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Did Y ou Know? . Water Facts by Lara and Evie. Groundwater can take a human lifetime just to traverse a mile. Frozen water is 9% lighter than water, which is why ice floats on water.

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did y ou know

Did You Know?

Water Facts by Lara and Evie


It doesn't take much salt to make water "salty." If one-thousandth (or more) of the weight of water is from salt, then the water is "saline."


Baths use less water than a typical shower. Soaking in a partially filled tub will use less water than a short shower.


Groundwater supplies serve about 80% of the population, whereas up to 4% of usable groundwater is already polluted.


The United States uses nearly 80 percent of its water for irrigation and thermoelectric power.


Pure water is so pure that one can’t even drink it. It tastes very bland & due to its solvent properties, it would absorb all the minerals from your tongue & your mouth would feel dry So few minerals are added back to water by water-producing companies so as to make it tastier & safe for your dinking.


Water exists in a fourth form too, despite it being so vast & important, it is never mentioned outside scientific circles .The vast quantity of water is locked in the rock deep in the Earth’s mantle ,in a layer about 410 kilometres below your feet