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SVS Demo System Camera Requirements PowerPoint Presentation
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SVS Demo System Camera Requirements

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SVS Demo System Camera Requirements - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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SVS Demo System Camera Requirements. Rick Kjeldsen. Demo System Overview. Shows basic capabilities of SVS using live cameras Live cameras are more compelling than recorded video Includes a variety of use cases to appeal to various customers Shows targeted use cases with video files

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Presentation Transcript
demo system overview
Demo System Overview
  • Shows basic capabilities of SVS using live cameras
    • Live cameras are more compelling than recorded video
    • Includes a variety of use cases to appeal to various customers
  • Shows targeted use cases with video files
    • Use cases which are hard to get live, such as rail crossings, city streets, boat traffic, etc
  • Used by sales teams world wide
    • Instructions available on SVS Wiki
    • Also available via Smarter Cities Live web site
  • Constant availability
required views and use cases priority order
Required views and use cases(priority order)
  • Building Entrance or similar with good volume of person or vehicle traffic that varies throughout the day
    • Alerts record specific activity, e.g. people entering building, so can show usage statistics
  • Close view of people approaching camera where face details are visible
    • People search using facial attributes (bald, glasses, head color, etc)
  • Full body view of people approaching camera where clothing color is clear
    • People search using clothing color
  • Road with regular traffic
    • Search for and count cars, Alert on “speeding”
  • 2 or more cameras with non-overlapping views where 50% or more people or vehicles pass through both scenes
    • Multi-camera search
    • Ideally these are people search cameras with one near-field and one mid-field
  • Open area where people take different paths
    • Show person track summaries and heat maps
  • Waiting area
    • Alert on loitering and “abandoned” packages
  • Transient parking area
    • Alert on “illegal” parking
  • “Secure zone” with low activity
    • Alert on specific activities that can be considered “suspicious”
    • e.g. person entering area or approaching a device, >1 person in area, or person jumping over fence
camera requirements
Camera Requirements
  • The views on the previous slide can be combined in any workable combination. Examples of good combinations are:
    • 1 & 8, 2 & 3 & 5, 6 & 7, 1 & 3
  • Ideally there should be 6 separate cameras, but as few as 3 are acceptable if a good selection of use cases are covered
  • Some cameras should be indoor and some outdoor
  • If we can find a camera where people put down “abandoned” objects regularly, then that use case should be high priority
  • An outdoor building entrance or entrance lobby is a good candidate because we can show customers that we captured them as they arrived.
  • Cameras images must be clear and well lit with good color
  • Most cameras must not move (PTZ)
    • Having one camera that does move occasionally will enable us to show we handle it.
  • At least one outdoor camera should have good night images
security and privacy issues
Security and Privacy Issues
  • Current
    • Demo only available on IBM intranet (9.2.. network)
    • Demo only shown to IBM customers by IBM personnel
    • Demo systems and software are password protected
      • Demo password distributed with demo instructions on as-needed basis
      • Video storage (VMS) password is not distributed
    • Video captured from system (e.g. for research purposes) is stored on secure server
      • Meets corporate instructions for customer data
  • Proposed
    • Post signs in all locations where video is captured
    • Prominent warnings distributed with demo instructions that video and images are not to be saved or published