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The Use of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) as both a Personal and Professional Tool in Petroleum Land Management : PowerPoint Presentation
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The Use of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) as both a Personal and Professional Tool in Petroleum Land Management :

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The Use of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) as both a Personal and Professional Tool in Petroleum Land Management : - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Use of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) as both a Personal and Professional Tool in Petroleum Land Management :. William L. Gardner, Jr. M.I.S. Geospatial Scientist GIS Data Maps Lufkin, TX. Maps and Petroleum Industry.

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Presentation Transcript

The Use of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) as both a Personal and Professional Tool in Petroleum Land Management:

William L. Gardner, Jr. M.I.S.

Geospatial Scientist

GIS Data Maps

Lufkin, TX

maps and petroleum industry
Maps and Petroleum Industry
  • Every aspect of the Petroleum Industry require accurate maps for decision making
  • Landmen require maps in all aspects of their work
    • Brokers need up to date lease maps for their client
    • Landmen need accurate maps to denote mineral from surface tracts
    • Client companies need to know who has what where, when it expires, and what portion is leased
landmen and maps
Landmen and Maps
  • The staple for landmen for years has been the Tobin® Maps
    • Even the GLO and the RRC will refer you to them for information
  • If in digital form can be color coded and updated to show lease status
landmen maps and data
Landmen, Maps, and Data
  • Today, company landmen are required to keep up with multiple larger prospect areas.
  • Mineral leases in prime areas are no longer pristine
  • Decisions have to be made regarding JOA’s, potential farm outs, and top leasing.
landmen maps and data6
Landmen, Maps, and Data
  • Client Companies are developing
    • Internet mapping programs (Web GIS)
  • They are tapping directly into the data itself
    • Online systems that are connected to central server system (RDBMS).
  • This data to them is in the form of Shapefiles that are associated with GIS
geographic information systems
Geographic Information Systems
  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS) captures, stores, analyzes, manages, and presents data that is linked to location
  • Allows you the ability to link the spatial (map) aspect to the attributes (data) to create SMART MAPS.
  • GIS works with layers of georeferenced information
georeferenced information
Georeferenced Information
  • Analysis can be:
    • Layer upon itself
    • One layer against another
    • Join or Intersect layers
    • Model
    • Plan
    • Store for future usage
the shapefile
The Shapefile
  • Is a geospatialvector data format for geographic information systems software. It is developed and regulated by ESRI as a (mostly) open specification for data interoperability among ESRI and other software products.
  • Shapefiles are simple because they store primitive geometrical data types of points, lines, and polygons. These primitives are of limited use without any attributes to specify what they represent.
the shapefile10
The Shapefile
  • .shp — shape format; the feature geometry itself
  • .shx — shape index format; a positional index of the feature geometry to allow seeking forwards and backwards quickly
  • .dbf — attribute format; columnar attributes for each shape, in dBase IV format
  • .prj — projection format; the coordinate system and projection information, a plain text file describing the projection using well-known text format
  • .sbn and .sbx — a spatial index of the features
gis software
GIS Software
  • There are multiple companies that provide or design GIS software
  • Most all these companies use the shapefile as their main data file or as an interchange file to other software companies
  • The industry leader is Environmental Sciences Research Institute (ESRI)
    • Commonly called ArcView, ArcGIS
freeware gis software
Freeware GIS Software
  • Following in the footsteps of Linux, Open Source GIS is becoming more popular
    • Quantum GIS or QGIS is a European derived freeware that was originally designed for Linux
    • GRASS (Geographic Resources Analysis Support System)was originally designed through the USACE, but its recent additions are of European decent.
fundamentals of gis landman
Fundamentals of GIS (Landman)
  • GIS allows you the ability to:
    • Have your tract of land with the important snapshot if information
    • Combine you multiple mineral owners back to that single tract of land
    • Link your lease to your mineral owner to the tract of land.
data and the client
Data and the Client
  • Staff GIS cannot keep up with the volume of data coming in
  • Client companies are requiring their main brokers the ability to supply them GIS data
    • Smaller companies and / or independents will have to prove they know what they are doing before data will be used
data and the client21
Data and the Client
  • Companies are wanting GIS tracts to be drawn by deed calls
  • Typical DB requirements include:
    • Lessee
    • Gross Acres
    • Net Acres
    • YR Lease Expired
    • Date of Expiration
data and the client22
Data and the Client
  • Data is going to have to be projected to correct coordinate system
  • If client uses a specific commercial dataset such as P2Energy, Whitestar, or HTSI
    • Sign a exclusive rights agreement
    • Cannot use that data on ANY other project
  • Investment can either be in the form of
    • Downloading freeware GIS Program such as QGIS, GRASS, or SAGA GIS
    • Purchasing commercial package such as ESRI, MapInfo, Intergraph, or Manifold GIS
  • Include adequate computer hardware, disk space, and ancillary equipment such as scanners, printers plotters.
  • Most open source or freeware GIS applications have large blog followings and good online documentation
  • There are some private companies now teaching freeware GIS classes.
  • And there is a book out now called GIS for Dummies available with CD
  • Commercial software packages have numerous tutorials and classes available both online and hardcopy.
  • Many of the larger COG’s, State Agencies (TNRIS), Community Colleges (HCC) teach GIS classes
    • Vast majority teach ESRI ArcGIS
  • Regardless of which way you go
    • Don’t expect to learn it overnight
    • Don’t expect to learn it till you actually apply it to real world scenario
    • Don’t expect to learn it till you build something from the ground up
  • Remember, you did not become a landman overnight. Don’t expect to be a Geospatial Scientist in a week.
why do i need to learn this
Why Do I Need To Learn This?
  • Professionally:
    • Mineral leasing is now 100x more competitive than it was at the beginning of this decade
    • The amount of land that is HBP is HUGE
    • Brokers in order to keep long term clients need to invest for future lease expirations.
why do i need to learn this29
Why Do I Need To Learn This?
  • Personally:
    • Landmen need to centralize and store for ready retrieval information pertinent to their profession
      • In other words, it will make your spouse happy to have the spare bedroom back and not filled with cabinets
    • This ever changing technology/environment you must increase your versatility
    • GIS is not just specific to the O&G Industry.
    • EVERYTHING can be mapped
data acquisition or purchase
Data Acquisition or Purchase
  • Federal Geo Data One Stop:
  • State Agencies:
    • Texas Natural Resource Information Systems
  • Local Government
    • County Appraisal Districts
  • Third party organizations
    • Tobin, HTSI, Whitestar.
final thought
Just as with all the other tools you use for your profession, GIS is a tool that can combine all your data into one centralized location

Once data has been correctly entered into a database and properly drawn, it can be retrieved years from now just as if it had been done yesterday

Final Thought


I would like to thank Ms. Laura Cass and the HAPL for allowing me to present at this forum

W. L. Gardner, Jr. M.I.S

GIS Data Maps

Lufkin & Houston, TX