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Who is TMA & www.tma.org?. The Tobacco Merchants Association PO Box 8019 Princeton , NJ, 08543-8019, USA (609) 275-4900 www.tma.org tma@tma.org. About TMA. Non-Lobbying, International Business Intelligence Service covering all geographies and most aspects of the global tobacco industry

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Who is TMA& www.tma.org?

The Tobacco Merchants Association

PO Box 8019

Princeton , NJ, 08543-8019, USA

(609) 275-4900



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About TMA

  • Non-Lobbying, International Business Intelligence Service covering all geographies and most aspects of the global tobacco industry

  • With hundreds of Supporting Organizations and Numerous Data Purchasers

  • The largest collection of searchable on-line tobacco information in the world…back to the 1970’s

  • And 23 Regular E-Mailed Publications

  • The Oldest Non-Profit Tobacco Association Founded 1915

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About TMA

Data Users:

  • Industry Specific Companies

  • Multi-Industry Companies

  • Financial Houses and Law Firms

  • Associations

  • Government Agencies / Departments

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About TMA

TMA Corporate supporters are drawn from the following sectors:

  • Cigarette, Cigar and OTP Manufacturers from the U.S. and around the world

  • Leaf Tobacco Dealers

  • Wholesalers, Retailers and Importers

  • Suppliers (to all sectors)

  • Financial and Legal Firms

  • Consultants, Advertising Agencies

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About TMA

TMA Government & Academic Data Users are drawn from the following:

  • US Federal Government

  • United Nations System

  • State Departments of Revenue

  • State Departments of Agriculture

  • Land Grant Universities

  • Foreign Universities & Foreign Government Departments

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About TMA

Tobacco Business Intelligence dealing with:

  • Media Tracking Over 11,000 multi-national news sources

  • Laws & Regulations and Legislative Tracking:

    • US (Federal & State) and over 140 nations

  • Economic Data

    • Production, Consumption, Sales, Imports, Exports and more…

  • Brands and Trademarks

  • Buyer’s eGuide

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Core Benefits

  • Access to www.tma.org

  • Personalized e-mail reports of News and Public Policy

  • Real time News summaries and Legislative and Regulatory information via email

  • Weekly Updated Trademarks Publications for Opposition

  • Leaf Bulletin covering U.S and other Markets Around the World

  • Monthly Tobacco Trade reports showing all Imports and Exports of Tobacco Products, Tobacco Leaf & Supplies to and from the U.S., Japan and China and Annual Reports for all nations

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Core Benefits

  • Buyer’s eGuide-an essential listing of personnel and contact information for supplier and manufacturer companies in the Tobacco Industry

  • Company financial reports

  • One-Off Consulting and Research covering most industry issues

  • A Calendar of Need to Know Tobacco Related Events

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TMA Publications


  • Executive Summary – (Weekly)

  • Daily Executive Summary (Twice Daily)

  • Legislative Bulletin – (Weekly)

  • US Public Policy Tracking (Daily)

  • Weekly Legislative Charts

  • U.S. Tobacco Weekly

  • US Trademark Report (Weekly)

  • World Alert(Weekly)

  • International Legislative News (Weekly)


  • (Monthly & Quarterly)

  • U.S. Tobacco Barometer (CCS, SCS)

  • U.S. Tobacco Trade Barometer (6 parts)

  • China Watch

  • Japan Tobacco Trade Barometer

  • Issues Monitor (U.S. & Int’l)

  • Special Reports

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TMA Principal Media Publications

DAILY EXECUTIVE SUMMARY (Twice daily)Key industry events issued Monday through Thursday in a concise one page format.

EXECUTIVE SUMMARYA summary of the principal industry developments occurring over the past week around the world. The industry’s most widely read weekly newsletter (6 pages, issued weekly).

U.S. TOBACCO WEEKLYA compilation of all key industry issues and events as they unfold across the United States (12-16 pages, issued weekly).


A country-by-country compilation of key industry issues and events as they emerge outside the U.S. (14-20 pages, issued weekly).

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TMA Legislative Publications


A daily report tracking all US Congressional and State legislative and regulatory activity that affects the tobacco industry on the State and Federal level (2-16 pages daily)


A weekly analysis and report on all U.S. Congressional and State legislative activity that affects the tobacco industry. The Legislative Bulletin summarizes key provisions of these bills and tracks their progress through the legislative process (6-20 pages).


A collection of live bill charts, covering such topics as Cigarette & Tobacco Product Excise Tax increases, Cigarette Fire-Safety Standards, and Anti-Smuggling/Counterfeit Measures (about 20 pages).

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Public Policy Issues

  • Advertising & Promotion

  • Consumption/Smoking Restrictions

  • Distribution and Sales

  • Labeling & Packaging

  • MSA – Equity Fee, Flat Tax, Escrow, Appeal Bond

  • Product Content (Ingredients Disclosure)

  • Smoke Constituents (‘Tar’ and Nicotine Limits)

  • Sampling Restrictions

  • Vending Machine Controls and Restrictions

  • Health Warnings on Packs

  • Health Warnings in Advertisements

  • Flavored Cigarettes

  • Retail Self-Service Display Restrictions

  • Minimum Sales Age

  • Licensing Issues

  • Penalties for Sales to Minors

  • Anti-Tobacco Campaigns

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TMA Data Products


Tobacco Guides

World Cigarette Guide (2005)

International Tobacco Tax & Tariff Guide (2005)

Int’l Public Policy Guide (2003)

Master Settlement Agreement Guide (2004)

Tobacco USA (1992) &

Tobacco China (1996)

U.S. Tobacco Tax Guide (1962)

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World Cigarette Guide

The World Cigarette Guide is the company by company and brand by brand encyclopedia for the worldwide tobacco industry. Over 4,000 pages in length, the WCG covers 153 countries within 21 different geographical regions.

The WCG contains maps, charts and tables that provide a comparative examination of tobacco economic statistics except taxation & tariffs.

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International TobaccoTax Guide

The International Tobacco Tax Guide covers tariff and tax rates in 153 countries around the world.

And provides a host of other related tax information such as tax incidence rates.

Cigarette Tax Incidence Rates

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International PublicPolicy Guide

The International Public Policy Guide is a 800+ page compilation of summaries of all the laws relating to tobacco enacted in 128 countries along with comparisons between countries. The IPPG is updated as new laws are enacted.

For each country The IPPG contains laws and summaries relating to:

Agriculture, Consumption / Smoking Restrictions, Production (including Product Content), Marketing, Packaging, Retail Sales, and Taxation.

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MSA Guide

The MSA Guideincludesthe original MSA Agreement, amendments, new State laws, State escrow and compliance reporting and links to the directories of each State’s MSA web page.

Updated daily, the MSA Guide contains maps, charts and tables that make the Guide easy to use.

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Tobacco USA

Tobacco USA is the definitive data source for the second largest tobacco market in the world. Over 1,500 pages long, Tobacco USA is divided into national, regional, and 50 State (and D.C.) sections.

Tobacco USA contains maps, charts and tables that provide a comparative examination of the U.S. tobacco industry that includes tax collection figures, cigarette sales data, and leaf statistics.

State Smoking Restrictions

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U.S. Tobacco Tax Guide

TheU.S. Tobacco Tax Guide is a 800-page in-depth description of U.S. tax policy for all tobacco products, covering Federal, all 50 States (and D.C.), and Local taxing authorities.

The U.S. Tobacco Tax Guide contains maps, charts and tables that provide a comparative examination of tobacco taxation as well a complete collection of tax laws for each state.

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TMA Research

All TMA members are entitled to confidential and proprietary research. Projects taking less than 2 hours are free, while more detailed analysis is assessed on a project basis.

An analysis of any of the previously mentioned issues could be researched by TMA. In addition, many members request research that combines TMA Business and Economic information with our Public Policy analysis. The following slides contain some examples……..

Tma research22 l.jpg
TMA Research

  • A few examples of recent research activity include:

  • Agriculture

    • Alternative Uses For Tobacco

  • Retail, Distribution & Smuggling

    • Native Americans

  • Economics

    • Production and Consumption Forecasts

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TMA.org Home Page

Horizontal ToolbarIncludes: Home, About TMA, Products and Services, Site Map, and MyTMA

Vertical ToolbarIncludes: News, Economics, Public Policy, Finance, Library Archives, Brands & Trademarks

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TMA.org – 5 Search Methods

Web Search

Advanced Search


Keyword Search

Specific Search (query)

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TMA.org – “Buyer’s eGuide”

Where TMA supporters can find virtually all the supplier and manufacturer companies in the worldwide tobacco business including: contact names, telephone and fax numbers, addresses and product descriptions.

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TMA.org – My TMA

Where You Control Your TMA Publication Flow

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TMA.org – My TMA

Where You Create Your Customized / Personalized E-Mail Reports Covering Just Those Bills, Laws and News You Need.

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TMA.org – Platinum Service

Company-wide site access to the entire TMA data collection for all users in a given member company with no limit to the number of usernames and passwords.

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Be in the Know!

Register today at


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