Teaching math with comprehension strategies
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Teaching Math with Comprehension Strategies. By: Erica Wetzel. Teaching Math has to Change. Skill and Drill Practice. Math Comprehension Strategies.

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Teaching math has to change
Teaching Math has to Change

Skill and Drill Practice

Math Comprehension Strategies

Does teaching mathematical skills in a skill and drill way hurt students?Does teaching mathematical skills in a skill and drill way hurt students?Does teaching math using skill and drill hurt students?

What are the best practices in teaching math
What are the Best Practices in Teaching Math ? hurt students?

We, as educators, can no longer teach math the way we were taught using skill and drill and rote memorization.

Research has shown students need the opportunity to discover, analyze, and make connections when learning about mathematical concepts.

Research based curriculum
Research Based Curriculum hurt students?

The Common Core Standards are designed based on what research has proven most effective . The kindergarten class this year is the first class to no longer be taught under the Indiana State Standards. We must begin to analyze how our math instruction will change to prepare our students for the National Common Core Standards.

What are some practical ways to combine mathematical concepts, including questioning, with comprehension?

  • Use the mathematical language in your classroom as often as possible.

  • Incorporate visuals that reinforce the math vocabulary concepts.

  • Model thinking like a mathematician aloud.

  • Have high expectations regarding what the students are to do.

Give students the opportunity to develop these concepts
Give students the opportunity to develop these concepts concepts, including questioning, with comprehension?

With partners


Bibliography concepts, including questioning, with comprehension?

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