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LeMoyne -Owen College December 16, 2009 PowerPoint Presentation
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LeMoyne -Owen College December 16, 2009

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LeMoyne -Owen College December 16, 2009. Implementing Assessment-as-Learning and Assessment Design. Mimi Czarnik, Professor of English and Dean of Humanities Becky Burton, Associate Professor of Biology Alverno College, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Criteria.

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LeMoyne -Owen College December 16, 2009

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lemoyne owen college december 16 2009
LeMoyne-Owen CollegeDecember 16, 2009

Implementing Assessment-as-Learning

and Assessment Design

Mimi Czarnik, Professor of English and Dean of Humanities

Becky Burton, Associate Professor of Biology

Alverno College, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

  • Standards of what we expect in student performance
  • Indicators that ability and/or knowledge is present in a performance
  • Collectively, a picture that students can use to imagine an acceptable performance
  • A learning objective when students discover they do not meet a particular criterion
characteristics of more effective criteria
Characteristics of More Effective Criteria
  • Are observable:
    • Explain, analyze, compare, design
  • Use qualifiers:
    • Effective, appropriate, complete
  • Are clear to the student
  • Reflect outcomes
characteristics of less effective criteria
Characteristics of Less Effective Criteria
  • Are format requirements, directions, steps, or tasks, such as:
    • Select a species to investigate
    • Must be 3-5 pages
  • Can only be met in one way
    • Select the best answer for each multiple choice question
assessment criteria environmental impact statement
Assessment Criteria: Environmental Impact Statement

The student:

  •  Clearly articulates the proposed action, its purpose and need, and its predicted impact
  •  Thoroughly evaluates alternative actions
  •  Collaboratively organizes and presents plans as an integrated, coherent whole
  •  Uses her knowledge to ask and respond to stakeholder questions effectively
  •  Self-assesses accurately
assessment criteria english
Assessment Criteria: English
  • Demonstrates close reading of the novel, by making specific accurate references to literary elements such as plot, character, and symbol.
  • Effectively uses three literary critical perspectives to develop a detailed, sophisticated response to the novel.
  • Accurately identifies values underlying arguments of both sides of controversy over the novel, projecting the consequences and implications of teaching Sulaand removing it from the curriculum.
  • Comes to an informed decision about whether or not to keep Sula in the curriculum, articulating reasons for her decision.
  • Effectively engages students with differing viewpoints in meaningful discussion.
assessment criteria chemistry
Assessment Criteria: Chemistry

Competence: Analysis

  • Major Outcome: Uses different strategies and models of chemistry to analyze and synthesize data.
  • Course Outcome (Biochemistry): Analyzes data, obtained through experiments, based on relationships between observations and inferences resulting from experiments.
assessment criteria history
Assessment Criteria: History

Competence: Valuing

  • Major Outcome: Identifies and communicates implications of the values which underlie her own and other historians’ work.
  • Course Outcome (Historical Analysis): Create independent interpretation of the past with a conscious regard for the way her own assumptions influence her interpretation of evidence.
self assessment
Self assessment
  • Self assessmentis the ability of a student to observe, analyze, and judge her performance on the basis of criteria and determine how she can improve it. The process of self-observation leading to self-judgment leading to self-correction is a multi-dimensional process.
      • Alverno College Faculty, 1994
feedback strategies
Feedback Strategies

Does my feedback plan include:

  • Observing the learner in action?
  • Analyzing performance?
  • Making judgments about performance using standards or criteria and explicit evidence?
  • Development of a learning plan?
  • Meaningful communication of feedback to the learner?
practice writing criteria
Practice Writing Criteria
  • Choose one of your course outcomes from this afternoon’s work.
  • Write one or two criteria for this outcome. Criteria must be observable and assessable.