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Future Vision Global Grants

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Future Vision Global Grants. Objective. Understand The Rotary Foundation’s new global grant-making model. Two Grant Types. District grants are block grants made to districts to support smaller projects locally and internationally.

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future vision global grants

Future VisionGlobal Grants

District 5160 2011 Assembly


Understand The Rotary Foundation’s new global grant-making model.

District 5160 2011 Assembly

two grant types
Two Grant Types
  • District grants are block grants made to districts to support smaller projects locally and internationally.
  • Global grants support larger projects with sustainable, high-impact outcomes in one of the six areas of focus.

District 5160 2011 Assembly


Global Grants support large international activities with sustainable high-impact outcomes in one or more of the six areas of focus and have a long-term impact. Clubs and districts can either create their own activities or sponsor packaged global grants

District 5160 2011 Assembly

global grants
Global Grants
  • Activities must be sustainable and measurable
  • Respond to real community needs
  • Must be sponsored by two Rotary clubs: a host and a international
  • Both partners must be actively involved in the planning and implementing of all Global Grants

District 5160 2011 Assembly

areas of focus
Areas of focus
  • Peace and conflict prevention
  • Disease prevention and treatment
  • Water and sanitation
  • Maternal and child health
  • Basic education and literacy
  • Economic and community development

District 5160 2011 Assembly

types of activities
Types of activities
  • Humanitarian projects
  • Scholarships
  • Vocational training opportunities

District 5160 2011 Assembly

global grant financing
Global Grant Financing
  • Rotarian Cash Contributions
  • District Designated Fund
  • Rotary Foundation World Fund
  • Non- Rotarian cash contributions (not sent to or matched by the Foundation)

District 5160 2011 Assembly

financing guidelines
Financing Guidelines
  • Cash contributions must come from or be raised by Rotarians
  • Funds cannot be raised from beneficiaries in exchange for receiving the grant
  • Funds cannot come from other TRF grants

District 5160 2011 Assembly

foundation funding
Foundation Funding
  • The minimum Foundation award amount is $15,000
  • Minimum total financing of $30,000
  • Based on a 100 percent match of DDF and/or a 50 percent match of cash contributions  

District 5160 2011 Assembly

financing example
Financing Example
  • Proposed Budget $124,000
  • Rotarian CashHost Club (where project is) $2,000International Club $10,000Other clubs, fundraisers and individuals $30,000 Rotarian Cash $42,000

District 5160 2011 Assembly


Financing Example

  • District Designated Funds (DDF)Host District XXXX $2,000District 5160 $20,000 DDF $22,000
  • The Rotary Foundation Match (TRF)100% TRF match of DDF $22,000 50% TRF match of Cash $21,000 TRF match $43,000

District 5160 2011 Assembly


Financing Example

  • Rotarian Cash $42,000
  • District Designated Funds $22,000
  • Rotary Foundation Match $43,000 Subtotal Rotary $107,000
  • Additional Outside Funding(Other foundations, materialor equipment donations) $17,000
  • Total Funding $124,000

District 5160 2011 Assembly

business cycle
Business Cycle
  • Proposals and applications accepted on a rolling basis
  • Proposals – brief overview, online
  • Applications – online, more detailed grant activity and budget information
  • Trustee approval required over $100K

District 5160 2011 Assembly

district 5160 global grant criteria
District 5160 Global Grant Criteria

Global Grant requests for DDF will be evaluated and recommended on the following:

  • Adherence to the Terms and Conditions for Rotary Foundation District Grants and Global Grants.

District 5160 2011 Assembly


Qualification of proposing club by the district

  • Number of cooperating clubs that are qualified by the district
  • Focus on district priorities and goals
  • Number of clubs and districts supporting the grant application
  • Previous experience of the host club and district with Global Grants

District 5160 2011 Assembly


Proportion of club and outside funds that will be contributed to the project in relation to the amount of District Designated Funds requested.

  • Extent of support by non Rotary cooperating organization partners.
  • Impact on the community
  • Focused planning ensuring success.

District 5160 2011 Assembly


Connection to a previously approved or completed Global or District Grant

  • History of per member average giving to the Annual Programs Fund and the Foundation by proposing club.
  • Promotion of Rotary awareness globally.

District 5160 2011 Assembly



Area Foundation Representative

Mountain – Josephine Wyatt

Redding/Red Bluff/Anderson – Bob Place

North Valley – Walt Schafer

Gary Vilhauer – Foundation Leader

Candy Pierce – District Foundation Chair

District 5160 2011 Assembly


Global Grants – Steve Polcyn

Grants Chair – Guy Greco

Rotary5160.org – Foundation Tab

Rotary5160.org - World and Community Projects Web Page


District 5160 2011 Assembly

every rotarian every year
Every Rotarian, Every Year

District 5160 2011 Assembly