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Cyrano Act III

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Cyrano Act III. Question 1. Why does Rageneau try to commit suicide?. His pastry shop went bankrupt. Cyrano no longer had time to be his friend. His wife, Lise , had an affair with a warrior. Great!. Now that’s using your noggin!. Click here to go to Question 2. Question 2.

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question 1
Question 1

Why does Rageneau try to commit suicide?

His pastry shop went bankrupt.

Cyrano no longer had time to be his friend.

His wife, Lise, had an affair with a warrior.


Now that’s using your noggin!

Click here to go to Question 2.

question 2
Question 2

How does Cyrano win the musicians?

He wins them on a bet.

In a card game with a group of cadets.

He won another duel.


You are really getting the hang of this!

Click here to go to Question 3

question 3
Question 3

Why is Cyrano smiling as Roxane reads the letters?

She is reciting all the words he gave to Christian.

He is thinking about a story he heard earlier in the day.

He knows the Christian copied them from a book.

way to pay attention
Way to pay attention!

You’re right!

Click here to go to Question 4.

question 4
Question 4

Why don’t they want DeGuiche to find them together?

Roxane’s true identity would be revealed.

His feelings will be hurt because he loves Roxane.

He is powerful and can take revenge.


You really know your stuff!

Click here to go to Question 5.

question 5
Question 5

Why is Roxane being purposefully ambiguous as she talks to DeGuiche?

She really loves him, but wants to tease him.

She doesn’t know that he loves her.

She wants to confuse him so Christian will stay home.

even cyrano would be proud
Even Cyrano would be proud.

Way to go!

Click her to go to Question 6.

question 6
Question 6

What does Roxane tell De Guiche to do to torture Cyrano?

She tells De Guiche to leave Cyrano at home.

Send him to battle so he will be killed.

Send him out of the country on a recovery mission.


You are quite the super star!

Click here to go to Question 7.

question 7
Question 7

How does Cyrano know what Roxane and Christian are going to talk about in order to prepare Christian?

Cyrano sends a note to her Duenna and asks.

Cyrano guesses every time.

Cyrano asks her when they are together.

oh intelligent one
Oh intelligent one,

We bow to you!

Nice job!

Click her to go to Question 8.

question 8
Question 8

Why isn’t Roxane happy with Christian saying,

“I love you.”?

She thinks he is moving too fast by saying he loves her.

Cyrano has been creating much more elaborate romantic sayings.

She realizes that she really does love De Guiche.


Keep going, your doing a great job.

Click here to go to Question 9.

question 9
Question 9

What is ironic about what Cyrano says through Christian?

Christian told him all of it beforehand.

Cyrano stole the lines from De Guiche.

It is truly how Cyrano feels about her.


…You are just fabulous.

Click here to go to Question 10.

question 10
Question 10

What does Cyrano say that should give Roxane some idea that it is really him?

Even though they have know each other for year, he truly loves her.

He remembers how she wore her hair a year ago.

He says Christian could never love her as much as he does.


You’re more than half way done!

Click here to go to Question 11.

question 11
Question 11

Why does Cyrano tell Christian to be quiet?

Cyrano think Christian will say something that will give him away.

Cyrano doesn’t want Christian interfering while he says his feelings.

De Guiche walked up to the house and Cyrano doesn’t want him to hear.

go ahead
Go ahead…

…give your self a pat on the back, your awesome!

Click here to go to Question 11.

question 12
Question 12

For what reason does the monk come to Roxane’s house?

He has come to marry Roxane and Cyrano.

He brings a note from De Guiche.

He has come to pray for the soldiers leaving for war.

you have really outdone yourself
You have really outdone yourself!

Almost finished.

Click here to go to Question 13.

question 13
Question 13

How does Cyrano confuse De Guiche and keep him from going to Roxane’s door?

He tells him a story about his last time in battle.

He pretends to be a traveler from the moon.

He duels him while reciting a ballad.


Keep it up.

Click here to go to Question 14.

question 14
Question 14

What does De Guiche do to separate the newlyweds?

He kills Christian in a duel.

He sends Roxane to live in a convent with the nuns.

He sends Cyrano and Christian to battle.

nice work
Nice work!

You have just answered all the study guide questions.

Now go back and write down the answers in your notes.

Rememberyou can use your notes on the test.

Click here to start over.

come on
Come on!

Really, have you even been awake while

we’ve been reading?

Is that the best you can do?

Try again.

Click here to go back to the last question.