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Fiduciary. Video. Fiduciary Structure. Managing Executive. Marcel de Klerk. Executive Assistant. Mac Mokoena. Manager (Business Performance & Product Development). National Manager (Wills Services). Head Consulting (Pensions, New Business & Health Care).

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Presentation Transcript

Fiduciary Structure

Managing Executive

Marcel de Klerk

Executive Assistant

Mac Mokoena

Manager (Business Performance & Product Development)

National Manager (Wills Services)

Head Consulting (Pensions, New Business& Health Care)

Regional Manager (Trust Services)

Head Asset Consulting

Head Administration

Head Actuarial

Regional Manager (Coastal Region)

Regional Manager (Inland Region)

Absa Trust

Employee Benefits

Amanda Mostert

Andre Bezuidenhout

Cobus Strydom

Johan Swanepoel

Derek Mabin

Johan Gouws

Riaan Botha

Vanya Terblanche

Dawie Buys


Human Resources


EB Advisory (Retailisation)

Neels Boshoff

Mpho Pholokgolo

Galeboe Modisapodi

Jacques Erasmus

Absa trust customer value proposition
Absa Trust – Customer Value Proposition

Absa Trust Limited is a registered Trust Company and provides a comprehensive range of fiduciary products and services to facilitate the creation and management of wealth for customers and their families. The company’s core business is the offering of Estate and Trust Administration Services. The inflow of assets under management are being acquired through the offering of the following fiduciary products and services:

Absa trust customer value proposition1
Absa Trust – Customer Value Proposition

Estate Planning

  • Estate Administration Services

  • Wills Services

Trust Administration and related services

Absa Trust’s Estate Planning Specialists construct and implement plans to minimise estate duty and income tax while maximizing asset values. Absa Trust’s expertise in these matters is utilised in full to provide clients with peace of mind in the knowledge that their affairs are in professional hands. Distribution are being enabled to offer these services to their customers through knowledge transfer.

Absa Trust drafts Wills which, in most cases, include the nomination of Absa Trust as executor of the estate. The service includes the safekeeping of the Will and periodic reviews. The Will as product is the main business driver that will ultimately result into assets under administration. Wills Services only contributes 7.2% of revenue YTD.

The service includes the complete administration of each client’s estate in accordance with the instructions stated in the Will. While the majority of estates are for clients who nominated Absa Trust as executor in their Wills, the company also administers Dative or Agency estates. This source of business is of critical importance to the company due to the fact that it results into direct income for estates business. Estate administration service is the main contributor of revenue that equates to 52.1% YTD

Absa Trust offers clients a comprehensive range of trustee functions. There are several types of trusts, including Testamentary, Inter Vivos / living, Employee benefit Trusts / Beneficiary Funds, Third-party, Medical and Life Policy trusts as well as Agencies and Curatorship's. Trust Services contributes 37.8% to revenue YTD.

Key Competencies

High Net Worth

Customer Value Proposition

Target Market

Delivery Channels

Strategic Partnership

Key Competencies


Customer Value Proposition

Target Market

Delivery Channels

Strategic Partnership

The eb offering


The EB Offering


Trustee advisory (EB Consulting)

Contribution collection

Consulting and Advisory

Investment mandates

Investment administration

Maintenance of member records

Asset consulting / management

Payments of member benefits

Health care consulting

Annual Financial Statements

EB member advisory channel

Pension Payroll


Secretarial and legal

Actuarial and regulatory returns

The eb offering1


The EB Offering




The eb offering2


The EB Offering

Consultants (EB, asset, health)

Advisors (retailisation)

Absa Trust Strategic intent for 2013: Themes and Focus Areas

Increase and protect our income

To focus on the growing of new business, to optimise distribution capacity, to increase profitability and excel on execution:

  • Implementation of the AFS Non-Advise model

  • Ensure AFS & Trust Distribution and support the Absa Trust business objectives

  • Embed new distribution channels – Home loans and Business Bank via Keystone)

  • New approach to Agency Estates

  • Prevent income leakages / review fees

  • Develop alternative distribution channels - internet

Optimise business efficiencies, reduce costs and limit losses

To continuously improve our business efficiencies and controls:

  • Deep dive initiatives and implementation thereof

  • Wills end to end process / further automation

  • LEAN optimisation with Estate Services

  • RCA embedment

  • MI & Productivity

Absa Trust Strategic intent for 2013: Themes and Focus Areas

Customer experience (Easy To Do)

Deepen the understanding of customers in order to ensure competitiveness and consistent customer experience:

  • Customer insight

  • Implement and maintain CSM customer action plans per product area

  • Service + Emotional pillars

People & Culture

Build a visionary culture for Absa Trust in order to establish a collective ownership and to create a meaningful work life experience for all stakeholders:

  • Talent, succession planning & Transformation

  • Drive Value Based Leadership

  • Learning & Development

  • Clarification & implementation of Area Sales Managers role

  • Meaningful work life

EB 2013 Priorities


Risk, control, and governance


Stop, Fix, and Grow profit (Protect and grow revenue)




Fix basics/engine room – automation, differentiation, and segmentation


People – Recruitment, learning and development, and leadership

EB 2013 Priorities

Supporting initiatives