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A Closer Look At Your 2009 Employee Benefits PowerPoint Presentation
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A Closer Look At Your 2009 Employee Benefits

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A Closer Look At Your 2009 Employee Benefits - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Take Charge of Your Health A Closer Look At Your 2009 Employee Benefits Purpose of Today’s Discussion Annual Enrollment Is Coming! November 10 – 21 Online tools and resources are available today Get Informed Overview of 2009 Medical Plan Options Take Charge of Your Health

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A Closer Look At Your 2009 Employee Benefits

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Take Charge of Your Health

A Closer Look

At Your 2009

Employee Benefits

purpose of today s discussion
Purpose of Today’s Discussion
  • Annual Enrollment Is Coming! November 10 – 21
    • Online tools and resources are available today
  • Get Informed
    • Overview of 2009 Medical Plan Options
    • Take Charge of Your Health
    • Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA)
    • Useful tools to Consider
  • Enrollment Resources
  • ISP Record Keeper Change
  • Q & A
2009 health life benefits annual enrollment timeline
2009 Health & Life Benefits Annual Enrollment – Timeline

Tip Sheet #17:Your 2009 Health & Life Benefits. What you need to know and action you need to take.

January 1 2009 Benefits Choices Take Effect

Enrollment Kits (e-mail or home mailing)

October 2008

November 2008

January 2009

Postcard Reminder sent October 4

ID Cards and debit card will be received by employees

Annual EnrollmentNov. 10 - 21

November 3-19 Enrollment Conference calls

preparing for annual enrollment
Preparing for Annual Enrollment
    • Visit the Benefits Web site at
    • To learn more about your Health and Life choices
    • To link to plan sites
    • To read more about what’s new in 2009
    • To link directly to the Your Benefits ResourcesTM enrollment Web site click on “Enroll Here”
  • Your Benefits Resources (YBR) Web site
    • Don’t Forget! You need your User ID and Password
    • Access the site:
      • link through

Who’s Eligible

  • Regular full-time employees (on U.S. Payroll)
  • Regular part-time employees who work 20+ hours/week
  • Dependents*
    • Spouse
    • Unmarried children up to age 19 or age 23 (if full-time students)
    • Domestic partner (medical, dental and vision coverage)

* First Data conducts periodic audits that require employees provide documentation validating their dependents meet eligibility requirements defined in our plans.

what s new for 2009 medical at a glance
What’s new for 2009 – Medical at a Glance
  • No Increase in Employee Payroll Contributions for Medical
  • First Data will absorb the $14 million dollar increase in medical costs for 2009 and will not increase employee premiums
  • Streamlined plan offerings
  • Consolidated PPO carrier - Aetna will be the Custom Choice PPO carrier in all states except Hawaii, Iowa and Nebraska, which will remain with United Healthcare.
  • Elimination of Aetna Health Fund HRA and EPO / HMO offerings
  • Introducing the Aetna Aexcel Specialty Network
  • Certain locations will have access to the highest performing specialists in the Aetna network.
  • New IRS rules for Aetna Consumer Advantage HDHP –
  • Family deductible increases to $2,300
  • Health Savings Account maximums are increasing to $2,760 for individuals and $5,710 for families.
  • Rx Incentive Program
  • Deeper discounts for certain prescriptions to treat depression, diabetes or chronic respiratory conditions.
what s new for 2009 at a glance
What’s new for 2009 – At a Glance
  • Wellness Challenge –
  • First Data will contribute a $100 Wellness$ Benefit to your Health Care Flexible Spending Account when you accept the Wellness Challenge. Accepting the challenge means that you agree to complete an on-line health risk assessment on your medical carrier’s Web site, by June 30, 2009.
  • Uniform Care$ Benefit –
  • First Data offers the same dependentcare flexible spending account contribution to all full-time employees.
  • Transit Program –
  • New in 2009 – pre-tax deductions taken from your paycheck to pre-pay qualified parking and transit services

Medical Plan Options

  • Aetna Consumer Advantage HDHP
  • Two parts:
    • The High Deductible Health Plan (administered by Aetna)
    • The Health Savings Account (HSA) (administered by PayFlex with funds held at UMB Bank)
  • Custom Choice PPO
  • Two plan options
  • $150 individual /$450 family deductible/90% coinsurance
  • $400 individual / $1200 family deductible/80% coinsurance
  • Out-of-Area PPO
  • Triple S (Puerto Rico)
  • Aetna Global Medical Plan (for Expatriate Assignments)
medical default coverage
Medical Default Coverage

* Nebraska, Iowa and Hawaii will continue with United Healthcare.

the epo hmo transition
The EPO / HMOTransition
  • Many of your EPO /HMO plan features stay the same when you use in-network providers and some are even better -
  • Same
      • Copayments for some services under the PPO are the same as with EPO/HMO
      • Coinsurance for some services, after meeting the annual deductible are the same, yet payroll deductions are lower for these plans and in most cases, the amount you save in contributions will be more than the annual deductible
      • Preventive care is covered at 100% - no copay required
      • Network physicians will file claims for you
  • Better
      • Access to both in and out-of-network providers (greater benefit with in-network )
      • No need for a referral to see a specialist
      • Medco manages the Rx drug benefit with the same coverage as most of the EPO/HMOs
      • Additional services available through these plans to help you manage your health, such as:
        • Health Risk Assessments
        • Personal Health Records
        • Robust Web tools
        • 24-hour nurse line
        • Disease management programs
transition of care
Transition of Care*
  • Refers to ongoing treatment for a significant medical condition (e.g., chemotherapy, surgery\post-surgery care, transplant, third trimester of pregnancy)
  • Applies when your current provider does not participate in your new medical plan
  • New medical plan may approve continued use of non-network provider for certain period of time to minimize disruption of care until safe transfer of care can be arranged
  • Obtain a transition of care form at

* Transition of Care will not apply to Kaiser members


Aetna Consumer Advantage HDHP

Health Plan Highlights

  • 100% preventive care coverage
  • In-network and out-of network coverage
  • Annual deductible: $1,250 individual / $2,300 family
  • Coinsurance: plan pays 90%, you pay 10% (in-network)
  • Annual out-of-pocket maximum: $1,750 individual / $3,000 family

Aetna Consumer Advantage HDHP

Health Savings Account

  • Pay for qualified medical expenses
  • First Data contributes $240 annually (prorated per pay period)
  • Your contributes up to $2,760 employee only / $5,710 family (+$1,000 if age 55+)
  • Earn interest at UMB Bank. Investment options for balances above $1,000:
    • Money Market Sweep Account
    • HSA Brokerage Account
  • Debit card
  • Limited FSA for dental and vision
  • Take your account with you
hsa presentations for employees
HSA Presentations for Employees
  • First Data, PayFlex and UMB Bank will host 4 Webinar presentations to discuss the Health Savings Account (HSA). Refer to the Benefits Web site for the live meeting link .
  • Please allow 5 minutes to sign into meeting and download necessary information
custom choice ppo coverage details
Custom Choice PPO Coverage Details
  • 100% preventive care coverage
  • In-network and out-of network coverage
  • Co-pays:
    • $20 for Primary Care / $30 for Specialist
    • $150 ER / $75 Urgent Care

*Copayments and prescription drug costs do not apply to this maximum. You continue to pay drug costs and copayments after you reach the annual out-of-pocket maximum.

2009 prescription drug plan design
2009 Prescription Drug Plan Design

In the HDHP, you will pay the full prescription cost until the annual deductible is met, then co-pays and co-insurance apply.

take charge of your health
Take Charge of your Health

First Data proudly sponsors the following wellness programs:

  • Wellness Challenge
    • Accept the Challenge to take your carriers on-line health assessment and receive $100 deposited into your HC FSA
  • Preventive care benefits
    • Screenings, immunizations and more
  • Nurse Lines
    • Free, easy, 24/7 access to registered nurses
  • Health risk assessments
    • Online questionnaire providing a complete picture of your health
  • Condition management programs
    • Expert help managing certain health issues
  • Smoking cessation assistance
    • Covers smoking cessation prescriptions covered up to $500 lifetime maximum (for example, nicotine, formulations or Zyban)
MetLife Preferred Dentist Plan (PDP)

MetLife Indemnity Plan

MetLife Indemnity Plus Plan

Aetna DMO

Your Dental Plan Options


Your Vision Plan

  • Eye exams: $10 copay
  • Lenses and frames: $20 copay (up to $130)
  • Contact lenses: covered at 100% up to $120
flexible spending account fsa
Flexible Spending Account (FSA)
  • Health Care FSA
    • Save money for out-of-pocket health care expenses
    • Set aside between $100 and $5,000 per year in before-tax paycheck contributions
    • Includes $100 Wellness$ Benefit from First Data when you accept the Wellness Challenge
    • January 1, 2009 – March 15, 2010 (including 2½ month extension)
    • If selecting the Aetna Consumer Advantage health plan, participation in the Health Care FSA is limited to eligible dental and vision expenses only.
  • Dependent Care FSA
    • Save money on eligible dependent care expenses
    • Set aside between $100 and $5,000 per year in before-tax paycheck contributions
    • Care$ subsidy from First Data ($480 if you do not contribute, $720 if you make your own contributions)
  • Must re-enroll for 2009. Elections do not carry over from year to year
  • Plan Carefully: Use it or Lose it
tools available through the first data benefits web site
Tools Available ThroughThe First Data Benefits Web site

Benefits Web site - – view it’s many features from work or home:

  • Contact Information
  • Links to health plan Web sites, health risk assessments
  • Health and Wellness News and Education
  • Segmented employee communications - based on life stages
  • SPD – electronic copy of the Summary Plan Description
  • Enrollment Guide – electronic description of the 2009 plan options
  • “Enroll Here” – direct link to the enrollment site
  • Plan rates
  • and much more….
your benefits resources web site
Your Benefits ResourcesWeb site

  • SPD – electronic copy of the Summary Plan Description.
  • See What Plan Might Suit You Best – answer brief questions about personal preferences to help identify the type of health option that best fits employee needs.
  • Compare Your Medical Options – compare all three medical plan options side by side. (Also, compare the 2009 options to the current option.)
  • Estimate and Compare Medical Expenses by Option – estimate out-of-pocket costs by considering a participant’s medical usage throughout the year. This will help employees determine how much to save in the Health Care Flexible Spending Account.
  • Find a Doctor or Hospital – search for participating physicians, medical groups, hospitals, or clinics.
  • Enrollment Guide – description of the 2009 plan options.
  • Enroll
your benefits resources on line view
Your Benefits Resources – On-line View

Explore the tools that will help you through all aspects of the enrollment process

PREPARE – review and compare your Medical options

ENROLL – once you’ve made your decisions, go online to enroll. You have until November 21 to finalize your choices

AFTER – manage your healthcare throughout the year

your benefits resources on line view28
Your Benefits ResourcesOn-line View
  • Review and Compare:
  • Compare your medical options
  • Compare annual employee costs (green bar)
  • Compare annual employer costs (blue bar)
  • Compare total annual costs (far right)
enroll by november 21
Enroll by November 21
  • Access the Benefits Web site and click on ENROLL
  • If you enroll by Nov 21, you’re assured of cards by Jan 1 for:
  • Medical – Aetna or United
  • Rx - Medco
  • Dental DMO – only
  • Debit Card for FSA (or HSA)
  • Additional Support
  • First Data HR Service Center at 866.688.7788 Option 4 for benefits
    • E-mail questions to:
    • Expanded hours available to assist you
  • First Data Incentive Savings
  • Plan (ISP), your 401(k)
first data incentive savings plan isp your 401 k
First Data Incentive Savings Plan (ISP), your 401(k)
  • Coming Soon: A New Benefits Administrator for Your
  • First Data Corporation Incentive Savings Plan (ISP)
  • A new 401(k) benefits administrator
  • Why the change?
  • Go-live date: January 2009
first data incentive savings plan isp your 401 k32
First Data Incentive Savings Plan (ISP), your 401(k)
  • The ISP Transition Schedule
  • Transition: late December 2008 through early January 2009
  • Blackout period
  • Detailed transition information mailing: November 2008
first data incentive savings plan isp your 401 k33
First Data Incentive Savings Plan (ISP), your 401(k)
  • New Resources
  • New website and call center:
          • The First Data Benefits Center at 1-866-239-0404
  • New investment advisory services and managed account program provided by Financial Engines
  • Managed Account program mailing: January 2009
  • Please note:Investment advisory services are provided by Financial Engines Advisors L.L.C., an independent, federally registered investment advisor and wholly owned subsidiary of Financial Engines, Inc. Financial Engines is not affiliated with Mercer HR Services, LLC or MMC Securities Corp. which do not provide investment advice.
  • Appendix
2009 medical plan designs
2009 Medical Plan Designs
  • The deductible is the amount you pay out of your pocket (or through your HSA Account) for certain services before the plan starts to pay benefits.
  • In the Aetna Consumer Advantage HDHP, you decide how and when to use the money in your account for health care expenses.
  • Coinsurance is the percentage of the cost of services you and First Data pay for certain services.
  • Copayments (if applicable to the plan option) and prescription drug costs do not apply to this maximum. You continue to pay prescription drug and other copayments after you reach the annual out-of-pocket maximum.
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