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Video Game animation

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Video Game animation - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Video Game animation. Kirsten Stevens. Video Games rock!. From Nintendo to Sega, all video games are unique and fun to play!. They offer a fantastic story line, cool graphics, awesome characters, and more!. So How does it work?. Create a story. Telling a Story.

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video game animation

Video Game animation

Kirsten Stevens

video games rock
Video Games rock!
  • From Nintendo to Sega, all video games are unique and fun to play!
  • They offer a fantastic story line, cool graphics, awesome characters, and more!
telling a story
Telling a Story
  • One of the most important components of a video game is an engaging story.
  • You need a fun and attention drawing plot in order to persuade the game company to take up your idea.
  • Game creators will include a storyboard typically showcasing their main characters or the setting.
your crew
Your crew


  • Concept Artist: draws out ideas for character, weapon, or setting design. (Rough sketches only)
  • Level Designer: creates maps and deals with lighting and interior texture of the game for consistency.
  • Modeler: Takes the Concept Artist’s work and turns it into a 3d image for the game.
  • Texture Artist: gives the artwork for the game the right colors and design.
  • Creature Setup Technician: in charge of turning the character model into a digital puppet for later animation.
  • Animator: gives character the ability to move.
  • Programmer: integrates important functions for the game to work
  • Manager: in charge of making sure the game project is on the right track in regards to meeting certain deadlines.
  • Web Designer: creates promotions for websites and commercials to gain interest in the future game.
motion capturing video games
Motion Capturing Video Games
  • Motion Capturing came out in the mid 90’s and has been used countlessly in films. Recently, video game companies have began to use it to make their games more realistic.
  • The company will take actors/actresses and have them act out certain scenes of the game while wearing motion capturing suits.
  • Once the movement is captured, it is then taken back to the animation team to construct the rest of the design of the character.
  • Video games that have used motion capturing technology include: Beyond Two Souls, Batman: Arkham Origins, Tomb Raider, Resident Evil, and more! 3


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