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Student Health Insurance. UK Student Insurance Coordinators Melynda Burke UK Graduate School Emily Duncan University Health Service. What is a Funded Graduate Student?. Each semester students must be: Enrolled in the Graduate School Degree-seeking

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Student health insurance

Student Health Insurance

UK Student Insurance Coordinators

Melynda Burke

UK Graduate School

Emily Duncan

University Health Service

What is a funded graduate student
What is a Funded Graduate Student?

Each semester students must be:

  • Enrolled in the Graduate School

  • Degree-seeking

  • In UK payroll with an assignment as a full-time TA, RA, GA (20 hrs. per week), or qualifying institutional fellowship recipient* *or a full combination of these positions

    Only the Graduate Funding Office can verify eligibility for fully-funded status.

As a funded student how do i sign up
As a funded student, how do I sign up?

  • Qualified funded graduate students are automatically enrolled—the entire process is designed to be hassle -free

  • There are no forms or paperwork to complete

  • Address is obtained from MyUK account – make sure this is current

What if i am not a funded graduate student
What if I am not a funded graduate student?

  • Voluntary Purchase: Identical coverage for domestic students is available for purchase online The plan is $1,882 per year. Payment plans are available.

  • International Students: Insurance coverage for international students is mandatory. The fee for the premium is automatically applied to your student bill. The charge for fall semester is $661. The charge for spring/summer will be $1,221.

As a funded international student when will my insurance charge be paid
As a funded international student, when will my insurance charge be paid?

  • After your eligibility as a funded graduate student is confirmed by the Graduate Funding Office, the premium is then paid.

  • Allow one month after the first day of classes for processing each semester. In the event of a processing delay on the Graduate School’s part; you will not be responsible for late fees incurred.

When does coverage begin
When does coverage begin?

  • The insurance year is broken into only two parts:

    • Fall: 08/26-12/31

    • Spring/Summer: 01/01-08/25

  • Assistantships starting in the summer would not qualify for funded coverage until August 26th.

Plan brochure schedule of benefits
Plan Brochure Schedule of Benefits

1 fundamental to understand about the plan structure
#1 fundamental to understand about the plan structure:

  • This policy is a PPO: preferred provider organization.

  • UK clinic and hospital physicians are the in-area preferred providers.

  • You can incur significantly higher costs away from UK.


Amount you must satisfy before your insurance will pay for any covered service.

  • $0 at UK Providers

  • $500 at United Providers

  • $1,000 at Out-of-Network Providers


Percentage of bill you pay based upon the provider network.

  • 10% at UK

  • 25% at United Providers

  • 40% at Out-of-Network

Prescription benefit
Prescription Benefit

  • Copays based upon provider network and drug tier

  • For drug tiers information:

    • See Prescription Drug List (PDL) available at, login to “My Account”

    • Call 1-855-828-7716 or the number on your health ID card

  • Contraceptives covered:

    • Tier 1 contraceptives covered at 100%

    • To locate $0 cost-share contraceptives

      • Login to “To My Account” at

Preventive care
Preventive Care

  • Preventive care services and screenings based upon member group and UK and In-Network Providers:

    • For a complete list of preventive services see:

    • Also see, Preventive Care FAQs at:

Emergency room care
Emergency Room Care

If you are unsure if your condition is an emergency, call United Health care 24 Nurse Advice Line.

855-383-7875, PIN 722

UHS also has a Phone Nurse Line during business hours.

859 – 323-INFO (4636)

  • Most insurance plans, including your UK Student Health Insurance plan, have guidelines for what is payable in hospital emergency rooms.

  • Your insurance will not pay for services received in the Emergency Room if you do not have an emergency medical condition as defined in your plan brochure.

Other policy features
Other policy features...

  • Dependent coverage - if insured on the plan, you can purchase coverage with qualifying dependents at

  • Travel assistance – provided by Academic Emergency Services including:

    • Medical evacuation, medical referral, lost luggage, travel information, visa, passport, and inoculation requirements.

  • UnitedHealth Allies Discount card - savings of 10% to 25% at the point-of-service for dental and vision care, as well as health and wellness products.

    • For details, Log in to to download the member handbook, and locate providers and learn more about each savings opportunity. The discount program is not insurance and is provided by OptumHealth as a value-added benefit.

Vision exam
Vision Exam

  • One routine vision exam per policy year

    • Note – Deductibles apply away from UK

How will i receive policy information
How will I receive policy information?

  • Create account in your United “My Account”

    • Email from

  • System includes:

    • ID Cards

    • Claim letters

    • EOB statements

Policy information
Policy Information……

All the tools you will need are available 24 hours a day at:

  • Read the plan brochure

  • Search for health care providers in the national network when away from UK

  • Purchase coverage for yourself and/or your dependents

  • Print or request replacement ID cards

University Health Service

University Health Service is located at 830 S. Limestone Street, directly south of the Kentucky Clinic and in front of the Wethington Building

Who can use uhs
Who can use UHS?

  • Full-time students are assessed the health fee with their mandatory fees and tuition.

  • Summer coverage available with optional health fee or on a fee for service basis.

  • Year round health fee available for some programs. (Medicine, Dentistry, MBA (1 year), PT post doc.)

    2013-2014 Health Fee: $175/semester

Services at uhs
Services at UHS

  • Health fee provides unlimited visits with the medical staff

    • Primary care

    • Women’s care

    • Behavioral health

    • Urgent care

    • Health education & promotion

  • Many services payable at 100%

Uhs providers
UHS Providers

  • 11 Physicians

    • Board certified in family practice, internal medicine, emergency medicine, medicine-pediatrics, psychiatry, occupational and sports medicine.

  • 6 Nurse Practitioners

    • Certified in family medicine, women’s health and psychiatry.

  • 1 Dietician

  • 2 Certified Health Educators

Clinic hours
Clinic Hours

Monday – Friday: 8:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.

Saturday: 9:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m.

Summer and when school is not in session:

Monday – Friday

8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

What if i have a claim problem or don t understand a billing statement
What if I have a claim problem or don’t understand a billing statement?

  • Get organized: Keep all billing statements and check your United “My Account” system.

  • A live customer service agent will answer during business hours at 1-800-767-0700 or go anytime to .

  • Call your insurance coordinator with questions if you are unable to resolve your claim with customer service.

Key take away facts
Key take-away facts billing statement?

  • Set up your online account in the United My Account system

  • UK’s physicians and pharmacies will help your dollars go the farthest

  • Instead of memorizing, know how to locate your resources

  • Ask questions as preparation instead of panic

For assistance
For Assistance billing statement?

Melynda Burke

Funded and International

203B Gillis Building


Emily Duncan

Voluntary, J-Scholars, and Continuation

UHS 245

Questions ? billing statement?