs assessment

      • Develop performance measures

      • Use science-based programs and strategies

      • Regularly evaluate your program for effectiveness

      • Use results of evaluation to strengthen and modify your program

    V staffing and professional development
    V. Staffing and Professional Development

    Staff members are recruited, trained, assigned, and assisted to ensure the effectiveness of the program

    Evidence for dimension v can include
    Evidence for Dimension V can include:

    • Review of Documents:

      • Personnel records

      • Training plans

      • Schedules and sign in/out sheets

    • Interviews and Site observations

    Vi opportunity and equal educational access
    VI. Opportunity and Equal Educational Access

    Participants have equitable access to all programs provided by the LEA as provided by law

    Evidence for dimension vi can include
    Evidence for Dimension VI can include:

    • Review of Documents:

      • ASES Program plan

      • School safety plan

      • Policy regarding charge of program fees

      • Program handouts/brochures

    • Interviews with:

      • ASP and district staff

      • teachers, students and parents

      • school security officers and stakeholders

    • Observation of sites

    Vii teaching and learning
    VII. Teaching and Learning

    Participants receive core and categorical program services that meet their assessed needs

    Evidence for dimension vii can include
    Evidence for Dimension VII can include:

    • Review of documents:

      • Curriculum material

      • Program description/plan

      • Lesson plans

      • Brochures/course offerings

      • Student work.

        Note: where appropriate, the activities should be research-based and content standard aligned.

    • Interviews with:

      • Students, parents,

      • ASP and school site staff

      • Other stakeholders

    What is cais
    What is CAIS?

    California Accountability and Improvement System (CAIS) Web page:

    WestEd's CACC CAIS Information Web Page:

    CAIS Document Uploading GuidanceBefore and After School Programs OnlyPlease read the following BEFORE uploading your documents.

    • Please do not provide any information that goes beyond what is required to provide evidence that you are meeting the specific requirement.

    • Number all pages of the documents you are submitting consecutively. This may be done by hand and it is not necessary to eliminate page numbers that already exist in your documents.

    • Prior to uploading, highlight the section(s) in each document that contains information relevant to the item being tested. At the beginning of the document, note the page number(s) of the highlighted sections.

    • Do not submit the content of trainings and workshops (i.e., PowerPoint slides). An agenda for the workshop that lists presenters and a statement of who attended from your organization and their role is sufficient.

    Cais resources
    CAIS Resources

    • CAIS Webinar:

    • CDE CPM Web site:

    • [email protected]

    Cpm resources
    CPM Resources

    Region 1

    Del Norte, Humboldt, Lake, Mendocino, and Sonoma Counties

    Regional Lead

    Susan McConnell, Director

    Mendocino County Office of Education


    [email protected]

    CDE Contacts

    Marlena Uhrik, Program Consultant Barbara Bell, Fiscal Analyst

    916-319-0716 916-319-0289

    [email protected] [email protected]

    Region 2

    Butte, Glenn, Lassen, Modoc, Plumas, Shasta, Siskiyou,Tehama, and Trinity Counties

    Regional Lead

    Gloria Halley


    [email protected]

    CDE Contacts

    Patrice Roseboom, Program Consultant Bernadine Holman, Fiscal Analyst

    916-319-0399 916-445-5695

    [email protected]

    Cpm resources cont d
    CPM Resources(cont’d)

    Region 3

    Alpine, Colusa, El Dorado, Nevada, Placer, Sacramento, Sierra, Sutter, Yolo, and Yuba Counties

    Regional Leads

    Barbara Metzuk Frank Pisi

    916-228-2715 916-228-2644

    [email protected]

    CDE Contacts

    Iqbal Badwalz, Program Consultant Veronica Maestas, Fiscal Analyst

    916-319-0732 916-319-0540

    [email protected]

    Region 4

    Alameda, Contra Costa, Marin, Napa, San Francisco, San Mateo, and Solano Counties

    Regional LeadCDE Contacts

    Joe Hudson Danette McReynolds, Fiscal Analyst

    510-670-7732 916-319-0363

    [email protected]@cde

    Alameda and Marin counties only

    CDE Contacts

    Iqbal Badwalz, Program Consultant Melissa Weathers, Fiscal Analyst

    916-319-0732 916-319-0264

    [email protected]

    All counties except Alameda and Marin

    Cpm resources cont d1
    CPM Resources(cont’d)

    Region 5

    Monterey, San Benito, Santa Clara, and Santa Cruz Counties

    Regional Lead

    Mara Wold


    [email protected]

    CDE Contacts

    Cindy Schneider, Program Consultant Karissa Lujan, Fiscal Analyst

    916-319-0601 916-319-0620

    [email protected]

    Region 6

    Amador, Calaveras, San Joaquin, Stanislaus, and Tuolumne Counties

    Regional Lead

    Lori Ward


    [email protected]

    CDE Contacts

    Linda Sain, Program Consultant Bernadine Holman, Fiscal Analyst

    916-319-0203 916-445-5695

    [email protected]

    Cpm resources cont d2
    CPM Resources(cont’d)

    Region 7

    Fresno, Kings, Madera, Mariposa, Merced, and Tulare Counties

    Regional Lead

    Diane Wilcock

    559-651-0155, ext. 3612

    [email protected]

    CDE Contacts

    Susie Morikawa, Program Consultant Andrea Dickey, Fiscal Analyst

    916-319-0537 916-445-5620

    [email protected]

    Region 8

    Kern, San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara, and Ventura Counties

    Regional Lead

    Marcella Klein-Williams


    [email protected]

    CDE Contacts

    Shadidi Sia-Maat, Ph.D., Program Consultant Jerry Maurer, Fiscal Analyst

    916-323-1027 916-445-4577

    [email protected] [email protected]

    Cpm resources cont d3
    CPM Resources(cont’d)

    Region 9

    Imperial, Orange, and San Diego Counties

    Regional Lead

    Helen Gonzales

    619 682-5260

    [email protected]

    CDE Contacts

    Joshua Brady, Program Consultant Nora Reed, Fiscal Analyst

    916-319-0206 916-327-5928

    [email protected]

    Region 10

    Inyo, Mono, Riverside, and San Bernardino Counties

    Regional Lead

    Martha Hall


    [email protected]

    CDE Contacts

    Yvonne Evans, Program Consultant Paul Simpson-Jones, Fiscal Analyst

    916-319-0623 916-319-0211

    [email protected]

    Cpm resources cont d4
    CPM Resources(cont’d)

    Region 11

    Los Angeles County

    Regional Lead

    Mary Jo Ginty


    [email protected]

    CDE Contacts

    Gloria Woodlock,Program Consultant Craig Pierini, Program Consultant

    916-323-1025 916-319-0200

    [email protected]

    Ella Graham, Fiscal Analyst Fred Sharp, Fiscal Analyst

    916-319-0210 916-319-0720

    [email protected] [email protected]

    Grantees A-Ld Grantees Le-R

    Dan Ramsay, Fiscal Analyst


    [email protected]

    Grantees S-Z

    What to expect after the cpm visit
    What to Expect After the CPM Visit

    • Onsite CPM:

      • Formal exit meeting/debrief

      • Notice of finding (NOF) date

    • Online CAIS review:

      • Preliminary draft of findings deadline

      • Debrief date, if necessary and requested

      • NOF date

    • Proposed Resolution of Findings (PRF)

      • Track findings

      • Communicate between ASPO Consultant and CPM Office on findings

      • Ongoing Technical Assistance

    Cpm cais survey
    CPM/CAIS Survey