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The Health and Wellbeing of . Womankind. A problem which does not go away. “Marital breakdown is the most important disease in our society”. Dr. Jack Dominian. An Epidemiological Approach. Peter Sims Professor of Public Health Medicine The School of Medicine

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Womankind l.jpg

The Health and Wellbeing of


A problem which does not go away

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An epidemiological approach l.jpg
An Epidemiological Approach society”

  • Peter Sims

  • Professor of Public Health Medicine

  • The School of Medicine

  • University of Papua New Guinea


  • Papua New Guinea

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Helen of Troy-Delilah-Mother Teresa society”

The Madonna

Mary Magdalene

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Women are often poor l.jpg
Women are often Poor society”

Poverty means

  • Lack of Resources

  • Lack of Education

  • Lack of Opportunity

  • Lack of Power

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Women are persecuted l.jpg
Women are Persecuted society”

Discrimination by

  • Religion

  • Race

  • Culture

  • Politics

  • Occupation

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Men versus women l.jpg
Men versus Women society”


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Some facts about boys in png l.jpg
Some facts about Boys in PNG society”

  • More boy babies die in the first year of life

  • Boys are more likely to be immunized

  • Boys are less likely to be malnourished

  • Boys are more likely to be taken for health care when they are ill

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Problems for women in png l.jpg

Rape society”

Sexual slavery


Unwanted fertility

Multiple childbirth

Illegal Abortion

Venereal disease

Maternal mortality

Maternal morbidity

Cervical cancer

Problems for Women in PNG

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The burden of fertility l.jpg

Contraceptive Use by 26% of the population society”

Average fertility 1960 - 6.3, 1990 - 5.1, 1999 - 4.4

Under five mortality 122/1,000

The woman devotes her life to child bearing and child rearing often in very difficult conditions.

She will experience 6 or more pregnancies, two of her children will die before they are five years old

The burden of fertility

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Women without power l.jpg
Women without Power society”

  • A slave

  • A chattel

  • A Possession or

  • An equal

  • A Partner

  • A sharer

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Some well known facts l.jpg
Some well known facts society”

  • More boy babies than girl babies are born -boys die at a faster rate

  • Women have a greater life expectancy than men

  • Men and women are equally able and intelligent

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The differences l.jpg
The Differences society”

  • Men are physically stronger than women

  • Women use more Right brain skills, aesthetic, emotional

  • Men use more

    Left brain skills, logical, deductive

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Some vital statistics in png l.jpg
Some vital Statistics in PNG society”




Life expectancy



Literacy Rate



Enrolment in secondary




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Wilt thou love her, comfort her, honour and keep her in sickness and in health; and forsaking all other, keep thee only unto her, so long as ye both shall live

Solemnization of Matrimony 1662

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