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Today’s Technology for Winning Sales Presentations and Proposals PowerPoint Presentation
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Today’s Technology for Winning Sales Presentations and Proposals

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Today’s Technology for Winning Sales Presentations and Proposals - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Today’s Technology for Winning Sales Presentations and Proposals. Kym Harrington . Sales Process . Sales Process is like a Recipe, tells you step by step what you need to do to get a certain outcome Target the Right Prospects Direction how to Qualify Prospects

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Presentation Transcript
sales process
Sales Process

Sales Process is like a Recipe, tells you step by step what you need to do to get a certain outcome

  • Target the Right Prospects
  • Direction how to Qualify Prospects
  • Provide steps to help uncover your clients needs and requirements
  • Provide Evidence
  • Propose and Close
sales methodology
Sales Methodology
  • Sales Methodology
    • Icing on the cake
    • Bolt the Methodology to Process
      • SPIN Selling
      • SNAP Selling
      • Customer Centric Selling
Customer Buy Cycle

Sales Process


Determine the CBI


Verify the CBI

Create the Vision




  • Awareness Phase
      • Growing awareness of problem, need or goal
  • Exploration of possibilities
      • Web Search, LinkedIn, Twitter, word of mouth
      • short list based on research and ease of process
  • Understand Alternatives
      • Status Quo
      • Internal Changes
      • Outside Involvement
  • Evaluate vendors
why selling not changing is a problem
Why Selling Not Changing is a Problem!
  • Marketing & Selling Costs are growing faster than Revenue
  • Less than 50% of Sales Reps are making their annual Quota
  • 75% of new products launches fail to meet initial expectation
introduction call
Introduction Call
  • Engage in Conversation
    • Plan questions ahead of time
    • Make them provocative so your client has to think
  • Focus on Challenges
    • Not your product or services
  • Suggest Next Steps
    • Meeting to discuss in greater detail
    • Get other key decision makers involved in the next call
    • Share Outcomes
  • LinkedIn, OneSource, Zoom Info, Twitter
    • Gain an understanding of the Organization
    • Research your contact
    • Understand their industry trends
    • Follow them
qualification call
Qualification Call
  • Understand current situation
  • Impact to the business
  • What is their vision of better
  • Why now?
  • Who cares?
  • What happens if they do nothing?
  • Understand your Audience
      • CEO
      • VP Sales
      • CFO
  • Next step proof meeting
  • Conference Call Services
    • Instant Conference
    • Rondee
    • Free Conference
    • Free Conference Call
    • Skype
  • Align your solution to their problem, need and goal
  • Show them what better looks like
  • Online demo or face to face meeting
online meeting technology
Online Meeting Technology
    • 10 pplFree
    • Pro 250 ppl$19 month
    • Infinite 1000 ppl $35 month
    • Vyew(Ad support) 10 ppl Free
    • WebEx 25 ppl $49 month
    • Go To Meeting 25 ppl$49 month
    • Click Meeting 80 ppl $30 month
  • Google+Hangouts
best practices for online meetings
Best Practices for Online Meetings
  • Arrive 10 minutes early
  • First 7 minutes is the most important
  • Reduce Corporate Overview to one slide
  • Turn call into a discovery session or reconfirm their CBI’s, needs and goals.
  • Replace product overview to case studies slides
  • Hand control to audience
onsite meetings best practices
Onsite Meetings Best Practices
  • Confirm who will be attending. Will all stakeholders and decision makers be in attendance?
    • Should others be invited to attend?
  • Equipment
    • Access to internet
    • Do you need a projector
  • Leave Behinds
    • Handouts that address their current situation, how your organization or solution will help them solve their problem.
presentation technology
Presentation Technology
  • Powerpoint Slides
  • Brain Shark
  • Go Animate
  • SlideRocket
  • Prezi
winning proposals
Winning Proposals
  • Best in Class Proposal:
      • Cover Letter
      • Cover Page
      • TOC
      • Executive Summary
      • Current Situation
      • Understanding of their Goals
      • Clearly align your solution with their goals, needs
      • Pricing
      • About your Company
      • Contract
proposal review
Proposal Review
  • Proposal Review
    • Never throw a proposal over the fence and expect to close a deal
    • Online Meeting to review elements of proposal and discuss the outlined pricing
    • Address concerns
    • Approval process
proposal technology
Proposal Technology
  • Qvidian Proposal Automation
    • Quickly create persuasive proposals
  • Sales Element
    • Reduces the time to write, edit and format proposals
  • Paperless Proposals
    • Deliver electronic proposals
    • Built in tracking and reporting
  • Docusign
    • Track the entire sign off process

Kym Harrington

SalesEdge LLC

888.577.7382 ext. 728