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Completing the 2011 AMCAS Application

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Completing the 2011 AMCAS Application - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Completing the 2011 AMCAS Application. Spring 2010 Lee Ann Michelson & Jeff Glenn Office of Career Services Harvard College. Computer Set-up. Browser Requirements and Issues For PC users: Firefox 1.02. 1.5, 2.0, 3.0, 3.5 Internet Explorer 5.5, 6.0, 7.0, 8.0 Netscape 7

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Presentation Transcript
completing the 2011 amcas application

Completing the 2011 AMCAS Application

Spring 2010

Lee Ann Michelson & Jeff Glenn

Office of Career Services

Harvard College

computer set up
Computer Set-up
  • Browser Requirements and Issues
    • ForPC users:
      • Firefox 1.02. 1.5, 2.0, 3.0, 3.5
      • Internet Explorer 5.5, 6.0, 7.0, 8.0
      • Netscape 7
    • For Mac users:
      • Firefox 1.0.2, 1.5, 2.0, 3.0, 3.5
      • Internet Explorer 5.1.7, 5.2
      • Netscape 7
  • You must have JavaScript and cookies enabled prior to starting your application.
  • is good resource for downloading older versions of browsers.
transcripts requirements
Transcripts & Requirements
  • Check your SPAM filter: AMCAS and schools use applicant email addresses to notify you of updates, changes, deadlines, errors, and the status of your application. Be sure that your SPAM filters do not delete these multiple addressee emails
  • Obtain copies of your transcripts
  • Check the admissions requirements of med schools to be sure you fill the eligibility requirements for each school.

  • Find a Medical School Program
  • Applicant Responsibilities
  • Minority Medical Applicant Registry
fee assistance program fap
Fee Assistance Program (FAP)
  • Assists applicants who, without financial assistance, would be unable to take the MCAT or apply to medical schools.
  • FAP eligibility decisions tied to U. S. Dept. Health & Human Services' poverty level guidelines.
  • Reduces MCAT fee and provides 14 free medical school designations for AMCAS
  • Applicants apply online and receive immediate decision
  • Submitting an AMCAS application or registering for the MCAT prior to receiving a decision on your FAP application makes you ineligible for FAP.
about amcas
  • A service of the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC)
  • Non-profit, centralized application service
    • Collects applicant information
    • Collects one set of transcripts
    • Verifies academic records
    • Provides standardized grading information to participating schools
application process
Application Process
  • Applying is a two-step process
    • Primary Application: AMCAS
    • Secondary Applications: Medical Schools
  • AMCAS does not screen applications or make admissions decisions
  • Admissions requirements and decision processes vary from school to school
application process8
Application Process

Secondary Application

Primary Application


  • Upon invitation from the medical school:
  • Submit letters of recommendation for non LETTERS participants.
  • Submit additional writing samples.
  • Send updated transcripts if necessary.
  • Pay additional application fee if required.
  • Schedule interview date upon invitation from the medical school.
  • AMCAS processes the primary application.
  • Once this processing is complete, AMCAS sends the primary application to the medical schools selected by the applicant.
  • At this point, the medical school takes over the application.
  • Complete online application.
  • Send college transcripts.
  • Send Letters of Recommendation for Participating Schools.
  • Pay application fee.




  • Up-to-date information - check often!
  • Application Instruction Book
  • FAQs
  • Grade Conversion Guide
  • Application Checklist
  • System Requirements
amcas dates
  • ~May 4: First day AMCAS application open to applicants
  • ~June 4: First day applicants can submit AMCAS application
  • End of June: We recommend you submit your AMCAS by this time
amcas registration13
AMCAS Registration
  • Use real biographical information during registration:
required alternate id
Required/Alternate ID
  • Social Security Number (or Canadian Social Insurance Number) is required
  • Be sure to include all relevant Alternate IDs; omitting pertinent IDs can delay processing
  • Recommend including Harvard ID as Alternate ID
amcas navigation16
AMCAS Navigation
  • Main Menu:No matter where you are in the application, you can go back to the Main Menu.
    • Use to track which sections of application are complete and to check application status
  • Help: Click for page-specific instructions
amcas instructions
AMCAS Instructions
  • Instructions available:
    • within application: use HELP button
    • on in PDF format
  • Applicants must certify prior to submission that they have read all instructions
  • Errors that occur as the result of unread instructions cannot be remedied after submission
sections of the application
Sections of the Application
  • Letters of Evaluation
  • Medical Schools
  • Essay(s)
  • Standardized Tests
  • Identifying Information
  • Schools Attended
  • Biographic Information
  • Course Work
  • Work/Activities
order of application
Order of Application
  • Must complete “Biographical information” and “Schools Attended” sections before
    • entering medical schools and coursework
    • being able to print transcript request forms
  • You can postpone completing: Personal Statement, Work/Activities, and entering the course work
biographic information
Biographic Information
  • Alternate contact: used in case applicant is unreachable by AMCAS or designated medical school during application process; AMCAS personnel will not give confidential info to this individual without applicant's written permission.
schools attended22
Schools Attended
  • List every post secondary institution where you enrolled for at least one course; even if credits were transferred, no credits were earned, or you withdrew.
  • Include college courses taken in high school.
schools attended23
Schools Attended
  • Under program type, do not enter graduate level for Harvard College if you are working towards a fourth year Masters but have not yet completed it.
  • If you have graduated from Harvard College with a fourth year Masters degree, you will have two entries for Harvard College. One entry with undergraduate as program type for the first three years and one entry with graduate as program type for the final year at Harvard.
  • Can count secondary field as “minor”.
advisor release
Advisor Release

Advisor Information Release Service:

  • Please give permission for AMCAS to share information with Harvard Premed Advisors by checking YES. (These reports will go to Lee Ann and Jeff at OCS, NOT your House Tutors) The reports we develop on applications and acceptance to medical school are based on the data we receive from AMCAS. The information will only be used for aggregate statistics and all identifying information is kept strictly confidential.
  • If you encounter problems with your application, we cannot discuss your situation with AMCAS staff unless you check this box.
advisor release26
Advisor Release

select “Yes”

official transcripts ots
Official Transcripts (OTs)
  • Review AMCAS OT Requirements
  • Review your transcripts in advance
  • Research transcript availability carefully
  • Never assume a transcript is not required by AMCAS
  • Missing and unmatchable transcripts are the number 1 reason for processing delays
  • You will create AMCAS Transcript Request Forms to send to Registrars at every school from which you will be requesting a transcript. The Registrar will attach the form to the official transcript and send it on to AMCAS.
  • Transcripts must be sent to AMCAS directly from your Registrar’s Office. Transcripts provided by applicants, even if sealed, will NOT be accepted
  • Request that Harvard Registrar wait until Spring grades are available before sending transcripts
  • Official transcripts are due two weeks after application deadline (EDP applicant transcripts due with application)
  • Applicants must request an exception for transcripts that are not required; failing to do so may result in missed deadlines
  • Research transcript availability carefully before requesting an exception. AMCAS cannot validate foreign transcripts and will not accept them.
biographical information34
Biographical Information
  • Visa: you may not designate Permanent Resident Visa status unless you currently have a Green Card.
  • Legal Residence: applicants who qualify for residency in more than one state may declare only one of those states as their legal residence on the application.
  • Ethnicity/Race: may select only one (e.g. ethnicity but no race) or multiple. Recommended to complete.
  • Languages: enter information regarding the languages you speak fluently. Can list only one language as primary language.
disadvantaged status36
Disadvantaged Status
  • Disadvantaged status: use your best judgment; AMCAS does not provide a definition of disadvantaged. A "yes" response will prompt additional questions. A "no" response means you will not see the screen with additional questions and you will exit this section.
  • If you think you may fit this category, click on "yes"; if after reviewing the material you decide it is not appropriate for you to enter "yes", then you can change your response.
disadvantaged status39
Disadvantaged Status
  • Underserved: do you believe, based on your experience or that of family and friends, that the area in which grew up was adequately served by health-care professionals? Were there enough physicians, nurses, hospitals, clinics, and other health-care providers?
  • State and federal assistance programs: these are defined as "means-tested programs” (such as AFDC, unemployment compensation, GA, food stamps, SSI, Medicaid). Family income, assets must be below certain thresholds
felonies and misdemeanors41
Felonies and Misdemeanors
  • Applicants need not disclose any instance where applicant:
    • was arrested but not charged;
    • was arrested and charged, but the charges were dropped;
    • was arrested and charged, but found not guilty by a judge or jury;
    • was arrested and found guilty by a judge or jury, but the conviction was overturned on appeal; or
    • received an executive pardon
felonies and misdemeanors42
Felonies and Misdemeanors

For any post submission convictions, applicants MUST notify their medical schools within 10 days of the offense.

Warning: In Virginia and Ohio, speeding conviction = misdemeanor! Must be reported on AMCAS.

criminal background checks
Criminal Background Checks
  • Conducted on first acceptance (or, in some instances, Alternate List)
  • Disclosure/Consent must be certified by all applicants
  • Searches:

Social Security Number, County Criminal Records, Statewide Criminal Records, Federal Criminal Records, National Criminal Database, National Sexual Offender Database, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Office of Inspector General List of Excluded Individuals/Entities, Dishonorable Discharge from the Armed Forces, International Screening


Coursework to be listed:

  • Any course ever attempted at any U.S. or Canadian post-secondary school, even if no credit was earned.
  • Includes all college-level courses taken while in high school.

Coursework to be listed (cont’d):

  • Courses from which you withdrew.
  • Courses for which you received a grade of "Incomplete" and for which no final grade has been assigned.
  • Courses that have been repeated.
  • Courses that you failed, regardless of whether they have been repeated.

Year and Term

  • For courses taken at Harvard, use the semester system calendar designation.
  • List a full-year course as “Full Year”. Do not divide full-year classes by term.
  • For summer courses, assign the upcoming status. (e.g. courses between FR & SO year, will be listed as SO status).

Year and Term (cont’d)

  • Do not assign more than one status to a term.
  • Assign High School (HS) status to college-level courses taken while you were in high school, regardless of the physical location of the college-level course.
course classification52
Course Classification
  • The Science GPAfor AMCAS is comprised of courses that are considered Biology, Chemistry, Physics or Mathematicsonly.
  • If you have a question, such as coding a psychology course as biology, ask yourself if the primary content of the course was biology. If yes, you can code the course as biology. This classification is not based on the department offering the course. Use your best judgment.
course classification53
Course Classification
  • To learn more about the BCPM GPA, click on the HELP button at the top of the AMCAS application webpage. Open the "Course work Classification" section under "Course Work." Scroll down to find a list of courses. Any course classification followed by "BCPM" will be included in the BCPM GPA
course classification54
Course Classification
  • If AMCAS changes a classification, and the applicant disagrees with the change, the applicant can appeal the change via the application's Academic Change request option (available within the AMCAS application).
  • AMCAS generally will not return applications if they disagree with your coding but if they do contact you, please let Lee Ann and Jeff know.
specific course information56
Specific Course Information
  • Because Harvard does not indicate credit hour equivalents on the front of the transcript, AMCAS prefers that Harvard applicants leave Credit Hours blank. When AMCAS verifies the application, each half course will be coded as 4 credit hours and each full year course will be coded as 8 credit hours.
  • If you choose to list credit hours, be aware that the 4 and 8 will be taken out in Verification processing and an "X" will be placed in the Verification Mark Column.  The “X” only represents a change made in Verification to reflect the view of the official transcript.
specific course information57
Specific Course Information
  • A half-year course (one semester) is equal to four credits; a full-year course (two semesters) is generally equal to eight credits.*
  • Chem 10/15 is equivalent to only 4 credits. (It will, however, fulfill the medical school requirement of one full year of general chemistry.) You can write “Accel” to indicate it was an accelerated course.

* Note: Half courses extending throughout the two terms of the academic year are equal to four credit hours.

specific course information58
Specific Course Information
  • Lab hours are not counted separately. They are included in course credit hours. You can click on “combined lecture/lab course” for the question “did this class include a lab section?”
special course types60
Special Course Types

Only necessary for certain courses.

  • Audit: if officially registered, but no credit, then no credit hours or AMCAS grade should be assigned.
  • Pass/Fail: courses are listed on Academic Record, but excluded when computing AMCAS GPA. Harvard’s SAT/UNSAT courses should be listed as such.
  • Honors: Harvard does not have “honors level” courses.
special course types61
Special Course Types
  • Current/future coursework: This section is especially important if you have not yet completed pre-requisite courses required for admission. However, AMCAS will not verify these future grades or include in AMCAS GPA. You must have Registrar send updated transcripts to the individual medical schools.
  • Deferred grade: Any single course that officially takes more than one term to complete before the final grade and credit hours are awarded (e.g., research, thesis credits).
advanced standing only
Advanced Standing Only

Only if granted and accepted Advanced Standing:

  • Academic status: first year = Sophomore; second year = Junior; third year = Senior.
  • AP scores are considered freshmen courses for the year you began Harvard. So, for your first year at Harvard, you should list your four AP courses as freshmen courses and your Harvard courses as sophomore courses.
advanced standing only63
Advanced Standing Only

Only if granted and accepted Advanced Standing:

  • The total credit hours for the AP courses should be equal to 32 (e.g. 4 AP courses at 8 credit hours each.)
  • Select “Advanced Placement” as Course Type.
advanced placement scores
Advanced Placement Scores

Official Rules

  • To claim AP credit, the credit hours must be listed on your transcript.
  • If the transcript from the college awarding AP credit does not list actual course names, enter the subject area for which credit has been earned (e.g., AP Credit: English) as the Course Name.
advanced placement scores65
Advanced Placement Scores
  • Harvard does not put AP courses on transcript unless you accept Advanced Standing. So, if you list an AP on the Academic Record, and it is not on the transcript, AMCAS cannot verify the AP score. The Harvard College Registrar will NOT verify these AP scores for AMCAS.
  • Do NOT include AP credit unless:
    • You accepted Advanced Standing OR
    • You did not take Math at Harvard and need to show AP Calculus/Statistics credit.
advanced placement scores66
Advanced Placement Scores

If you are NOT Advanced Standing and wish to list a Math AP, you must leave Transcript Grade and Credit Hours blank.

  • For example, for Calculus AP: “Calculus BC” as Course Name, “Exempt” as Course Type.
  • AMCAS will code the AP course that is listed on the Academic Record with an “0” symbol, to indicate it does not appear on the transcript. This will not cause the application to be delayed or returned.
advanced placement scores67
Advanced Placement Scores
  • If a medical school wants verification of the AP score (some California schools do), then you must request the official AP score to be sent directly from ETS to the medical schools and not to AMCAS.
study abroad scenario 1
Study Abroad: Scenario #1

Courses taken at an overseas campus of a U.S. or Canadian college or at an American college overseas:

  • List the U.S. or Canadian College sponsoring the study abroad program, and on whose official transcript the coursework will appear.
  • Applicant should have sponsoring school send an offiical transcript to AMCAS.
  • Courses MUST be listed under the school.
study abroad scenario 2
Study Abroad: Scenario #2

Courses taken independently (not sponsored by U.S. or Canadian school) at a foreign school; credit tranferred to a U.S. or Canadian college

  • List under "schools attended” section
    • the US/Canadian school that the credit will be transferred to
    • the foreign school
  • Indicate that AMCAS does not require a transcript for foreign school; select exception reason: “foreign college-independent attendance – credits tranferred to a US. or Canadian institution”
  • Enter all required data under the name of the foreign school, but as it appears on the transcript on which the transferred credit appear.
study abroad scenario 271
Study Abroad: Scenario #2

Example A: University of Madrid

  • In the Schools Attended Section, list:
    • the home institution: Harvard University
    • the study abroad program: University of Madrid
  • Indicate that the transcript is not required – “foreign college-independent attendance – credits transferred to a US. or Canadian institution”
  • In the Course Work section list the course work under the study abroad program (DIS) but as it appears on the home institution’s (Harvard) transcript
study abroad scenario 272
Study Abroad: Scenario #2

Example A: University of Madrid

  • In the Coursework Section:
    • Study abroad credit is posted as an amount of credit transferred with the name of the university where you studied.
    • If you will be receiving credit from Harvard, indicate "Pass/Fail" as the Special Course Type and leave both the grade and credit hours blank.
    • AMCAS will NOT include this course work in AMCAS GPAs; however, AMCAS will include this course work in cumulative credit hour totals.
study abroad scenario 273
Study Abroad: Scenario #2

Example B: Institute for Study Abroad through Butler University with Harvard credit

  • In the Schools Attended Section, list:
    • the home institution: Harvard University
    • the U.S. or Canadian Institution sponsoring the study abroad program: Butler University
    • the study abroad program: Institute for Study Abroad – Argentina
  • In the transcript request section, provide both U.S. transcripts (Harvard and Butler). Transcript is not required for Institute for Study Abroad; select: “foreign college-independent attendance – credits transferred to a US. or Canadian institution”
  • In the Course Work section list the course work under the Foreign College (Institute for Study Abroad - Argentina) but as it appears on the sponsoring institution’s transcript (Butler University)
study abroad scenario 274
Study Abroad: Scenario #2

Example B: Institute for Study Abroad through Butler University with Harvard credit

  • If the sponsoring U.S. or Canadian institution provides letter grades (e.g., A, B, C, etc.) and credit hours convertible to semester hours for each course on their transcript or on an official letter attached to their transcript:
    • Enter all required course data exactly as it appears on the official transcript of the U.S. or Canadian sponsoring institution.
    • AMCAS will include this course work in AMCAS GPA.
  • If the sponsoring U.S. or Canadian institution does NOT provide letter grades other than Pass/Fail:
    • Indicate "Pass/Fail" as the Course Type and provide all other required course data, entering the transcript grade exactly as it appears on the official transcript of the U.S. or Canadian sponsoring institution.
    • AMCAS will NOT include this course work in AMCAS GPA; however, AMCAS will include this course work in cumulative credit hour totals
study abroad scenario 3
Study Abroad: Scenario #3

Courses taken independently at a foreign school (not sponsored by a U.S. or Canadian college), credit not transferred.

  • List the foreign school under "schools attended” section
  • Indicate that AMCAS does not require a transcript; select exception reason: “foreign college - independent attendance – no credits transferred to a US. or Canadian institution”
  • Courses may be listed under the foreign institution.
cegep grade 13 coursework
CEGEP/Grade 13 Coursework
  • Courses attempted at a Canadian College d'Enseignement General et Professionel (CEGEP) or through a Canadian Grade 13 Program must be listed if the credit has been transferred to a U.S. or Canadian institution using a credit hour system convertible to semester hours.
  • If CEGEP/Grade 13 course credits have NOT been transferred to a U.S. or Canadian institution, courses are not required to be listed. If you include this course work it will NOT be verified by AMCAS and will NOT be included in your AMCAS GPAs or cumulative credit hour totals.
coursework summary
Coursework Summary

This warning message does not apply

for Harvard coursework

work activities
  • A maximum of 15 experiences may be entered. Enter only significant experiences. You do not need to enter 15!
  • The only required information in this section is Type, Date, and Title. It is not required to complete contact name, contact title, e-mail etc. Include this information if it is known.
work activities80
  • Experience Type: from the drop-down menu, select experience Type that best describes each experience. You can only select one Type per experience and each experience should only be listed once. It is up to the applicant to decide which experience Type best suits each particular experience.
  • Dates: Some experience Types (presentations, poster sessions, publications) require only one date. For current experiences, check “until present”.
work activities81
  • Repeated Activities: (from year to year) List a repeated activity just once and use the space beneath the activity to show multiple dates, roles you served, or multiple awards you received in that activity.
  • Multiple Roles: If you held multiple positions in one organization, list this as one experience only, and describe your various roles within the description section.
  • Description: Use this space if the activity needs explanation, e.g. Third Rider. Limited to 1325 characters (including spaces) or 1/4 page. Use to provide information or to describe responsibilities in resume format.
work activities82

Advice from the Assistant Dean of Admissions, Weill Cornell Medical College:

  • Think carefully about which kind of experiences were really meaningful to you -- don't try to fill up space.
  • Don't repeat information in the “description” section already noted in “experience type”, “title” “organization”, etc. sections.
  • If the organization in which you participated is not well known, give a brief description followed by the role you played there, especially if it involved any type of responsibility.
work activities83
  • If you received a scholarship, fellowship or other honor that is not nationally known, describe it briefly. Don't waste space on scholarships that are awarded to half the population at the school.
  • If you list a publication, make sure it's been accepted for publication and cite it properly. If the paper is just being "prepared for submission" or "submitted," include this fact as part of the research description in the section where you listed the research activity.
work activities84
  • If listing a research experience that extends through the academic year as well as summer, use the description area to note time invested, e.g., full time during the summer, 10 hrs/week in the fall/spring).
  • If you were just a member of an organization, note how many meetings/week you attended; why you joined.
  • Remember that each experience you list is "up for grabs" if you are invited to interview. You may be asked about anything in your application.
letters of evaluation
Letters of Evaluation

AMCAS will receive your rec letters directly from your House via VirtualEvals.

There are three steps for applicants:

  • Under Letters of Evaluation, you’ll need to “add” a committee letter to let AMCAS know about the letters they are going to receive from your House Office.
  • Send Letter Request Form ID to your House Office.
  • Complete the Medical Schools section and assign the letters to each participating school.
letters of evaluation90
Letters of Evaluation
  • Select “committee letter”. All of the letters that come from Harvard are considered a single committee letter so you’ll just need to enter one.
  • For letter title, any name will do (e.g. “Harvard Committee Letter”)
  • For primary contact, use your Resident Dean’s name (or simply “Resident Dean”).
  • Now you’ll be able to access the AMCAS Letter Request Form. Email Letter ID # to your Resident Dean’s Office.
letters of evaluation91
Letters of Evaluation

Email this to your

Resident Dean’s Office

letters of evaluation92
Letters of Evaluation

schools receiving letter listed here

medical schools
Medical Schools
  • Research individual medical schools before designating them in the application. Schools cannot be removed after submission
  • Designate only program types for which you are eligible and for which the deadline has not passed.
  • If you wish to apply to both an MD and MD/PhD program at the same medical school, you must check directly with that medical school regarding the application procedure.
medical schools95
Medical Schools

type of program(e.g. MD vs. MD/PhD)

medical schools96
Medical Schools

indicates school in letters program

medical schools99
Medical Schools
  • AMCAS does not evaluate residency eligibility or citizenship status. It is the applicant’s responsibility to determine eligibility before designating a school.
  • You must indicate if you have ever previously applied to this medical school. Failure to acknowledge previous application activity will result in an investigation.
letters of evaluation100
Letters of Evaluation

Note: A few medical schools do not participate in the AMCAS Letter Program, so you won’t be able to add a LOE within AMCAS.

Don’t worry! These schools will still receive your letters from Harvard as long as your House has your list of medical schools.

  • Please refer to the OCS webpage on creating your personal statement:
  • Remember: PROOFREAD! No changes can be made after your application is submitted to AMCAS
  • You cannot run a spell check in the AMCAS application.
  • Applicants who plan to cut and paste their essays into the application should draft their essays in a text-only format, preferably in text-only word processing software, such as Microsoft Notepad. Copying formatted text into the application may result in formatting issues that cannot be edited once your application is submitted.
writing style
Writing Style
  • Follow normal writing practices regarding case - avoid use of all CAPS or all lower case.
  • After copying into application, check for extra spaces, periods, capitals, etc. in the on-screen box
  • Upon printing the application, do not worry if there are line breaks or paragraph shifts. Medical schools will receive the essay as you have entered it in the text box - not as you see on the print out.
submission processing
Submission & Processing
  • Emphasize completeness over early submission
  • Errors/typos/missing information can’t be corrected after submission
  • Early is good; error-free is better
  • Use print option to check your data
  • $160 first application
  • $32 for each thereafter

Two options for paying application fees:

    • Online Check Payment-TeleCheck
    • Online Credit Card Payment (Visa or MasterCard only)

AMCAS will not accept any offline payments, including checks/money orders or credit card information sent via mail, fax, e-mail or phone.

submission processing110
Submission & Processing
  • Begins when AMCAS receives all materials.
  • After verification against transcripts, AMCAS will inform applicants by email. Applicants should review this information for any errors, and if found, will need to contact AMCAS by using the Change Notification Process option. But first, please let Lee Ann or Jeff know so that we can follow up if needed.
submission processing111
Submission & Processing
  • Ideally, submit application and transcripts by June 30th. You should wait for your spring grades before submitting.
  • Can take up to 6 weeks for AMCAS to review and return to applicant.
  • If waiting to take MCAT later in the summer, you should still submit AMCAS Application by the end of June. You should then indicate under Standardized Tests that you plan to take a future MCAT
monitoring progress
Monitoring Progress
  • AMCAS Application Status
    • Not Submitted to AMCAS
    • Submitted to AMCAS – Waiting for Transcripts
    • Submitted to AMCAS – Ready for Review
    • Submitted to AMCAS – Under Review
    • Returned to Applicant
    • AMCAS Processing is Complete


























Only the GPA calculated and verified by AMCAS will be considered official by the medical schools. You will be able to view the AMCAS Verified GPA when your application status is “Processed by AMCAS.”


  • Semester hours for courses with an AMCAS letter grade are included in normal GPA calculations. Supplemental hours are only for courses with an AMCAS grade of
    • G (used for Advanced Placement credit),
    • L (used for CLEP credit),
    • N (used for Pass/Fail - Fail credit), or
    • P (used for Pass/Fail - Pass credit)
  • These are reported to medical schools as a total amount (i.e., 25 hours of Supplemental Credit Hours) and are not included in normal GPA calculations.
  • BCPM: biology, chemistry, physics, and math
  • All Others: all other classes not classified at biology, chemistry, physics, or math
  • HS: High School
  • FR: Freshman
  • SO: Sophomore
  • JR: Junior
  • SR: Senior
  • PBU: Post-baccalaureate Undergraduate
  • CUG: Cumulative Undergraduate GPA
  • GRAD: Graduate

/ Any course verified without correction.

X Any course verified with correction.

0 Any course listed on the Academic Record but not reflected on an official transcript; formal corrections were not required.

  • Any course listed on the Academic Record but not reflected on an official transcript; formal corrections have been made.

≠ A type of coursework not meant to be verified.

what do medical schools see
What do medical schools see?
  • The BCPM, AO, and Total GPAs and Credit Hours are divided by each year of education
  • Supplemental Hours (such as Pass/Fail or AP credits) are listed below and will not factor into the AMCAS GPA
changes after submission
Changes After Submission

AMCAS states that only the following changes are allowed after submission:

  • Required and Alternate IDs
  • Name and Contact Information
  • Sex
  • Indication of MCAT dates
  • Additional medical schools
changes after submission121
Changes After Submission
  • If you change any information (ID’s, name, contact information), you must re-certify AND re-submit your application or the medical schools will not get the update.
  • Updated information (grades, activities, awards) after submission to AMCAS, must be sent directly to individual medical schools. AMCAS will not make changes to course work that become available after your application has been processed.
changes after submission122
Changes After Submission
  • Other Changes: To address changes to Course Work made by AMCAS during the Verification process, you must submit a change request to AMCAS using the Academic Change Request option, available only after your application has completed the Verification process. Allow at least fifteen working days for AMCAS to review and/or process any change request.
withdrawing application
Withdrawing Application
  • Must enter password.
  • Cannot “un-withdraw” at anytime or re-apply for the current year, once withdrawn.
  • Cannot withdraw after application has been verified.
additional information
Additional Information
  • Contact AMCAS
  • Direct line: (202) 828-0600
  • E-mail:
  • Web Site: