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Latin America – Early Civilizations of Middle America

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Latin America – Early Civilizations of Middle America - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Latin America – Early Civilizations of Middle America. The Mayan Civilization was located in Central America and Mexico. The Mayan Civilization lasted from A.D. 250 – 900.

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Copan is a Mayan city now located in present day Honduras. Tikal is also a former Mayan city, which is now located in present day Guatemala.


The concept of zero, as used in math was an important contribution from the Mayan Civilization.


The Mayan form of writing was known as hieroglyphics.

This is a form of graphic writing, using signs and symbols instead of letters, as we do.


Although the Mayan farmer grew a variety of crops, corn, known as maize was its most important crop.


The Aztec Civilization began in the Valley of Mexico. They settled on an island in Lake Texcoco, in 1325. It took time to develop, but lasted through the early 1500s.


The Aztec people were able to change a swampy lake into a great city, which was called Tenochtitlan which was its capitol city.


The floating island was noted for great farming, and the Aztecs were known for their farming skills.


In conclusion:

The Aztecs are remembered for developing hieroglyphics, medicine, designing jewelry, fine crafts and predicting eclipses.