Miracles lesson 6
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Miracles (Lesson 6). The Problem of Evil & Modern Beliefs in Miracles Mr. DeZilva – October 15 th , 2013. Recap Biblical Miracles. 3 terms that translate into Miracle? The problem with Science and Biblical Miracles? What can we take from Biblical Miracles?

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Miracles lesson 6

Miracles (Lesson 6)

The Problem of Evil & Modern Beliefs in Miracles

Mr.DeZilva – October 15th, 2013.

Recap biblical miracles
Recap Biblical Miracles

  • 3 terms that translate into Miracle?

  • The problem with Science and Biblical Miracles?

  • What can we take from Biblical Miracles?

  • What are some examples of Biblical Miracles?

Recap maurice wiles
Recap Maurice Wiles

  • “The world as a whole [is] a single act of God” – what does this mean?

  • “A God who performs miracles is not worth of worship” – what would Wiles say to this?

  • What were his beliefs on who/what God is?

  • What did he refer to miracles as? Why?

  • The problem of tragedy?

  • What would critics say to Wiles?

The problem of evil
The Problem of Evil

  • Big Question  What links are there between miracles and the problem of evil?

    •  Furthermore, what are the implications of the concept of Miracle for the problem of evil

What is the problem of evil
What IS The Problem of Evil

  • The “Problem of Evil” was first formulated by Epicurus (342-270 BC) and has been restated in various forms, such as Augustine (354 – 430).

    • “Either God cannot abolish evil, or He will not; if He cannot then He is not all-powerful; if He will not then He is not all-good

  • This say that a Good God would eliminate evil and being all powerful, he should. God has the means (power) and the motivation (love, goodness) to eliminate evil.

    • God is omnipotent. God is all-good. God opposes evil. Therefore evil does not exist in the world.

Is the problem of evil a problem
Is the Problem of Evil a Problem?

  • Arguably, the problem of Evil is really only a problem for the believer in God. If there is no God, there is no problem.

  • Why does God intervene so few times? And often in such limited situations?

Types of evil
Types of Evil

  • Moral: Arise from the responsible actions of groups and individuals who cause suffering or harm. They include such things as stealing, lying, and envy, as well as the evils of some political systems.

  • Natural: Arise from events which cause suffering but over which human being have little control, for example, earthquakes and disease.

  • Physical: Refers to pain itself and mental anguish

  • Metaphysical: Refers to imperfection of the universe.

Modern beliefs in miracles
Modern Beliefs in Miracles

  • Defenders of Miracles include Richard Swinburne

    • The fact that God is the cause of the extraordinary event is strengthened if the event occurs in answer to a prayer and if it is an act consistent with the Nature of God.

    • To salvage the law of nature requires too many ad hoc adjustments.

    • It is rational to believe that a miracle has occurred, while allowing the possibility that evidence might turn up later to show that we were “mistaken” a la, Hume.

      • “Mistaken” or “Deceived” could work both ways.

Practice exam question
Practice Exam Question

  • A Miracle is an amazing coincidence of a beneficial nature. A miracle is an event of religious significance. Discuss

    • Get into groups of 2-3 and decide on how you would go about answering this question.