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Terence Vincent Powderly. Dude! Check out that ‘stache!. By: Kale Drost. Timeline Early Childhood. 1869. 1863. 1866. Jan 22, 1849. 1862. Apprenticed to the mechanist trade. Employed by Delaware and Hudson Railroad. Born. Employed at the D.L.&W. Company in the Locomotive shop.

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Terence vincent powderly

Terence Vincent Powderly

Dude! Check out that ‘stache!

By: Kale Drost

Timeline early childhood
Timeline Early Childhood




Jan 22, 1849


Apprenticed to

the mechanist trade

Employed by

Delaware and

Hudson Railroad


Employed at the


Company in the

Locomotive shop

Employed by

Delaware and

Hudson Railroad


Scranton, PA

  • Born January 22, 1849 in Carbondale, Pennsylvania

  • Family

  • Sickness

  • School

  • Views


  • “Seven is an age that entitled me to be reasonable; seven is the age of reason in some, while one hundred and seven would be about right for others.”

    - Powderly on his self described maturity.

Jobs as a teen
Jobs as a Teen

Delaware and Hudson Railroad

Car Examiner

  • Mechanist Trade

  • Locomotive Shop



Unfortunately she died in 1901

  • In 1872 Terence Powderly married Hanna Dever in 1872.

Midlife jobs
Midlife Jobs

  • L.I.&C. employee

  • Dicson Company at Cliff Works employee

  • Mayor of Scranton

Knights of labor
Knights of Labor

  • Joined 1876

  • Sworn in 1874

  • Corresponding Secretary

  • Elected General Worthy Foreman of the Order in January of 1879


  • Pro Labor

  • Eight Hour Work Day

  • Fair Pay

  • Sunday a non-work day because of the Sabbath

Knights of labor1
Knights of Labor

  • Membership up from 80,000-700,000

  • Controversy and Leadership Deterioration main causes for loss of power.

  • Grand Master Workman of the Knights of Labor until 1893.

  • 1894 Expelled from Knights of Labor

  • 1900 Reinstated as a member.


“We are breaking up the idea that money makes the man and not moral worth. We are breaking up the idea that might makes right... We are breaking up the practice of employing little children in factories, thus breeding a race of deformed, ignorant, and profligate?”

Old man jobs
Old Man Jobs

  • Member of the bar in Scranton, practiced before the Supreme Court of PA.

  • Got the right to practice before the Supreme Court of the U.S.

  • Commissioner General of Immigration, (removed by Theodore Roosevelt on July 2, 1902).

  • Special Representative of the Department of Commerce and Labor.

  • Chief of the Division of Information in the Bureau of Immigration

Fun fact
Fun Fact

  • Powderly viewed immigrants negatively even though he worked for many different immigration companies.


  • Terence Vincent Powderly Died on June 24, 1924, in Washington, DC.

  • Powderly was able to influence the power of labor in the United States, and is currently featured in the Department of Labor’s Labor Hall of Fame.


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