Technology catching up with our kids
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Technology Catching up with our Kids!!! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Technology Catching up with our Kids!!!. Using FrontPage 2003. To Open Website /    Insert Clip Art /    Insert Graphic /     Insert A Table /    Create Hyperlink

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Technology catching up with our kids
TechnologyCatching up with our Kids!!!

Using frontpage 2003

Using FrontPage 2003

To Open Website/    Insert Clip Art/    Insert Graphic/     Insert A Table/    Create Hyperlink

Create Bookmark/    Insert Word/ Navigate Page-Page/       Saving A PageCreate Shared BordersUsing Page Views/     View thru BrowserCreate Alternative Tags

How To Access Your Web Using FrontPage 2003 Print VersionPLEASE NOTE:  If you are logging onto your website from your home computer or any computer outside of the FCPS network, you will have to use fayette\ in front of your user name.  Example:fayette\jdoeThe \ slash is the ONLY one which will work.

  • To Open A Web:Open FrontPage 2003     

  • Use the Getting Started panel (right-hand side) of screen Under Open, choose either a website listed (those you have most recently edited) OR choose the web folder More,   which opens My Network Places. (Note: The choice could be Open existing site, instead of More.)

***NOTE:  After you have opened your website in FrontPage 2003 the first time, from then on when you open FrontPage 2003, you will be prompted for your username and password and the web will automatically open.

Working on your web page
Working on Your Web Page

  • To work on your web page:After you have opened your subweb, you will see a list of the folders and web pages as they appear on the server.  They will appear in a column, called Folder List, on the left-hand side of your monitor.  See example below:

  • To open the page you want to edit, scroll down the Folder List until you see your page.

Inserting a GraphicTo add a photo or graphic to a web page, select Insert|Picture|From File from the menu bar. Choose the file and click OK.

Image Types

HTML code used on the web recognizes two basic graphic formats - GIF and JPEG. All the images on your web page must be either of these formats.

JPEG (Joint Photographic Exchange Group) - As a general rule, photos should be saved as JPEGs. This file type consists of 16 million colors.

GIF (Graphic Interchange Format) - These files contain 256 colors or less and should generally be used for non-photo graphics. All of the images on these tutorial pages are saved in GIF format.

Creating links
Creating Links

  • Hyperlinks are text or graphics that can be clicked to bring the user to another web file such as a web page or graphic. They are the essence of the World Wide Web as they link pages within sites and web sites to other web sites. To create a hyperlink in FrontPage, follow these steps:

  • Highlight the text or graphic that will be the hyperlink and select Insert|Hyperlink from the menu bar or pressing CTRL+K.

If the link will lead to a page within your site, highlight the page on the list and click OK. If it is an external link that will lead to another web site, enter the URL in the URL box.

External URLs MUST begin with "http://" or they will not work. For example, to link to the FGCU home page, type "" instead of "".

E mail links
E-mail Links

  • Create an e-mail address link by highlighting the text (which should be written as the e-mail address) and pressing CTRL+K.

  • Click the e-mail button with the envelope icon (circled in red below) and enter the e-mail address in the box provided. Click OK on both windows to finish.

Photo gallery
Photo Gallery

  • FrontPage 2003 offers a web component, called a photo gallery. A photo gallery is a web page which contains a collection of photos arranged in a specific layout. You can add as many photos as you want to a photo gallery, and you can add or remove photos at any time.

  • To Create A Photo Gallery:

  • Open the web page in FrontPage on which you want to place the photo gallery.

  • Click on the page where you want to add a photo galllery.

  • From the file menu, choose Insert. Choose Web Component.

Photo gallery style
Photo Gallery Style

  • In the Insert Web Component box, choose Photo Gallery.

  • Choose one of the 4 photo gallery options.  (Note: When you click on an option, a description will appear in the box below.)

  • Choose Finish.

Example of Photo Gallery.


  • Open Internet Explorer.

  • In the Address Box, type in your website URL, followed by /edit.asp  Example:

  • NOTE: YOUR username goes in place of jdoe. (Tip: You might want to save this URL in your favorites, so it is readily available.)

**NOTE: The Announcements Widget does not show up when viewed in FrontPage. It only appears on the internet.  Therefore, when you're editing the home page (default.asp) in FrontPage, you won't see the widget.

Extras inserting web components using frontpage 2003
Extras!!! Inserting Web Components Using FrontPage 2003

  • Hit Counter/     Include Page/    Interactive Button/    Link BarMarquee/ Photo Gallery/ Spreadsheets