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Valeria Vega . Camila Donoso. Who is the president of the United States of America?. Barack Obama. Osama Vin Laden . Barack Osama. 0 Cynthia Viteri. GREAT! CONTINUE. Which was Marylin Monroe’s real name ?. Jessica Samantha Becker. Norma Jeane Baker. Anabella Courie.

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Valeria vega

Valeria Vega

Camila Donoso

Valeria vega

Who is the president of the UnitedStates of America?

Barack Obama

Osama Vin Laden

Barack Osama

0Cynthia Viteri

Valeria vega

WhichwasMarylinMonroe’s real name?

Jessica Samantha Becker

Norma Jeane Baker

Anabella Courie

Michelle Caroline Jones

Valeria vega

Who is the woman in the onedollarcoin?


Alikka Weyen

America Folloke

Salma Yerneh

Valeria vega

Whoprovedlaw of gravity?

Albert Einstein

Inmanuel Kant

Adam Smith

Issac Newton

Valeria vega

Whocreated the film Rwanda Hotel?

Keir Preston

Terry George

Caroline Aniston

Tim Burton

Valeria vega

Towich band thissongbelongsto: BohemianRapsody

The Beatles

Beach Boys

Bee Gees


Valeria vega

Howdid Cleopatra died?


By a snake bite


Murdered by Julio Cesar

Valeria vega

Which animal wasadoredby the egyptians?





Valeria vega

Whosaid : Although the world is full of suffering, it is full also of the overcoming of it.

Hellen Keller

Alanis Morrison

Jennifer Shelliones

Miranda Soollenswell

Valeria vega

Who won the 1994 FifaWorld Cup





Valeria vega

Whichwas the official 1998 World Cup song

Waka Waka

Hips don’t Lie

Grito mundial

La copa de la vida

Valeria vega

Whowrote the book, Minutos?

Paulo Coello

William Shakespeare

Matt Groening

Willy Wonka

Valeria vega

Whocreated the song ‘’Persiana Americana’’

Marc Anthony

Fanny Lu

Soda Estereo

Tiziano Ferro

Valeria vega

What is the real name of Papa Benedicto XVI

Joseph Alois Ratzinger

Francesco Totti

Danika Rusbianian

Mikello Russo

Valeria vega

What is the tipicaldishfrom Brazil?

Fritada con mote




Valeria vega

You Lose!