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Industry Snapshot 2016 PowerPoint Presentation
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Industry Snapshot 2016

Industry Snapshot 2016

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Industry Snapshot 2016

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  1. Industry Snapshot 2016

  2. A cross-platform medium • Local newsbrands, in print and online, are among the UK’s most popular media, reaching 40 millionpeople every week • 28 million frequently (4-5 times+ a week) read local media via print, online or through an app • The total audited print weekly circulation of local media is approximately 34.7 million (Local Media Works 2016) Source: JICREG (April 2015), GB TGI Q4 2015/ LMW

  3. Of the 40 million, the reach is split Cross-platform 39.6m Source: JICREG (April 2015)

  4. Local newsbrands social split E 8.7% B D 24.5% 15.1% C1 ABC1 45.7% 26.6% C2 A 20.7% 4.4% Did you know: 12.8mof the ABC1 population reads a local newspaper Source: GB TGI Q4 2015

  5. Read by a variety of ages 15-24 65+ 25-34 Did you know: Local newspapers reach more 15-24 year-olds than commercial radio 35-44 55-64 45-54 Source: GB TGI Q4 2015

  6. Key decision makers read local 65% of local readers believe adverts in their local paper help them make decisions £ 59% of local readers are chief income earners 2.4 million local readers believe advertising helps them choose what to buy Did you know: 32%of all main shoppers read a local newspaper Ninety per cent of people are proud of the area they live in. Source: GB TGI Q4 2015/ (Consumer Catalyst, Think Media)

  7. A loyal audience 6.4m 39% rely on local newspapers to keep them informed 23% who read a newspaper most days read a local would not change the local newspaper they read 20m Read their newspaper to find what’s happening locally Did you know: 19%of local readers (3m) are heavy newspaper readers (7.1+ hours per week) Source: GB TGI Q4 2015

  8. Advertising locally 4.2 local readers pay most attention to adverts million 26% of local newspaper readers notice ads in local newspapers/magazines million 5.2 million Look for a bargain in local first Source: GB TGI Q4 2015

  9. An action medium Of those local readers who see a promotion: • 54% use coupons/vouchers • 83% speak to others about products/services • Readers are more than twice as likely to act on the ads in local media than those on TV and social media • Local media advertising generates an incremental 30 per cent of revenue for retailers. • Local media advertising has a 7:1 return on investment ratio for retailers. Source: GB TGI Q4 2015/ Think Media/ Archant Prove It!

  10. Newsbrands online • 80% of local media consumers agree that the local media website is an essential source of news and information • 50% believe that advertising and brands featuring on local media websites are trustworthy, compared to 42 per cent  for national news sites ,41 per cent for portals and 23 per cent for social media. • 70% of local media consumers agree that the content on local media websites is trustworthy Traffic to local newspaper websites rose by a third over 2015. Digital ad spend in local media is forecast to grow faster than other published media - behind only video on demand out of all sectors measured Did you know: Fifty-one per cent of local media site users took an action as a result of seeing an advertisement in the last month Source: GB TGI Q4 2015, Comscore/ 1XL/ ABC

  11. SME’s • Forty-five per cent of SME owners who consider themselves to be digitally savvy advertise in print. • Twenty-eight per cent of digitally savvy SME owners say print supports the business and brand perception.  Source:MTM Johnston Press 2015

  12. Local newsbrands – A catalyst for consumers Readers are more than twice as likely to act on ads in local media than ads on TV and social media. Local media – in print and online – is the most effective combination for driving consumer action. Local media is nearly four times more trusted to provide relevant information about the local area than commercial TV and radio. Source: Local Media Works, Consumer Catalyst (2014)

  13. JICREG What is Jicreg? - Audience currency for Local Newsbrands in print and online Who uses it? - Media agencies, publishers, sales houses and advertisers Why? - It’s Independent, trusted, transparent and agreed by an industry board who all have input What does it provide? – Audiences by demographic at postcode sector level across print and digital How can it help you? – Accountability and credibility to the sales proposition, demonstrating how many people are exposed to the advertising message, who they are and where they live

  14. Contact Justin Fenton ( for more information  Local Media Works, 2nd Floor, 292 Vauxhall Bridge Road, London, SW1V 1AE T: +44 (0)20 7963 7200 W: