the mighty titanic
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The Mighty Titanic!

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The Mighty Titanic! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Mighty Titanic!. By: Elena, Malia, and Miriam. Introduction:. Have you ever heard of the ship the Titanic? It was one of the biggest ships of its time. Lots of people came onto the ship and many didn’t come off. Read our presentation to find out more!. How the Crash Happened.

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the mighty titanic

The Mighty Titanic!


Elena, Malia, and Miriam


Have you ever heard of the ship the Titanic? It was one of the biggest ships of its time. Lots of people came onto the ship and many didn’t come off. Read our presentation to find out more!

how the crash happened
How the Crash Happened
  • The Titanic was a large passenger ship travelling from England to New York.
  • It was the largest, most elegant passenger ship ever built at that time and it carried 2, 208 passengers.
  • On the crows’ nest of the ship, two sailors watched for trouble, but they did not see danger lurking.
  • Messages about the iceberg were sent to the radio room but the messages weren’t sent to the captain and crew in time.
  • Just before the Titanic hit the iceberg, a sailor in the crew rang the bell and said, “Ice berg right ahead!”
  • When the captain tried to swerve around it, the iceberg hit the middle of the ship.
  • The captain had heard and felt the ship hit the iceberg and he knew that he only had a matter of time before it sank.
  • When the Titanic hit, people moved to the back of the ship because they were scared.
  • Chunks of ice fell onto the ship when they hit the iceberg.
  • By 1:30 A.M, people could see that the ship was sinking.
  • When the Titanic sank, it was April 15, 1912 at 2:30 A.M.
  • The Titanic sank because the bottom of the iceberg was pressuring the ship and caused 6 holes in it. (Holes cause things to sink, including boats.)
  • The reason why the Titanic sank so quickly when the ship hit the iceberg is because of the 6 big holes.
why there were not enough lifeboats
Why There Were Not Enough Lifeboats
  • The original plan was for the Titanic to have 64 lifeboats, but the builders only got 32 and then they just put 16 on board because that’s all the law required.
  • They wanted more deck space, but they added 4 more lifeboats to make a total of 20 when the Titanic left the docks.
  • When the Titanic began to sink, some people refused to get on lifeboats, so people who wanted to get on were able to at first.
  • 1st and 2nd class passengers got into lifeboats a lot easier and faster than 3rd class passengers because they were closer.
  • Some people did not get on because crewmen started to say, “Women and children first.”
  • Some women did not want to leave their husbands to board the lifeboats, so they stayed on the ship.
  • Many of the lifeboats that the crew lowered down into the ocean were not full.
  • At 2:05 a.m., there was one lifeboat left and hundreds of people left on board the Titanic.
  • People were in the lifeboats for two to six hours before being rescued.
people who survived the crash
People Who Survived the Crash
  • Only 705 people survived.
  • J. Bruce Ismay, the director of the White Star Line company that created the Titanic, survived the crash but didn’t ever want to talk about the Titanic again.
  • Molly Brown was in life boat No. 6 and was famous for gathering women to take charge of that lifeboat to help people in the water.
  • Charles Joughin was a baker who survived after swimming through the freezing water for two hours before finally getting into a lifeboat.
  • Ruth Becker was a brave girl who survived the crash when she was 12 years old. She later became a teacher to help people.
  • R. Norris William was a tennis player who went to the gym when the ship was crashing and jumped into one of the last lifeboats. He later won many tennis championships.
  • More women and children survived than men because they were led into lifeboats first.
  • After the Titanic crash, new lifeboat and ship safety laws were passed to make passenger ships safer.

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