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Building a Mutually Rewarding Partnership PowerPoint Presentation
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Building a Mutually Rewarding Partnership

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Building a Mutually Rewarding Partnership
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Building a Mutually Rewarding Partnership

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  1. Building a Mutually Rewarding Partnership D.B.Trucking is committed to Safe, Reliable and Timely Petroleum deliveries.

  2. Our Mission

  3. History D.B. Trucking was established in 1974 by its former owner, Paul De Natale. Paul De Natale began as a two truck lease operator, transporting petroleum products out of Pt. Everglades located in Fort Lauderdale, Fl.Mid 1978: D.B. Trucking established itself, through a contractual agreement, as a fleet operator with Redwing Carriers. D.B. Trucking operated in this manner until 1984. Redwing Carriers realized that D.B. Trucking's dedication to customer service and positive leadership warranted representation as a fleet operator in the South Florida petroleum market. Redwing Carriers backed this with a ten year contract.From 1984 to 1994: D.B. Trucking operated under contract as a fleet operator for Redwing Carriers. Exclusively from the Palm County's, west to Naples and south to Key West.1994: Redwing Carriers was abolished by its foreign parent company and contractual agreements were not renewed.From 1994 to 1998: D.B. Trucking remained and continued to provide service to its South Florida customers with the same excellence and dedication as in the past.

  4. History Continued In May of 1998, Paul De Natale decided to retire from his life long dedication to serving Port Everglades. At that time, Daniel Marando formed MJD Trucking, Inc. and continued with the family business. MJD Trucking maintained the same quality of service known throughout Port Everglades. Daniel Marando was backed with Fifteen years of experience in the industry. Working in the direct supervision of Paul De Natale, the transition was unnoticed. Presently, MJD Trucking Inc. d/b/a DB Trucking celebrate its 36th year as a leader in the Petroleum delivery business. Expanding across the State of Florida with a presence in all major markets. (Tampa, Orlando/Taft and Port Everglades Markets)Our dedication to safety, health and the environment is measured and recognized by our customers. Annually, DB Trucking has been awarded the ExxonMobil Global “Hauler of the Year” representing North America since 2005. DB Trucking management and the dedicated delivery employees are proud to be a part of the very best in our industry.

  5. Terminals / Range / Fleet Size DB Trucking employment roster consist of 80 dedicated men and women. The Port Everglades Terminal has 20 Petroleum Tanker units operating from Vero Beach south to Key West and west to Naples / Ft. Myers. Tampa Terminal has 10 Petroleum Tanker units operating from Gainesville south to Ft. Myers and east to Orlando. DB Trucking has a presence in the Tampa / Orlando / Pt. Everglades markets. We have the flexibility to deploy our assets as needed per customer demand and availability in any market. Flexibility affords us to be reactive to market fluctuation. Product or weather related shortages.

  6. D.B. Trucking Accomplishments Petroleum Hauler - Florida Markets since 1974 2004: Set up Tampa Facility (Expansion) Provided Hurricane Relief Fuel Support Nationwide Route Card System (Internet) DB Trucking United States Hauler of the Year ExxonMobil Representative: Global Hauler of the Year 2005 EM Global Hauler of the Year 2006 EM Hauler of the Year 2008 EM November 2006 - Awarded second 5 Year Term Agreement (ExxonMobil) 7 Dedicated Units – Servicing since 1999 June 2007 - Awarded 3 Year Term Agreement (Shell Oil / Motiva) 7 Dedicated Units – Servicing since 1978

  7. D.B. Trucking Strengths and Goals Working closely with all of our customer's requirements, DB has developed the following strengths to meet your requirements. • Dedicated and experienced drivers. • Management staff that has been in the Industry and leadership position for over 20 years. • Improved overall driver training techniques to meet customer satisfaction. • Modern and state of the art equipment. • Soft ware that meets the business standard and is formatted to meet customers requirements.

  8. Our Commitment A Partnership with our Customer is driven by: • Mutual trust and respect • Delivering measurable value • Understanding and quickly resolving gaps and challenges • Sharing and communicating ideas • Being pro-active and efficient • Delivering customer satisfaction • Exceeding our customers expectations

  9. Solutions That Deliver Value D.B. Trucking offers a variety of proven solutions that can be customized to address any specific customer needs: • Timely implementation of new requirements • Full integration with existing business systems • Modern Tractor Equipment equipped with GPS tracking system (Teletrac) • Audit tools that capture performance • Enhanced driver observations and training • Flexibility to meet our customer ever changing requirements or needs. • Station Inventory Management System (SIMS)

  10. Solutions That Deliver Value • Route Card System: Internet based system • ExxonMobil Route Card – Baton Rouge / Chalmette /Charlotte / Chesapeake / Memphis / Nashville / Richmond / Taft / Tampa / Pt. Everglades : Maintained via Internet • Inventory management: Software designed to poll individual sites daily or hourly as needed. Real Time Inventory • Keep full logic and forecasting currently in use. • Order placement and delivery confirmation via email • Delivery confirmations scanned daily and delivered to customer as requested / scheduled

  11. Dedicated Equipment

  12. Inventory

  13. D.B. Trucking Employee Benefit Package • Competitive salary • Sign on bonuses • Retention bonus pay package • Daily safe delivery bonuses • 401 Savings plan • Hospitalization / Life and Dental Plans • Paid holidays • Paid vacation • Flexible schedule choices • Paid laundered uniform services

  14. Safety Solutions that will deliver measurable value and aid in closing gaps that prevent issues: • Complete analysis of recent incidents shared with all drivers at monthly safety meeting. • Evaluation of each drivers skills and ability to follow procedures annually. • Completed the new enhanced Smith System Training in all terminals. • Conduct frequent unannounced driver observations. • Add reminder stickers to all waybills, and focus on any noticed behavior changes.

  15. D.B. Trucking Safety Tools

  16. Thank You For Your Time and Interest in a Partnership with DB Trucking