Reliable Distributed Media Server
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Reliable Distributed Media Server. By: Waseem Abo Moch Henry Shehadi Supervisor: Vladimir Zdornov . 2008-2009. Internet streaming media changed the Web as we knew it !

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Reliable distributed media server

Reliable Distributed Media Server


Waseem Abo Moch

Henry Shehadi


Vladimir Zdornov


Reliable distributed media server

Internet streaming media changed the Web as we knew it !

changed it from a static text- and graphics-based medium into a multimedia experience populated by sound and moving pictures.

Now streaming media is poised to become the de facto global media broadcasting and distribution standard, incorporating all other media, including television, radio, and film.

The increasing demand for streaming media, challenges web hosts to find reliable solutions to the massive amount of data. The servers must stream data to a huge amount of clients concurrently, which in-turn overloads the network and the processing units of the servers.

To reduce the load, clients are served by a cluster of servers and as a result the load is distributed among several servers, this reduces the load on a specific server.

Reliable distributed media server

The project solves the load problem by implementing a server cluster which streams media over the network to great number of clients concurrently and reliably.

The clients only “see” one server and not the whole server cluster, all the control commands are directed to central server and the clients are served by slave servers transparently.

The client connects to the Manager Server using the ftp protocol .

The manager handle the client’s request ,and redirect the client to an appropriate slave server .

Reliable distributed media server

We implemented the Server by using :

  • FTP protocol

  • Java RMI

  • The open source program VLC as a Client .

Most media clients today support streaming from ftp server ,we choose to add a plug-in to the VLC because it is Free ,Open Source and is widespread all over the world.