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How would you optimize your SEM campaigns to get improve the efficiency?

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How would you optimize your SEM campaigns to get improve the efficiency? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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How would you optimize your SEM campaigns to get improve the efficiency?. 1. Negative Keywords. Negative keywords, one of the most underused features offered for PPC campaigns.

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PowerPoint Slideshow about 'How would you optimize your SEM campaigns to get improve the efficiency?' - jaegar

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Presentation Transcript

1. Negative Keywords

  • Negative keywords, one of the most underused features offered for PPC campaigns
  • Negative keywords allow you to choose words that won’t trigger your add. Negative keywords help to filter low quality clicks
  • Example: if you are a new car salesman, place the word “used” on your negative list to target customers looking for a new car

2. Geo-Localization

  • PPC dollars are wasted because unsophisticated users don’t focus their impressions by location. 
  • Google offers geo-location features allowing advertisers to target markets based on IP addresses or geo-specific KWs
  • For example, your add should not be viewed or clicked by someone in France when you only sell insurance in Spain

3. Add Copy Optimization

  • With so much competition, you need to differentiate your ad. Are you running a promotion? Is shipping free? 
  • Offer value and then capitalize on it with a call-to-action. Use terms like “Learn More” and “Free Download” to draw in customers.
  • Encourage searchers to act and let them know what to expect on the other side of the click.

4. DynamicKeywords

  • Dynamic keyword insertion allows you to create more relevant add copy by placing the exact phrase searched into your add.
  • When the potential customer sees the exact term they searched, they are more likely to click on the add. 
  • If poorly executed, dynamic keyword insertion can result in ads that appear unclear and can drain your budget quickly.

5. Long-Tail Keywords

  • Long tail keywords are three-to-four-word phrases that are specific to your product.
  • Visitors using very specific search phrases are often further along in the purchasing process: higher conversion rate
  • More over long-tail keywords are cheaper since there is less competition than for generic keyword

6. A/B Testing

  • Don’t just set up a PPC campaign and hope for the best: proper testing and analysis are required.
  • Metrics allow you to better understand your campaign and results, so set up A/B tests to track what works.
  • Test multiple ads simultaneously, but only allow for one variable at a time and run your tests long enough to gather proper data.

7. Timing Optimization

  • In addition to geo-targeting, PPC campaigns allow for time targeting. 
  • Analyze your metrics to determine when your ads are at their highest conversion rate.
  • If you are receiving hundreds of clicks at 3 am, but making no sales, restrict ad impressions during those hours to save your budget.

8. Landing Page Optimization

  • A Home Page is NOT a Landing Page
  • Don’t throw away all your hard work by sending targeted customers to a non-targeted homepage.
  • Create a simple landing pages that picks up right where your ad left off. 

9. Keyword Generators

  • Keyword generators prove helpful in getting you started when mining keywords.
  • However, do not rely heavily on keyword generators: often a human touch is what you need to target that human searcher. 
  • Useful tools: Google AdWords Keyword Tools, Microsoft Advertising Intelligence and Market Samurai Tools.

10. Quality Score

  • Your Google Quality Score determines the overall ranking of your AdWords account
  • Keep your score high by following the rules set up by Google AdWords and providing quality adds
  • Stay on top of your Google Quality Score: an unexpected drop is a red flag (early warning)