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Tourist Guide Translation (Week 12)

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Tourist Guide Translation (Week 12). 陳雅齡 2013-3-27. 旅遊指南翻譯 Tourist Guide Translation. 討論內容 1. 相關翻譯理論 Newmark 文本類型理論 Vermeer 目的論 Nord 翻譯功能論 Nord 翻譯綱要 2. 四字短語的翻譯 3. 旅遊景點名稱的翻譯 ( 拼音系統介紹 ) 4. 名產佳餚美味的翻譯 5. 常用翻譯策略 ( 增譯 、刪減 、整合與改寫 ) 6. 綜合練習. Newmark 文本類型理論.

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Tourist Guide Translation (Week 12)

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    Presentation Transcript
    1. Tourist Guide Translation (Week 12) 陳雅齡 2013-3-27

    2. 旅遊指南翻譯 Tourist Guide Translation 討論內容 • 1. 相關翻譯理論 Newmark 文本類型理論 Vermeer 目的論 Nord 翻譯功能論 Nord 翻譯綱要 • 2. 四字短語的翻譯 • 3. 旅遊景點名稱的翻譯 (拼音系統介紹) • 4. 名產佳餚美味的翻譯 • 5. 常用翻譯策略 (增譯 、刪減 、整合與改寫) • 6. 綜合練習

    3. Newmark 文本類型理論 一般而言,文本類型有三種 • 表達文本 • 資訊文本 • 操作呼喚文本 旅遊文本屬於哪一種?

    4. Vermeer 目的論 • 翻譯目的論者主張,任何形式的翻譯活動(包括口譯) 都是一種行為,每種行為都有一個目的。

    5. Nord 翻譯功能理論 • 翻譯注重的不是原文與譯文語言形式的對應,而是信息與功能的對等。 • 所以旅遊指南的翻譯便應該傳達它的資訊與呼喚功能。

    6. 旅遊指南翻譯原則 • 內容表達 : 具原來資訊文本的客觀性 • 整體上: 達到原來文本目的與功能性

    7. Translation Brief 翻譯綱要

    8. 進入山中,重巒疊嶂,古木參天,峰回路轉,云斷橋連,澗深谷幽 ,天光一線,彌猴嘻戲,琴蛙奏彈,奇花鋪徑,別有動天。春季萬物萌動,郁郁蔥蔥,夏季百花爭豔,姹紫嫣紅,秋季紅葉滿山,五彩繽紛,冬季銀裝素裹,白雲靄藹。

    9. Washinton D.C., as the “capital city” , hosts the best of everything – friendly people, colorful neighborhoods, spacious parks, wide avenues, majestic monuments, intriguing museums and unexcelled hotels, restaurants, nightclubs and theaters. The interior of this brochure provides an overall view of the city’s world—famous attractions. You’ll be delighted by the variety of attractions available to the visitor, many of them free and open to the public seven days a week. We hope this brochure helps you plan your visit to Washington D.C.. Please note that all informaiton listed is subject to change without notice.

    10. 2. 四字短語的翻譯2.1 直譯以保留原汁原味 • (1) 名馳中外 win fame both at home and abroad • (2) 青山綠水 green hills and clear waters • (3) 曲徑通幽 The winding path leads to a secluded quiet place. • (4) 湖光山色,交相輝映 The lake and hills add radiance and beauty to each other.

    11. 2. 四字短語的翻譯 (5) 遠望阿里山,煙波浩渺 • To overlook A-Li Mountain, it is so extensive and the fog is present all over the lake. 薛雯靜 • Looking the A-Li-Shan from the long distance, the fog is extremely magnificently. 林孟儒 • To gaze afar Alishan, it is like a vast expanse of misty and rolling waters. (萬芝俐 潘瑀瓏)

    12. 2. 四字短語的翻譯 (5) 遠望阿里山,煙波浩渺 • Overlooking Ali mountain, it is like a sea of changeable clouds. (高熏梓 李官芷) • Overlooking far away at Mt. Ali, where likes a tiny point. 莫居亞 • Overlooking far away at Mt. Ali, it is like a tiny point surrounded by misty waves. (改寫自莫居亞) • Far in the distance lies the Ali mountain, a vast expanse of misty, rolling waters. (Brenda’s)

    13. 四字短語的翻譯 (6) 景色登峰造極,如癡如醉 • The landscape is astonished and make people unforgettable. 薛雯靜 • The landscape is reaching the peak of perfection, making people lose their minds. 潘瑀瓏 • The scene attracts people intoxicated and feels awesome

    14. 四字短語的翻譯 (6) 景色登峰造極,如癡如醉 • The scenery is so best that as if we are enjoying the tasty wine. (何逸安) • Scenery is reach the peak of perfection, is obsessed with it. 李孟璇

    15. 四字短語的翻譯 (7) 境內湖如明鏡 千峰凝翠 洞壑幽深 風光琦麗 • The lake is like a mirror and the mountain is continuous. The cave is serene and hidden in depth or distance. The view is enchanting. 李孟璇 (Please combine) • The lake is like a mirror, embellished all around with green hills and deep caves of enchanting beauty. 潘瑀瓏

    16. 四字短語的翻譯 (7) 境內湖如明鏡 千峰凝翠 洞壑幽深 風光琦麗 • The lake is clear like a mirror. Mountains are so green like green jades. The caves are so long and deep. The landscape is so brilliant. 薛雯靜 • Within borders, lake clear like a mirror, thousands of green mountain, hole is very deep, landscape is wonderful. 高熏梓

    17. 四字短語的翻譯 (8) 人們都說 “桂林山水甲天下” ,到桂林依看,果然名不虛傳。 • People say, “Guilin landscape under heaven.” When coming to Guilin, it lives up to its name. 高熏 梓 • They said there are no place like Guilin, is true to its name. 黃立凌 • People say, “Guilin’s scenery is peerless in the world.” It was not until I visited the place that I found it really worthy of reputation. (Brenda’s )

    18. 四字短語的翻譯 (9) 此地 依山傍海 綠樹成蔭 氣候宜人 是避暑勝地 • Here is mountains and sea, green trees and forest. The weather is fine, is a resort to hide the summer. 高熏 梓 • This place stays along mountains and rivers, filled with trees and pleasant climate, is a summer resort. 徐智信 潘士楷

    19. 四字短語的翻譯 (9) 此地 依山傍海 綠樹成蔭 氣候宜人 是避暑勝地 • This place stays along mountains and rivers, filled with trees and the weather is fine. It’s a really nice place to be away for the summer. 潘瑀瓏 • This place based on the hill at the back and overlooking the sea, the green trees becomes shade, weather is pleasant, it is summer resort. 劉千瑜 • Standing against the hills and by the sea, this beautifyl city surrounded by woods enjoys a pleasant climate and is really a nice summer resort (Brenda’s)

    20. 2. 四字短語的翻譯2.2 用地道的方式意譯出來 滄海桑田 The deep blue sea and mulberry fields → Great changes brought by time 上有天堂 下有蘇杭 There is paradise above and Suzhou and Hangxhou below → As there is paradise in heaven, so there are Suzhou and Hangxhou on earth.

    21. 四字短語的翻譯2.2 用地道的方式意譯出來 鬼斧神工 spiritual ax and divine workmanship → Extraordinary as if created by superlative craftsmanship or the secret working of nature

    22. Exercise Time 綜覽全市,火樹銀花,千簇萬重,層層疊疊,倒映水中,比連天際,銜接繁星,如凌太空。身歷其境,頓覺心曠神怡,虛幻飄渺,浮想聯篇。 A panoramic view of the city lights, either like fireworks in clusters or reflected in water, presents a real tapestry of lights merging with stars high up in the sky. Upon seeing all this, one can not help feeling his mind roaming and imagination soaring on wings.

    23. 3. 旅遊景點之英譯 • 是要音譯 讓外國人好發音, • 還是意譯 解釋這個景點的特色, • 還是兩者混合?

    24. 南屏晚鐘 Nanping Wan Zhong (Evening Bell Ringing at Nanping Hill)

    25. 雷峰夕照 LeiFeng Xi Zhao (Leifeng Pagoda in Evening Glow)

    26. 淡水落日 Tamsui (Danshui) Luori or Tamsui (Danshui) Sunset

    27. 基隆廟口 Keelung Miaokou or Keelung Night Market

    28. 登輝大道 Denwei Boulevard or Glory Boulevard

    29. 北宜公路 BeiYi Highway or

    30. 陽明山花季 Yangmingsan Flower Season or Yanmingsan Huaji

    31. 開天宮 (張子彤) • 位於新店陸和新店後街的交叉口,開天宮是一座有名的古老寺廟,是為了安撫那些在早期開挖瑠公川石被原住民屠殺的工人們的靈魂以及因疾病死亡的人建立的,這間寺廟是膜拜道教所說的宇宙創造者–盤古。原來的廟已經消失,現在我們所建的廟是建於1985年,而有名的大坪林石頭隧道也在附近。

    32. 小赤壁 (張振維) • 新店溪西岸經數年洗禮,充滿巨大的石頭和陡峭的懸岩,由於 類似中國長江赤壁,學者稱之為小赤壁。旅人通常被山壁所吸引,腳踏天鵝船而讓距離近在咫尺,大自然鬼斧神工的力量,更生成許多特別的石頭,像是梯子、 棺材、母豬、老虎等。

    33. 景點簡介 鄭成功像 • Do you want to know ho Koxinga become a hero from Taiwanese historic story? Please come to Tainan. We will take you to time tunnel. • Koxinga is a famous historical person. His name is Zheng Cheng Kong. He is the founder of the Kingdom of Zheng, son of Zheng Zhilong. When he came to Taiwan, he is a great contribution to the history of Taiwan. Nowadays, the government make the agreement to memorize this great person so they built this sculpture.

    34. 景點簡介 臺北天文博物館 • The museum’s primary mission is to serve as a bridge between the study of astronomy and society to make it possible for the public to learn more about astronomy. It is our hope that of our guests enjoy their visits to the Taipei Astronomical Museum

    35. 景點簡介 故宮博物院 • We collect over 690,000 pieces of ancient Chinese artifacts and artworks, making it one of the largest in the world. Welcome come to NPM if you really want to know the biggest pleasure in the world. • National Palace Museum houses the world’s largest collection of priceless Chinese art treasures, one which spans China’s nearly 5000-year history.

    36. 景點簡介 安平古堡 • Anping Fort – The old name of Anping Fort is Fort Zeelandia. It is a historical site in Tainan, Taiwan. It is a building in 17 century. It was a colony of Dutch. It was a fortress of many kingdoms. Writing can not express the great views. You have to feel it by yourself. It also called fort orange.

    37. 景點簡介 九份 • Iiu Fen is famous for tea houses. Beautify tea houses with authentic oriental looks were on both sides of the long winding trail of big stone stairs leading down the mountain.

    38. 名產佳餚美味的翻譯 • 一般 採用解釋材料的翻譯, • 或 採用音譯, • 直譯可能會造成詢問,服務生較累。 • 全篇文章盡可能策略一致。

    39. 珍珠奶茶的翻譯

    40. 豬血糕的翻譯

    41. 臭豆腐的翻譯

    42. 螞蟻上樹 :Stir-Fried Bean Threads with Ground Pork (Ants climbing a tree)

    43. 佛跳牆Steamed Assorted Meats in Chinese Casserole (Buddha jumps over the wall, Buddha’s Favorite, fó tiào qiáng)

    44. 麻辣火鍋sichuan malaspicy hot pot/sichuan hot pot