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Searching for a house: Case study: “STEGI” program PowerPoint Presentation
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Searching for a house: Case study: “STEGI” program

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Searching for a house: Case study: “STEGI” program - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Searching for a house: Case study: “STEGI” program Maria Moudatsou Forensic Psychologist NGO PRAKSIS “Invisible Wounds - Dignity & vulnerability” PRAKSIS (Programs of Development, Social Support & Medical Cooperation) PRAKSIS is an independent,

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Searching for a house: Case study: “STEGI” program

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Presentation Transcript

Searching for a house:

Case study: “STEGI” program

Maria Moudatsou

Forensic Psychologist


“Invisible Wounds - Dignity & vulnerability”

praksis programs of development social support medical cooperation
PRAKSIS (Programs of Development, Social Support & Medical Cooperation)

PRAKSIS is an independent,

not for profit, non-governmental organization,

having as main objective:

the mitigation of social exclusion and support to vulnerable groups by the provision of

medical care, legal/ advocacy and psychosocial support.

“Invisible Wounds - Dignity & vulnerability”

the philosophy
The philosophy...

Holistic support,

empowerment and (re)integration

of social & economical excluded persons, groups and communities

apart from political, social, racial, religious and any other orientation!

“Invisible Wounds - Dignity & vulnerability”

target groups
Target groups
  • Asylum seekers/ Refugees
  • Greek homeless/ non insured
  • Economic Migrants
  • Trafficking Victims
  • Street Children
  • ROMA
  • Prisoners/ Ex-prisoners etc.

“Invisible Wounds - Dignity & vulnerability”

core programs
Core programs
  • Polyclinics
  • Public Health
  • Legal Information Centre
  • Post Release Centre
  • Street Children Program
  • Promotion to the Labor Market

“Invisible Wounds - Dignity & vulnerability”

main activities
Main activities
  • Medical and pharmaceutical support
  • Psychosocial support
  • Legal advice
  • Promotion to labour market
  • Campaign raising awareness
  • Network

“Invisible Wounds - Dignity & vulnerability”

searching for a house stegi program
Searching for a house..STEGI program
  • Providing temporary shelter services (apartments)
  • Target group: asylum seekers
  • Areas: Attica district, Central Macedonia & Prefecture of Lesvos

(Funded by the European Refugee Fund 75% and the Ministry of Health and Social Solidarity 25%).

“Invisible Wounds - Dignity & vulnerability”

the aim
The aim
  • “STEGI” responds with a flexible manner,
  • to the ongoing burden of shelter needs and
  • is characterized by an innovative approach towards the integration of asylum seekers and
  • especially to the vulnerable ones,
  • such as single families, women alone, asylum seekers who used to live at shelters for unaccompanied minors and became adults recently, as well as people under humanitarian protection.

“Invisible Wounds - Dignity & vulnerability”

the concept
The concept
  • providing the opportunity to the residents to live in semi autonomous conditions,
  • in which with the constant support by an experienced scientific group,
  • the target group will meet all the necessary requirements
  • so as to face all challenges and achieve its integration to the new social environment.

“Invisible Wounds - Dignity & vulnerability”

combination of services
Combination of services
  • health care
  • legal counseling / support
  • psychosocial support
  • education, training, vocational skills, job search (network)

“Invisible Wounds - Dignity & vulnerability”

  • An important factor that strengthens the program is the collaboration with companies
  • via the demands of donations for the provision of essential goods to the beneficiaries
  • (i.e.; clothes, food, and house equipment, types of hygiene and cleaning, types of domestic use).

“Invisible Wounds - Dignity & vulnerability”

some statistics
Some statistics

Stegi A’Stegi B’

19 men 36 men

10 women 15 women

11 children 23 children

Stegi C’Stegi D’

36 men49 men

16 women 27 women

24 children 42 children

√24 families in total

√ 14 one-parent family

√ 11 victims of torture (certified) and more not certified

“Invisible Wounds - Dignity & vulnerability”

some health matters
Some health matters
  • 4 persons with special needs
  • 1 person with chronic kidney disease
  • 3 persons with heart problems
  • 1 child with physical and mental disabilities
  • 1 person with cancer (end stage)
  • 6 persons with serious orthopedic problems
  • 1 person with skeletal TB

“Invisible Wounds - Dignity & vulnerability”

  • Leaving from the program’s apartments =>

the beneficiaries to become completely autonomous and self-reliant.

  • Holistic approach of the program’s activities =>

at the confrontation of the various and interconnected problems that the newcomers asylum seekers face in Greece.

“Invisible Wounds - Dignity & vulnerability”

Thank you!

Moudatsou Maria


57 Stournari str, 104 32

Tel.:+30 210 520 5200


“Invisible Wounds - Dignity & vulnerability”