The grades and chat modules
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The Grades and Chat modules This presentation covers two unrelated modules... … and Grades. Chat ... Because these topics are short they are combined into one presentation. Let’s look at the Grades module first. The red star here means that the teacher

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The grades and chat modules l.jpg

The Grades and

Chat modules

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This presentation covers two

unrelated modules...

… and Grades.

Chat ...

Because these topics are short they are

combined into one presentation.

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Let’s look at the

Grades module first.

The red star here means that the teacher

has posted new grades since the last

time you checked your grades.

Slide5 l.jpg

Each student sees only

their own grades

As you can see, this professor has included additional information pertaining to the entire class’s performance.

Slide6 l.jpg

What you see

in this module,

and how often

the grades are

updated is

entirely up to

your teacher.

In particular,

your teacher

may or may not


class summary


or use the module

at all!

Slide8 l.jpg

Now that we’ve seen

the Grades module,

let’s take a look at Chat.

Slide9 l.jpg

The Manhattan Virtual Classroom

is primarily designed for



This means the people

exchanging messages

don’t have to be logged in

at the same time.

Discussions can be

carried on over a period

of hours, days, or even


Slide10 l.jpg

The Chat module, in contrast,

is designed for



You can only

“chat” with

people who are

logged in

at the same

time as you.

Because of this, Chat sessions should be planned in advance.

“I’ll see you in Chat on Tuesday evening at 7 PM.”

Slide12 l.jpg

When you first

enter the Chat module,

you are provided with

the transcripts ofprevious Chat sessions.

This area will likely

be empty at the start

of your course.

Slide13 l.jpg

Conversations that

take place within your

classroom are recorded.

This allows you to

view the transcripts

of chat sessions that

you’ve missed.

Slide14 l.jpg

There are separate transcripts

for each chat session that occurs.

Click “Read” to view a transcript.

Slide16 l.jpg



What was said?

These are the basic componentsof a chat transcript.

Slide17 l.jpg


Let’s go back.

Slide18 l.jpg


Now let’s enter

the Chat room!

Slide19 l.jpg

The chat module opensin a separate window.

The chat software is

a “Java” program.

It has lots of

features that

you probably

will not need

to use.

We’ll cover

just the basics

in this


Slide20 l.jpg

Whenever you are in

chat, you are in a particular

‘channel’. Think of each channel

as an individual private chatroom.

When you first enter

chat, you are placed in

a “channel” that’s

dedicated to your


Only the teacher and students

in your class can enter this

channel or view the recorded transcripts afterwards.

Slide21 l.jpg

Everything that’s

said within this

room is being


Slide22 l.jpg

Let’s see who’s in the

room with us...


Slide23 l.jpg

As we can see, they have already begun a chat session.

Prof. Narmontas is here!

Two of his students have

logged-in as well.

Slide24 l.jpg

To “chat” with your class

simply type your message

below, and press the

‘Enter’ key on your keyboard.

Slide25 l.jpg

The message you type

appears on the

screen of everyone

who is in the channel.

Slide26 l.jpg

Professor Narmontas replied

with this message...

Slide27 l.jpg

Andrew types a

long message

and presses ‘Enter’.

Even though the message is longer thanthe “Message” box can display,the entire message is delivered.

Slide28 l.jpg

His message is sent to

everyone in the channel.

Slide29 l.jpg

A few seconds

later, Steve responds...

… and so on.

Slide30 l.jpg

Be sure to click

the “Logoff”

button when you want

to leave “Chat”.


Slide31 l.jpg

Finally, click the buttonto close the window.

Slide32 l.jpg


We are back at the

Transcripts screen.

Slide34 l.jpg

That’s all you really NEED

to know about Chat.

  • Enter the Chat room.

  • Type your messages and press Enter.

  • Click “Logoff” when you’re done.

Of course, some people

are never satisfied with

just knowing the basics.

If you’re that kind of person, you can visit:

for more information.