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  • The punk subculture is based around punk rock. It emerged from the larger rock music scene in 1970s in the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Australia, and Japan. The punk movement has spread around the globe and developed into a number of different forms. Punk culture encompasses distinct styles of music, ideologies, fashion, visual art, dance, literature, and film. Punk also lays claim to a lifestyle and community.Various writers, books, and literary movements were important to the formation of the punk aesthetic. The first music scene that was assigned punk appeared in New York City between 1974 and 1976. Then in London and soon after Los Angeles. These three cities formed the backbone of the movement, but there were also other scenes in cities such as Brisbane, and Boston.

Punk ideologies are relacionated with individual freedom.

Include the DIY ethic, non-conformity, direct action, not selling out, and nihilism.

British punks expressed their nihilistic views with the song "No Future" of the band "Sex Pistols".

Punk politics could be categorized as having left-wing or progressive views.

Some punks participate in protests for local, national or global change.

Some trends in punk politics include anarchism, socialism, anti-authoritarianism, anti-militarism, anti-capitalism, anti-racism, anti-sexism, anti-nationalism, anti-homophobia, environmentalism, vegetarianism, veganism, and animal rights.

Some offshoots of punk are apolitical, such as psychobilly, deathrock, horror punk, and the goth subculture to name a few.


The punk subculture is centered around listening to recordings or live concerts of a loud, aggressive genre of rock music called punk rock, usually shortened to punk.

While most punk rock uses the distorted guitars and noisy drumming, some punk bands incorporate elements from other subgenres, such as metal or folk rock.

Most punk rock songs are short, have simple and somewhat basic arrangements using relatively few chords, and they use lyrics that express punk values and ideologies ranging from the nihilism of the Sex Pistols' "No Future" to the positive, anti-drug message of Minor Threat's "Straight Edge".

Punk rock is usually played in small bands rather than by solo artists. Punk bands usually consist of a singer, one or two overdriven electric guitars, an electric bass player, and a drummer (the singer may be one of the musicians).


Punks seek to outrage propriety with the highly theatrical use of clothing, hairstyles, cosmetics, tattoos, jewelry and body modification.

Early punk fashion punks wear a ordinary clothes, rota, con alfileres, se la adornaban con pintura y vestían siempre de negro. Leather, rubber, and vinyl clothing are also popular.

Punks also sometimes wear tight "drainpipe" jeans, Plaid or Tartan pants,T-shirts with risqué images, rocker jackets (with band logos,pins and buttons) and footwear such as Converse sneakers, skate shoes, brothel creepers, or Dr. Martens boots.

Some early punks occasionally wore clothes displaying a Nazi swastika for shock-value, but most modern punks are staunchly anti-racist and are more likely to wear a crossed-out swastika symbol.

Some punks style their hair to stand in spikes and colour their hair with unnatural hues.

In contrast to punks who believe the fashion is a central part of the punk subculture, there are some punks who are decidedly "anti-fashion," arguing that music and/or ideology should define punk, not fashion.

styles of punk
Styles of punk

Standard punk


Crust punk



Gothic rock/Deathrock and Horror punk

Skate punk

Pop punk