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  1. ICF Zurich Logo

  2. Serienlogo

  3. Namenseinblender MANUEL SCHMID

  4. Seiteneinblender Thatnight Jacob gotupandtookhistwowives, histwofemaleservantsandhiselevensonsandcrossedthefordofJabbok. After he hadsentthemacrossthestream, he sentover all hispossessions. ... The Bible, Genesis 32:22-30

  5. Seiteneinblender So Jacob was leftalone, and a man wrestledwithhimtilldaybreak. Whenthe man sawthat he could not overpowerhim, he touchedthe socket ofJacob’s hip so thathis hip was wrenchedas he wrestledwiththe man. ... The Bible, Genesis 32:22-30

  6. Seiteneinblender Thenthe man said, “Letmego, foritisdaybreak.” But Jacob replied: “I will not letyougounlessyoublessme.” The man askedhim, “Whatisyourname?” “Jacob,” he answered. ... The Bible, Genesis 32:22-30

  7. Seiteneinblender Thenthe man said, “Yourname will nolongerbe Jacob, but Israel, becauseyouhavestruggledwithGodandwith human beingsandhaveovercome.” ... The Bible, Genesis 32:22-30

  8. Seiteneinblender Jacob said, “Pleasetellmeyourname.” But he replied, “Why do youaskmyname?” Then he blessedhimthere. So Jacob calledtheplacePeniel (“God’sface”), saying, “Itisbecause I sawGodfacetoface, andyetmylife was spared.” The Bible, Genesis 32:22-30

  9. Seiteneinblender Aboutthree in theafternoon Jesus cried out in a loudvoice, ""Eli, Eli," "lema" "sabachthani?"" (whichmeans "MyGod, myGod, whyhaveyouforsakenme?"). The Bible, Matthew 27:46

  10. Seiteneinblender MyGod, MyGod, whyhaveyouforsakenme? Whyareyou so farfromsavingme, so farfromthewordsofmygroaning? MyGod, I cry out bydayandyou do not answer, bynight, but I find norest. The Bible, Psalm 22:2-3

  11. Seiteneinblender Yetyouareenthronedasthe Holy One; youarethepraiseof Israel. 5 In youourancestorsputtheirtrust; theytrustedandyoudeliveredthem. Theycriedtoyouandweresaved; in youtheytrustedandwere not disappointed. The Bible, Psalm 22:4-6

  12. Seiteneinblender I am poured out likewater, and all mybonesare out ofjoint. Myhearthasturnedtowax; ithasmeltedwithinme. Mymouthisdrieduplike a potsherd, andmytonguesticks on theroofofmymouth; youlayme in a dustofdeath. The Bible, Psalm 22:14-15

  13. Seiteneinblender Forhe has not despisedorscornedthesufferingoftheafflictedone; he has not hiddenhisfacefromhim but haslistenedtohiscryforhelp. Theywill proclaimhisrighteousness, declaringto a peopleyetunborn: He hasdoneit! The Bible, Psalm 22:24+32

  14. Seiteneinblender

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  16. Seiteneinblender

  17. ICF Zurich Logo

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