dementia friendly communities mandy moore n.
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Dementia friendly communities Mandy Moore p roject manager PowerPoint Presentation
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Dementia friendly communities Mandy Moore p roject manager

Dementia friendly communities Mandy Moore p roject manager

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Dementia friendly communities Mandy Moore p roject manager

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  1. Dementia friendly communities Mandy Moore project manager

  2. Andover Mind • Working with people with dementia more than 15 yrs • Pilot site for dementia advice service • Now also serving Winchester, Eastleigh, Romsey, Basingstoke Deane and Alton, Hart Rushmoor • HCC contract for well-being centres in Andover, Romsey, Winchester, Eastleigh • Other services include older people’s mental health, advocacy and counselling

  3. What is dementia? Aset of symptoms which include: • loss of memory, • mood changes • problems with communication and reasoning Symptoms occur when the brain is damaged by certain diseases or by a series of small strokes.

  4. National picture of dementia • 800,000 people with dementia in the UK • Two thirds are women • Closely associated with age • Two thirds of people with dementia live in the community • Only one third of people with dementia ever receive a diagnosis

  5. It is estimated that more than half of dementia cases in Hampshire are undiagnosed and numbers are predicted to increase by over 30% from 18,000 people in 2012 to 24,000 in 2020 source:POPPI

  6. Perceptions of what life is like for people with dementia… • 58% thought quality of life was fairly bad or very bad • 52% thought that care provided was fairly bad or very bad • 61% thought inclusion in communities was fairly bad or very bad YouGovsurvey 2011

  7. The top five community solutions that people with dementia report could be done to make it easier for them to live life the way they want: • Better understanding of dementia and less social stigma • More public awareness of the condition • More local activities and opportunities to socialise • More tolerance and patience from others • More community spirit Source: Alzheimer’s Society Dementia 2012 Report

  8. Dementia Friendly Communities is a new project commissioned by Hampshire County Counciland delivered byAndover Mind. Hampshire is at the forefront of work nationally.

  9. What is a dementia friendly community? Where the greatest number of people: • can live a good life • can live independently and be part of their community • are met with understanding and given support when needed

  10. Project Aims • People with dementia and carers at the heart of the project • Empowered people with dementia and carers • Engaged and inclusive community • Positive impact on the lives of those with dementia and carers • Sustainable activity and impacts

  11. How will we achieve our aims… • Development of Hampshire Dementia Action Alliance • Pilot sites for dementia friendly high streets • Peer support • Awareness raising sessions • Network of dementia ambassadors • Inspiring communities to get involved

  12. What can you do? • Put dementia on your agenda • Raise awareness of dementia in your community or organisation • Encourage your organisation to join the Hampshire Dementia Action Alliance

  13. Dementia is everyone’s business – pass it on…