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AMIDA Video Edit Demo

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AMIDA Video Edit Demo - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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AMIDA Video Edit Demo. Presented by: Pavel Zemčík. Faculty of Information Technology, Brno University of Technology, CZ. Overview. Purpose and principle Resources Block diagram View Conclusion. Purpose and Principle.

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amida video edit demo

AMIDA Video Edit Demo

Presented by: Pavel Zemčík

Faculty of Information Technology,Brno University of Technology, CZ

  • Purpose and principle
  • Resources
  • Block diagram
  • View
  • Conclusion

AMIDA Video Edit Demo

purpose and principle
Purpose and Principle
  • The purpose is to automatically produce single video stream from several (synchronized) audio/video records.
  • The output can be produced for „full length“ or „reduced“ timing of the meeting (record)
  • Based on features acquired from the video sequence in real-time or „offline“ and also on other sources of information, such as sound/speech, etc.
  • The information is processed through a set of rules (implemented in Prolog) and then the decision is made on the best camera/view and possibly effect
  • The rules include the „technical ones“ and also the ones that lead into „visually appealing“ output

AMIDA Video Edit Demo


The resources used as input for decision making include:

  • Position of heads and hands of participants
  • Information about the speaker (audio and visual)
  • Keyword detection input
  • Scheme of the meeting (type and organization)

Future extensions, e.g.

  • Semantics of the meeting (whom/what we talk about)
  • Object detection
  • Emotion and gesture recognition

AMIDA Video Edit Demo

view of the output
View of the output

AMIDA Video Edit Demo


The automatic editing system is feasible:

  • it can produce visually appealing output
  • human „touch“ better due to unknown semantics
  • continuous improvement expected

The editing process can be affected by:

  • change of preferences of „whom/what“ to prefer
  • choice of topic „focus on the one who uses keywords“

Online and offline versions available (differences in using or not using „future events“ and some simplifications in real-time version, especially in terms of feature extraction).

AMIDA Video Edit Demo