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Ms. Elmore English 8  Room 6. About Me. 1. Ms. Elmore is a proud aunt and teacher. 2. She graduated from the University of Alabama with a MA in Language Arts last month. She enjoys reading and learning new things. 4. She has two silly cats, Kino and Pixar.

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Ms. Elmore

English 8  Room 6

About me
About Me

1. Ms. Elmore is a proud aunt and teacher.

2. She graduated from the University of

Alabama with a MA in Language Arts last month.

  • She enjoys reading and learning new


    4. She has two silly cats, Kino and Pixar.

What is our class goal

What Is Our Class Goal?

1. We want to be successful.

2. We need to turn all of our procedures into routines.

3. We want to have a safe and fun class.


We rarely raise hands in this classroom.

I will use the equity cards to call on people for answers.

I will tell you when you may turn and talk with your partner.

I will tell you when you may talk freely as a group during group work.

Otherwise, you do not have permission to speak out.

This semester, you will not be warned to stop speaking out without permission. I will just write you up for defiance.

  • Classroom Guidelines

  • Write this title at the top of your first page of notes.

  • 2. These notes will be part of your first grade for this class this semester. You do not have to write down everything word. It is okay to paraphrase, to shorten, or put things in your own words.

Two keys to success in this room

1. Be Preparedby bringing all of your materials to work, by being on time for class, and by being in your seat when class begins.

2. Be Respectfulto yourself, your teacher, your classmates, and to all classroom visitors by following the rules and having a positive attitude. Negative people are hateful and no one really wants to be around them.

Two Keys to Success in this Room

Classroom rules
Classroom Rules

Do not speak without permission.

Do not get up without permission.

Do not enter or exit the room without permission.

Keep your hands and all other items to yourself.

Consequences for disregarding our rules
Consequences for Disregarding Our Rules

1st Time =

Break or PE Detention

2nd Time =

Write Up


Individual Rewards

Homework Pass

Free School Supplies

Various Prizes


Classroom Rewards

In-Class Movie


Classroom Procedures

Are you keeping up with these notes?

1. What is a rule?

Rulestell you what is expected of you and have consequences when broken.

2. What is a procedure?A procedure tells you how to do something step by step until it becomes a routine.

3. What is a routine?

A routine is doing something everyday on your own without me telling you to do it.

Example of a familiar procedure

Example of a Familiar Procedure

1. What do drivers do at a red light?

2. What do drivers do at a green light?

3.What will happen if we had no procedures

for driving on the street?

Cars would cr_________sh!

Why have procedures

Why Have Procedures?

Everyone will know what to do.

We’ll have more time to learn.

This will be a safe place.

We will make better grades.


Entering exiting the classroom
Entering/Exiting the Classroom

1. DO NOT enter the classroom if a

teacher is not present

2. Wait quietly in a line in the hallway until I give you permission to enter and go to your seat.

3. Keep the noise level down when entering or leaving the classroom.

4. Do not get up to leave until you are dismissed.

As soon as you enter class
As Soon As You Enter Class

Sit down.

Take out your pencil/pen and tablet.

Begin your Starter assignment right away. It will be written on the whiteboard, on PowerPoint, or handed to you as you enter.

1 st block agenda until labor day
1st Block Agenda Until Labor Day

Excused late
Excused Late

Hand the late pass to me, take your seat, and catch up as quickly as you can.

Unexcused late
Unexcused Late

You must report to the office and return with a tardy slip.

You must be in your seat when class begins to be counted as “on time”.

Finish class work early
Finish Class Work Early

Complete any work that you owe me.

Read a novel for your accelerated reading (AR) points. You must get at least ten points a week. This is a test grade.

Do not start socializing. It will negatively affect your grade.

During class discussions
During Class Discussions

Do Not . . .

Ask to throw something away or sharpen a pencil; do these things before class begins.

Ask to leave the room for any reason. The answer will always be NO.

Interrupt the speaker to complain about work or the temperature.

Yawn loudly, because that is rude.

Talk without permission.

  • Do . . .

  • Participate in class.

  • Be a good listener.

  • Take good notes.

Pencil sharpening
Pencil Sharpening

Always bring more than one writing utensil to class.

Sharpen your pencil BEFORE class.

Be in your seat before I begin class.

Classroom interruptions ex phone call or visitor
Classroom Interruptions (Ex: phone call or visitor)

1. Continue doing your work.

2. If you are working in a group, keep the

noise down.

Class discussions and work
Class Discussions and Work

  • Often we will work together as a class. During this time, it is your job to:

  • Participate

  • Listen to the Speaker

  • Follow Directions

Independent work
Independent Work

You will always have the

option to work alone.

Work in groups

Ask your team members for help first.

Work with a teacher (when possible).

Whatever you choose you must do it quietly without distracting others.

End of class dismissal
End of Class Dismissal

Verify that you wrote down any homework assignments.

Verify that you have all your materials. You are not allowed to re-enter the classroom if you forget something.

Clean up your space (desk & floor). I will not dismiss you if the class is not in order, and I will not grant late passes for this.

Wait quietly until I dismiss you even if the bell rings or if the next class is outside.


If you are absent
If You Are Absent

Show me your excuse. If it is an excused absence, you have two days for each day that you missed to complete work.

It is your responsibility to get your work.

You can also check our class website online. [See next slide]


I was absent on May 4 & 5. I returned to school on May 6. I have two days worth of work to make up. I have four days to turn in my work. My work is due May 10.

Class website
Class Website


My promise to you
My Promise to You

I will listen to you.

I will respect you.

I will teach you to the best of my abilities.

School rules and procedures
School Rules and Procedures

  • Food, drink, and gum are not allowed

    • You will be written up on the second offense for defiance

  • Backpacks

    • Are not allowed and are not needed in the classroom

  • Technology

    • Cell phones and media players of any kind will be sent to the office

  • Dress Code

    • Gold shirts with navy pants

    • Navy shirts with khaki pants

    • Belts, no sagging

    • Shirts must be tucked in

    • No hoods, hats, or combs

    • Only girls may wear earrings

    • Undershirts must be white