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Ntuthuko. Business Transformation Programme. Hope is not a strategy. Kampala March 2014. Irene Kalema Lameck Otim V2.1. Our Value Proposition.

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Business Transformation


Hope is not a strategy


March 2014

Irene Kalema




Our Value Proposition

Ntuthuko believes that success is not a matter of faith or chance, but first and foremost the result of hard work and being open to receiving good advice.

We help entrepreneurs to transform their business in areas where outside expertise can be beneficial., focusing on the SME sector.

As such we offer practical (and proven) solutions that can be applied immediately. Our services are affordable and transparently priced.

Our approach is based on a fast-track transformation and a period of aftercare.

Your success is our success.

Uganda has one of the highest SME failure rates in the world


The SME Market at a glance

  • In Uganda the SME market is one of the largest growing business sectors at a rate of 90%;
  • This sector employs 60% of Uganda’s employees;
  • However the rate at which these businesses collapse is alarming. Out of every 100 business that startup, 30% collapse in the first year, 30% in the second and by the time they reach the 4th year, only 10% have survived.

Reasons for collapse are mostly as a result of:

  • Poor finance management especially cash management and handling;
  • Poor business management principles at a managerial level;
  • Poor or no strategic planning and supporting structures in place;
  • Failure to market themselves appropriately.

Only 1 out of 10 start-up’s makes it past 4 years.y

Based on these realizations, Ntuthuko comes in to bridge the gap.

We help businesses to achieve their full potential


M1 Financial Administration

  • The Benefits to your business
  • Access to your up-to-date financials 24/7, where ever you are;
  • Receive detailed Inventory overviews;
  • Intelligent MIS showing you what you really want to know (incl. gross and net margin per product);
  • Comprehensive Customer & Supplier overviews, enabling you to offer/ negotiate price differentiation;
  • Instant financial information leads to higher bank confidence and much easier / cheaper access to finance;
  • Cash flow pressures are inherent to every business, but to see them coming long in advance means time to develop options;


The Benefits to your business

A solid hardware platform that fits the business you’re trying to build;

Advise on internet connectivity issues, incl. routers, switches and modems;

Integration of your main platform with smart phones and/or tablets;

A cost-efficient business continuity programme (file back up’s);

Domain and email registration in line with your marketing objectives;

Installation of MS Office, customization and initial user training;

Review of email set-up and recommendation on Folders and Rules;

Templates to track IT costs;


M3 Human Resources

  • The Benefits to your business
  • Easy to understand (and to maintain)organization chart;
  • Clear JD’s for all staff;
  • Annual targets and objectives defined for key management roles;
  • Monthly performance tracking sheets;
  • Performance reward system based on BBSC methodology;
  • Annual Training plan;
  • Personnel handbook outlining the company’s policies.

M4 Marketing

  • The Benefits to your business
  • Define a clear Value Proposition for your company;
  • Suggest a cost effective marketing communication strategy;
  • Advise on your corporate branding;
  • Create (or revise) a web presence;
  • Share best practice customer service principles;
  • Advise on a 24/7 customer strategy;
  • Explain the dynamics and possibilities of social media marketing;
  • Analyse what it would take to set up an export strategy

M5 Management

  • The Benefits to your business
  • Define a clear vision and purpose for the company;
  • Equip management team with effective personal development skills that include;
  • - Negotiation
  • - Time Management
  • - Cashflow management
  • - Debt management
  • Set clear objectives and timelines to achieve the company and management goals.
  • 4. Provide tools on how to monitor and track performance against set objectives.

M6 Governance

  • The Benefits to your business
  • Execution / completion of company registration documentation;
  • Control and ownership structures
  • Audit and internal controls.
  • 4. Board formulation and execution of annual returns

Need we say more ?


Business Daily, Kenya

Feb 26, 2013


Irene Kalema


4th Floor Impala House

0414 342 953



4th Floor Impala House

0414 342 953